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My Neighbourhood. 11/51. #LifeThisWeek. 22/2020.

My Neighbourhood. 11/51. #LifeThisWeek. 22/2020.

My observations are personal. They are about my thoughts and experiences of living where we do now. I have used some photos but because  I try not to give out too much personal information on the blog they have few identifiers. Nevertheless I am mentioning areas that may be familiar to some readers.

We first thought of moving to the Central Coast in 2014. As the need to change how and where we were living in Sydney became evident through my uneasy health status (sad and a bit anxious) and my husband’s disenchantment with Sydney’s traffic, we sold up and with thoughts of Central Coast holidays here we went to find a place to rent. We moved to and lived at the southern end of the Central Coast. January 2015 – November 2015.

I Live Here.


This is a quiet and relatively new part of suburban blocks and community developments in the northern part of the N.S.W. Central Coast region. On a map, it is around here. Just north of Wyong and about 10 minutes drive from the M1 at Sparks Road exit.

When we moved to what I describe as the quieter end of the coast, at the end of 2015, it was for a few reasons.

  • Our first choice, post-Sydney life, was the southern end of the Central Coast.
  • We thought we knew the area better.
  • Turns out we knew some physical aspects but not some of the in-built social ones.
  • In short, we were relatively poorer (i.e. paying far too much in rent) and more disappointed by the closed-off community which often wrote about ‘Western Sydney refugees’ arriving to spoil their places. Hmmmm. Not great attitude is it?

We settled easily into our next rental house that it felt like one we had sold. It was a  bit older but we made it home. From November 2015 until April 2018. Here’s some of the story from living in THIS neighbourhood. We were made very welcome by the property management too. It makes such a difference.

We would have stayed at this house but the owners wanted to move into it. Turned out sometime things work out well. Our real estate property management did all they could to help us secure a new rental place. Our two priorities: on one level and ducted air. They found it. Yes it was more expensive to rent but still way under the atrocious rent in 2015.

Here we still are: from early April 2018….and have already got another year till 2021 sorted as tenants here.

Some of the reasons we like living here.

  • not far from a big shopping centre
  • less than an hour from Newcastle where I have attended some recent events
  • close to a Westfield Shopping Centre
  • about one hour’s drive to Wahroonga…end of the M1. Then if it is a visit to my dad on the northern beaches, it’s another 45 minutes, similarly to the city for head and neck cancer checks and also to Westmead for my prosthodontist checks, and around the same to see family where we used to live.

Our medical needs are catered for very well. We both like our GP and find the service at the centre is excellent. Wyong hospital is literally up the road and less than 5 minutes away. We are bulk-billed and can make appointments. I have a local dentist (many stories about him in the head and neck sections) who has seen me before head and neck cancer in my mouth and since. Bunnings is about 10 minutes up the road for my husband. And I have found more than twenty places where I enjoy my daily coffee.

Our street is a bit busy but we have excellent neighbours and even though the yard is small, the only time it is really noticeable is when the grandkids come up and a soccer ball easily flies over the fence.

BUT…whilst we do love being here, the sad news is that whenever we do get to buy a place of our own, this area is already out of our league. Many people here commute to Sydney. And houses in our estate are selling for well over $600K up to $900K. We will, as they say, cross that bridge when we come to it.

So, that’s my neighbourhood story in words and pics!

Did you write about that today too?

Tell me if your neighbourhood is where you want to stay forever…


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  1. What a beautiful part of the world, Denyse!

    Thank you for sharing your neighbourhood with us this week, and allowing us to share ours too!

    SSG xxx

  2. WOW! That is an insight into the attitude about the Western Sydney Refugees! Who knew they thought that!?! Glad you have a lovely place and cemented for another year! Love the Long Jetty pic.

    • Oh Lydia, the place where we used to live was full of people who also had come from Western Sydney when places were much cheaper….some people have short memories and can be very nasty when they want to!

