Thursday 2nd December 2021

My Mondays. #LifeThisWeek 19/52. 2017.65.

My Mondays. #LifeThisWeek 19/52. 2017.65.

Mondays do have a flavour all of their own don’t they? I’m going to tell about some of My Mondays. As a Principal. 1999-2003. As a Grandma. 2008-2014. As a Retiree. 2015 – All three Mondays have memories for me, and of course, the present status as a retiree means that this one is the freshest!

As a Principal. 1999-2003.

Mostly Mondays would actually start on Sunday afternoons and evenings as my planning for the week ahead continued and I heard from staff members who may need to be absent the next day. I would spend Sunday night getting ready for my Monday mornings and from memory, not one was ever the same!

  • Leave home after breakfast and reading at least the front page of the paper and drive the 30 minutes west to school. No mobile phone so no idea of what might lie ahead when I arrived.
  • Often 2nd to arrive in the carpark as one staff member was always there before me!
  • School was unlocked as the cleaners were still there. Phew, no evidence of any vandalism over the weekend meant a less stressful start to the day.
  • Into my office, unpack my bag and computer and check that the morning’s organisation (and the week ahead) was on the whiteboard and planner for staff as they arrived.
  • Say g’day to most people as they arrived via the staffroom and grab myself a cuppa on the off-chance I might drink it hot. Put lunch in fridge and hope to actually have it at lunchtime.
  • Out to the playground as the children and parents start arriving to say hello, and to see that all is as ‘ship shape’ as it can be in an ageing play area and in classrooms.
  • Once the line-up bell goes, I’d step up the microphone and lead the school in the weekly anthem, flag raising and announce any messages, wishing everyone a ‘good morning’ as the classes and teachers left for their rooms.
  • Walking back to the admin block and office, chat with my staff and see what phone calls I will need to return and what mail (snail) there is to manage. Emails were only starting as I finished up as a principal.

As a Grandma. 2008-2014.

Even when I had returned to work part-time (after my principal role had finished) we offered to care for our grandchildren while their parents worked and studied. For more than 6 years this was a part-time role and much loved. We cared for up to 3 grandchildren at one time. When some came to us they were as young as 4 months. It was a learning curve again but much loved. My most recent memories of Mondays are documented here!

  • In the years gone by the children’s parents would bring the kids to us but in 2013-14 the crazy roads of NorthWestern Sydney meant that the parents would battle traffic twice getting to us, then getting to their workplaces, so I made the offer to drive to their house on Mondays to do ‘pick-up.’
  • Leave home after breakfast and reading at least one part of the paper to arrive and pick up two little people I love and help them into car seats and hopefully have a non-tearful departure. Most times it was.
  • Drive slowly home to our place via places with no traffic…we’d sometimes drive out to Riverstone and the back of Rouse Hill (this is pre-BIG developments) and see the horses and the animals in the paddocks.
  • At our place and warmly greeted by their Papa and into the house.
  • I would have placed the various toys and activities out for the day and the children would head for where they were.
  • A morning of play, chat, snacks and engagement with our grandkids mean outside, inside and sometimes to the park.
  • Morning tea of course and time for a cuppa for us.

As a Retiree. 2015 –

It still is quite a shock that my Mondays are ’empty’ of roles and activities based on other people’s needs as well as mine and it actually makes Mondays not as distinct as the beginning of the (formerly) working week. However, there are some routines and that is always helpful I find in retirement.

  • With no reason to be up nearly as early as in my previous life, I might be up around 8.00-8.30.
  • Morning paper brought in by my husband who will have been up for a while and had his breakfast.
  • Every 2nd Monday he goes to his brother’s to do some outside renovation work so I am alone for the day.
  • After my breakfast with the paper…which I can read all the way through as I have time, I turn to social media.
  • The blog needs attention and as it is Monday and my hosted Link Up there is some work to be done.
  • Later in the morning I will meditate as is my daily practice.
  • Morning tea might be quite late – but is often a cuppa with something homemade and I may read some of the magazine supplements from the weekend.
  • Art will be something else to do and perhaps a walk outside in the garden.

So, what do your Mondays look like? Ever had Monday-itis?

I am joining Alicia here this Monday for Open Slather and Kell here for Mummy Mondays.

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  1. I loved reading about your Monday routines Denyse. It was great to get an insight into Mondays as a principal – it sounds great but also very demanding. And I’ll bet your grandchildren loved going to your place the long way to see all the animals on the way! Great to hear that you finally get to read the whole paper now! Happy Monday Denyse 🙂

    • Thanks Kat. If I had only written about my Mondays now it would have been a very short post LOL. I did LOVE my Mondays with the grandchildren. I have some wonderful photos from a morning where we saw some horses in a paddock and they were close to the fence. Miss then 4 LOVED horses and so we were able to get out and let her have a closer look. Magical moments for her and for me!

  2. I’m off topic but should be back for next week. I like your new Monday routine – seems so civilised. My Monday is chaos today, and I’m not happy about it so best left unsaid. All I will say is Monday means linking up with 3 lovely bloggers for their weekly link ups….;)

    • Hopefully next Monday is better for you Lydia…. and tomorrow of course.

