Sunday 22nd May 2022

November Notes #3. 2018.119.

November Notes #3. 2018.119.

I have reflected and decided that… daily “outfit” photos will continue.

Initially I was going to stop at the 12 month mark, i.e. end of October 2018.

And then I thought, go to the end of the year.

A blogging friend said “stop doing it if it has served its purpose.”

This was good advice and then I considered what my purpose was and is.

  • initially it was to get a more confident me to have a photo taken and put it on social media. (Y)
  • then it became enjoying finding new items of clothing that fit and were ‘on special. (Y)
  • as it continued into the beginning of 2018, I set a challenge of “no repeating an outfit. (Y)
  • the above petered out as I began dressing for the situation each day and so needed to be mindful of the weather and where I was going. This has continued (Y)
  • to be noticed as someone who is/was prepared to be photographed during face altering cancer surgeries(Y)
  • sharing my images on line with many hashtags became tedious and I have a private account so #hashtags are not even seen and I stopped (Y)

What now?

I keep on. I do agree with my fellow Head and Neck cancer patient friends on-line and in real life that each of us needs a purpose each day and one of mine that is 99% non-negotiable is to:

  • dress with purpose
  • have a photograph taken
  • go out for a coffee alone, with my husband or meet up with a friend.

The following collages are from around March 2018 until October 2018.

Scroll through to some fun and other images…including one or two of the Instagram Photographer Husband.

Here’s a few more reasons why this will continue…for some laughs and to remind ME how far I have come despite a cancer which took away half of the inside of my mouth.

Thank you most of all the my partner in life for care, encouragement, saying “smile” to me, and loving me!
The feeling is mutual. This photo was before one of our Morning Tea ‘dates’ recently.

What do you do with purpose each day?

Have you been sharing what you wear on social media?

Tell us more!


Joining with Leanne (who is doing outfit shots and looks amazing!) here for Lovin’ Life linky on Thursdays.



  1. Love it! I especially love your intention to go out every day with purpose…and I’m glad you’re continuing the daily grams.

    • Thanks so much Joanne, it is the only way for me to keep on keeping on by doing this. I mean I cannot just be home all day anyway, so I make the effort to dress accordingly and have the photo for the record and enjoy my morning or day as the case may be.

      Last year and earlier this year I had the fun of buying new clothes thanks to the large weight loss over 3 years. This time round, I just want to still fit into them…rather than buy anything else much …so am ditching the cake with the coffee unless it’s with a friend or my hub.

      Denyse x

  2. If doing the ‘outfit of the day’ photo and post gives you a sense of purpose and makes you feel good then I think to keep going is a good move. Well done to your hubby for his fabulous love & support and photographer role. You got yourself a gem there! #TeamLovinLife

    • Yes it sure does Min and my emotional health needs it. If I stayed home all day, I would be bored and would have no reason to be concerned about what I wear. This way I am accountable.

      My husband is amazing – especially for someone who is camera-shy!!

      Thank you,

      Denyse x

  3. I used to only share what I was wearing if it was something different or it felt stylish or I had something new to show, or if I had something I wanted to put on Instagram and needed a pic for it. But like you I initially did it so I felt better about my body – hoping that by seeing it flaunted on screen I’d become inured to it and more accepting. I think that also meant I sometimes needed to share the bad with the good!

    It’s great you’re continuing to do it!

    • I nod to each of your reasons. Now I am also trying to show ME (not my audience) that if the arms are a little bigger and the tummy too it is because I am also healthier now…not FAT …changing the language around appearance for me is taking time but I am getting there.

      Thanks for your kind wishes and on-going support.

      Denyse x

  4. I love that you have the commitment Denyse to keep going with your outfit of the day. I’m not sure I could do it but I look forward to seeing your daily photo on Instagram. You have a very helpful photographer too! xx

    • Thanks Sue, I am no longer giving myself a goal of a new outfit a day because there has been much less need to shop this time round. I have put on a few kilos since I could eat more and now still want to wear the clothes so it’s a motivation to have one less treat and walk more.

      I would love to see you doing more shots on line. It is about us having a purpose and you do many things that do.

      Denyse x

  5. I think if you enjoy doing the outfit post on a daily basis then go for it Denyse. You’re lucky to have a willing photographer on hand. My husband grumbles when I ask him to take my photo, plus he’s not around much to do so. He’s become an avid lawn bowler! You truly are an inspiration.

    • The funny thing is, Kathy, my husband is photo-phobic to an extent yet it was he who was happy to continue this for me. He too was the person who suggested he do some early days photos of me recovering from my cancer surgeries and I am glad of this too because I see the progress I am making.

      My bro-in-law has discovered lawn bowls in his retirement!

      I hope the house building continues to go well, how wonderful it will be to start decorating a-new!

      Denyse x

  6. It’s a great way to start the day and to have a purpose each day Denyse. I’m not that comfortable with taking a daily ‘what I’m wearing’ shot but I’m learning from you and understand your reasons for doing so. Keep it going, you look great, makes you happy and it serves a fabulous purpose. I take my hat off to you and your photographer 🙂

    • Oh believe me, I sure wasn’t keen on it at first but over time, the comments and encouragement from others motivated me. I also decided it did not matter about my ageing body as I have done a lot with this body and it has helped heal me through cancer.

      I am loving seeing what you are up to on IG…us retired teachers we need stuff to do and occupy us don’t we?

      Denyse x

  7. I love the “dressing with purpose” philosophy. Got to have a purpose. It’s what makes you bound out of bed each day.