      Most of the Central Coast was so affordable that is why many have settled to buy here and still do the commute to Sydney. A very long day.

      I love that there are many places I can visit which are scenic and have coffee too!!


  3. Thank you, Denyse, for sharing your neighbourhood. Sounds like it’s close to everything you need. I’m glad to hear you extended your lease for another year. Have a wonderful week!

    • Yes Natalie it is really good. I know we both enjoyed returning last week after my 2 visits to the city for eye surgeries.

      Great to know we are here for another year, yes!


  4. You live in a beautiful place! I think my hubby and I would like to move to a smaller house too, now that we are both retired and all of our kids are gone. Your location sounds perfect! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Sounds like you’ve found a wonderful area on the Central Coast! Good you’ve got the security of another year in your current house.

    Thank you for hosting this link up.

    • Thank you Laurie

      One day we hope to have a house of our own but it might be further away from the coast.

      Nevertheless, we are very grateful to be here for another year. Enjoying what we have now!


    • Sorry Ingrid, thank you for joining in. I admit, the back of the blog is being a bit slow and silly right now. This comment above was for Laurie.


  6. It looks like a lovely neighbourhood Denyse. We lived in a semi-rural area for 25 years on a two acre bush block and it was perfect for all the child raising years. Then when the kids were gone we realized it was a lot of work to maintain and we were ready for a change. We moved 5 minutes down the road into a more suburban area but opposite some river wetlands so less neighbours and busy-ness. The best thing for us is having wonderful neighbours all around us who know like friends – that’s what makes a true “neighbourhood”.

    • That sounds perfect for the child-rearing years.

      Certainly unaffordable in Sydney and even up here these days….places with acreage start at $2mill +

      We lived in a great street in our first home in Sydney and all the neighbours with kids got on and that was fun. But we are talking the 1980s!

      Up here, most people are off to work in Sydney (2 hrs) away or even west. We still like living is a place with a range of kids and families. It’s nice to see.

      Thank you.

  7. Wow I didn’t realise the property prices in your area were that high! Having worked at the hospital, it wasn’t what I expected. Thanks for sharing your life on the coast. I did like where I lived and I think there are villas and townhouses that are affordable in that area but would be further away from the M1. Lovely pictures as always Denyse!

    • It’s more like the ‘burbs of part of the Sydney norwest suburbs when the boom began in 1980s then. Estates, nice places, pools and more. However, still unaffordable for us too…boo! Woongarah is even more expensive…

      We are certainly grateful to be staying here with our creature comforts and another year to rent. The distance to the M1 is the value-add I think. There is a whole Display Village just a few streets away as they prepare to do more development at Warnervale.

      Thanks Sanch!


  8. Your neighbourhood looks lovely Denyse and it’s always good to read the whys and wherefores of moving house. You sound very settled and enjoy living where you do.

    We moved from the city to the country almost 29 years ago and have never regretted it. I have written a post about my temporary neighbourhood for today’s prompt. Thanks again for having us.

    • Yes we are settled and after such an unsettling few years I like it. My husband is much more at ease with moving as he did it with his parents who moved their family all around NSW as teachers.

      We did a bit of that too….but I like where we are so hope we can find a place one day to buy. Can’t even guesstimate yet but I still check out real estate pages.

      Good on you both for your leaps of faith to the bush which ended up being the best for you and yours.


  9. What a lovely place to live and I love that your real estate peeps value you so much as good tenants and how lovely that you know you can stay put until at least 2021 – such peace of mind! When I moved to Sydney I only knew Bondi and the lower north shore and I’m really pleased that the latter is where we ended up. There’s a very relaxed vibe in our neighbourhood and there’s lots of green space, it actually quite reminds me a little bit of (my old) “home”

    • Thank you Sam, it is a lovely area. Just a bit far though for regular city-based doings….the M1 had a terrible accident early this morning and it was closed for a long time.

      I love that you have found where you are so village-like. It is good to know.

      Stay well and not panicked..’k!