Friday 28th January 2022

Nature Is Pretty In Bright Pink. 52.1/2021.

Nature Is Pretty In Bright Pink. 52.1/2021.

Now I am back! Again. Loving BRIGHT as a Squares Challenge!

Becky encouraged me to do this too, after I saw the challenge elsewhere  and it didn’t have to be every day…so here I am.

Being Square is Fun!

Join in this lovely challenge and post a photographic square daily for one month every quarter. The theme changes every quarter and is announced on this blog a few weeks, occasionally days, in advance of the challenge month. The challenge months are January, April, July and October.

I am going to admit something here. I love using my Iphone ProMax and its camera gives me soooo many great shots, that I have started finding nurseries to visit just to photograph flowers. Oh, and I did buy a few of these pretty in bright pinks for adding to a place outside to brighten our mornings.

I also stopped the car in a street with many beautiful camellias this week as I was visiting my Dad.

So, Bright is it. Pretty in BRIGHT Pink.

Thank you Becky for this challenge which I found got me right in. I will be back in July to see what you have in store. Oh, and I also learned how easy it was to add my name and copyright.

Cheers from Australia.




  1. These are just beautiful! A bright start to my day, so thank you.

  2. Lovely pinks, Denyse! And so nice to see a smiling face 🙂 🙂

  3. Just lovely pinks Denyse, I too love my iPhone 12 Pro and am amazed at some of the shots it can do. So glad you’ve enjoyed the square challenge, I’ve shared more this month than normal as I just love the theme of bright!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      The phone (mine is a model before yours) is rendering all other cameras I have redundant.
      Thanks so much Deb.


  4. Lovely flowers! Coming in from bright squares.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you so much Sa. I will miss Bright Squares but look forward to July to see what that will hold. Great to have you visit my blog for the first time.