    • You’ve been a busy lady for sure. I want to know more about your travels. You seem to do so much of it! Sorry about this Monday though…Thank you for your kind words about the 3 link ups!!

  3. Good morning, Denyse!

    Really enjoyed reading about your different Mondays through the years. I can relate most to your early Mondays rignt now…

    SSG xxx

    • I bet. Well SSG we do know you have more on the horizon to take away the Monday blues. Looking forward to reading more about your OS travels soon.

  4. I loved reading about all the different ways your Mondays have been during your life Denyse. I feel lost sometimes being retired but I do like the fact that Mondays don’t have to be a rush anymore. Your Mondays now sound relaxing but fulfilling. Have a beautiful Monday and a wonderful week. x

    • Thank you Sue. I also identify with the ‘lost’ feelings. However, I know that I would now rather be slowly going through my day in my own way than answering to anyone else. The story of what retirement is really like needs to be told. Perhaps between a few of us some reality posts might help others. Just a thought. Take care. D x

  5. It was great getting a peek into your life via your different Monday routines. I’m dreading today’s Monday as I have a horrible medical appointment, so I’m just wishing it over already!

    • Thank you Di. I appreciate that. I know how it feels to have those appointments looming. Wishing you all the best… Take care.

  6. It’s funny how our days change as time goes on! Sometimes it’s for the better, slowing down is always a good thing I think!

    • Interesting to be slowing down because I thought I would enjoy it more than I did at first. I’ve always been ‘busy, head down’ getting on with so much over 40+ years. Taking my time is something I am getting used to and I do admit at 67 it’s how it needs to be!

  7. I think your Mondays have morphed beautifully to suit your stage of life Denyse – I’d love to be looking after grandchildren when I stop working on Mondays, but that’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future. Your retired Mondays sound delightful – that’s what my days off look like 🙂 Thanks for another great link up xx

    • Thank you Leanne. We loved our grandchildren-care days but rarely see them now we have moved and they are all busy with school and all that comes with them getting older. Life has moved on for them and us I guess. We have very special memories that is for sure and hope the grandkids do too. I agree it is nice to have choices now though. I’ve just spent a morning out driving to capture photos of Autumn trees. Denyse x

  8. My Mondays over the years have changed as well. Not looking forward to when I have to go back to work and rushing for school drop offs and getting to work etc.

    • Oh no. That sounds like it might be happening sooner rather than later. It is nice that you have been able to spend some time at home for sure.

  9. Mondays for me are the start of the working week, No stress in the morning with getting Miss L up and about as it’s the day my MIL has her so she is either having a sleepover at hers or MIL is at our place by 7.30am. This gives me time to wash my hair. At lunchtime, I have my weekly strength/pilates class which is about my only physical activity for the week and which I always feel like I can’t be bothered going and then I do and I’m happy about it. No evening activity for Mondays so it’s a relaxed night as well.

    • That sounds just right! I bet both your MIL and little one LOVE Mondays too as we did. It’s funny about getting out to go to things and then afterwards we’re glad we did. Sometimes we just need that push! Thanks Beth!

  10. how do you remember the details? do you have an amazing memory, or did you journal? I love that you know, either way!

    • My memory….it is always my memory!! I do journal more these days via an app on my phone but I have always been a details person. It is NOT always a good thing though as some of the memories can be anxiety-inducing…. But yes, I have been blessed with a good recall of things and it was a pleasure writing this post. I am getting into my memoir soon…and may do it one blog post at a time!! Thanks Cate for your kind words. Denyse x

  11. Your Monday paper reading is my Sunday!! It’s the only day I often have a free hour or so to sit and read the paper all the way through with a cup of tea and a yummy piece of cake (usually banana!). I look forward to it all week… time to just be and meander through pages. Finding time to create some art is high on my list of priorities at the moment too.

    • I remember when my Sundays were like that too when I was working. It is a luxury to read the whole paper with no interruption. I hope you enjoy(ed) the experience too. I think something yummy to eat and savour is a perfect accompaniment.

  12. I love Mondays, as it gives me time to relax after the weekend when all my people go back to work and school!
    It’s usually the day I do grocery shopping for the week or fortnight.
    Sound like you are getting a lot more paper reading done and a lot less time spent looking after everybody else x

    • Indeed I am! I remain pretty well-addicted to newspapers. Funnily enough though I often know most of the news already because of 24/7 social media updates. There is something special for me in having the actual paper. I love local papers too. They give me a feel for the community. Your Mondays sound pretty good too! The start of the week in more ways than one…and with a bit of time off in the midst of it.

  13. The no vandalism, lucky to drink a hot cuppa and lunch at lunchtime — without being disturbed are a huge bonus. When at school, my resolution was to go to the staff lunchroom at least once a week. I think this mostly happened in summer, when I was desperate for the air-conditioning. Those are still the day. But I believe air-conditioning is being installed as I write this. Cheers Maria.

    • You certainly know the ‘busy-ness’ of school Maria. I do hope the air con is wonderful at your school. I find it hard to believe any schools in Qld don’t have it. I hope you are getting better too. D x