Tuesday 26th October 2021

My Mindfulness Practices’ Update. 13/2019.

My Mindfulness Practices’ Update. 13/2019.

I have written about the value of mindfulness and meditation several times here and here since 2015 and I have decided to update my readers and in doing so, join in with Min of who is launching her ZenTipsTuesday link up today!

Join the #ZTT train by linking up your post about any kind of lifestyle choice, activity, or holiday that helped bring you a feeling of ZEN โ€“ peace, or enhanced feeling of balance (mind, body and spirit).

Congratulations to Min. I hope this Tuesday link-up is a great one.

In the past year, these are some of what I practise to achieve mindfulness:

mindfulness: rather than me explain it: this one page article has three ways in which to describe mindfulness and I suggest a read because…it is ‘not all about being in this moment’. Nor is it all about meditation and clearing out your mind. That as I know is impossible and no meditation teacher ever expects that to occur.


When I notice my body (and soul I suppose!) not being as in sync as I now know they can be, I try to find s part of nature that soothes me and helps me add the world around me to filling me up again.

A place called Porters Creek – part of Wyong River – is a favourite place to walk alongside and stop and take in what surrounds me.


Of course, I have written before about Mindfulness and Mandalas and that is here. However after quite a gap between making mandalas due to busy-ness of making bookmarks from my art, I felt called back to this most mindful of art I do. I love the creative process and then carefully deciding after the pattern has been completed, just how I will colour it.


An A3 size mandala created by me and eventually coloured with some of these fabulous markers which has a brush end and a pointed end.


Recently I could not settle myself. That happens at times when there is more on my mind than I may admit to: possibly related to cancer recovery. So on this occasion again I took myself out in the car and found a place at Tacoma beside the Wyong River and sat. And looked and noticed: what I held in my hand. Check out the tiny mandala shape in nature!

Sometimes it is the change of view that helps and I get out of my house. This find told me that if I look carefully I will find something of interest. I did.


I have learned the lesson over and over again that there is no one right time. Take a risk, give something a go and be kind to yourself as you do so. That is living in the now!


Calm is my preferred meditation app now and I have life membership – it was surprisingly cheap and there are many options on the app that it is for me better than my previous Headspace app.


If my mind is whirling and worrying sometimes a more complex but different kind of drawing challenge helps me focus on “just one thing”. This is an example of a previously “too hard” mandala in its final stages of drawing.

Taking my time, reading the instructions (!) and doing this was such a good thing for me at the time.


I have been learning about Self-Compassion for over 3 years now but am always learning something new about it and myself. I am far less likely to speak to myself harshly these days and I remember to practise self-compassion when I do not have a great day. Completing the Mindful Self Compassion Workbook by Dr Kirstin Neff and Dr Chris Germer is helping cement my practices.

Do you practise self-care? In 2019 each 7th week, for LifeThisWeek I am asking bloggers to share their self-care and self-kindness stories.


A favourite way of re-connecting with myself in a pleasant environment is this place. I found it before I knew I had cancer in 2017 and visited it once I found out. I like to walk here and take time to gather my thoughts and at the same time immerse myself in the bigger world beyond my mind!

The walking bridge at Budgie is a favourite.


It is no secret to those who follow me on Instagram that the beach is a winner hands-down for me as a mood-buster and a ‘time to give thanks’ spot.

I knew last week this is where I HAD to come at 6 p.m. and it cheered me no end. Especially dipping in the water and facing the challenge of crashing waves!


And so, that IS my mindful practices’ update. I hope you are finding this thing we are in called LIFE going well for you. If you are not so, and that happens, maybe some of mine could be ones to help you too.


Joining in with Min from Write of the Middle for Zen Tips Tuesday for the first link up!

On Wednesdays I link here for Midlife Share the Love. Thank you Sue and Leanne.

This Thursday I link up here as part of Lovin’ Life linkyย  with Leanne and friends.




  1. Denyse, thank you so much for linking up with my very first #ZTT link-up and with such a wonderful post too! As you’d know I’m a huge believer in the benefits of Mindfulness and have written about it many times on my blog. I love the tips you’ve provided here in your post. Nature is my go to also when I’m overwhelmed or my brain is in a whir. I also find crochet helps to slow my mind by focussing on the craft at hand. Looking for something to be grateful for each day is a very good way to ‘notice’ the world around you, slow down, and be mindful. I love the look of that walking bridge and ohhhh the beach!!! You’re so lucky to have easy access to a lovely beach. I have a waterfront nearby but the nearest surf beach is probably at least an hour away. I hope to get a few days away at a beach one day soon – I feel the need! Thank you again for joining the #ZTT train for it’s debut! ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

    • Min, I think we share a lot in common as we have found before.

      Now we are finding more ways to ease our sometimes frazzles brains. I like my drawing of patterns and art because like you with crochet it is using my hands and I can only do that one-thing-at-a-time.

      Congratulations on the first link up and I look forward to seeing the directions it will take us.

      Denyse x

  2. There are many ways to be mindful, Denyse, and I love how you explore so many of them.
    Our world really gets so busy and I for one, tend to be in that “productive is the only way to be” mode. But slowing down and appreciating the little things can make us feel SO much better.

    • Thanks for understanding my messages with such understanding Jodie.

      As women who have both been in demanding professions we KNOW busy! We live(d) BUSY.

      However BUSY so often is what people use to mask really getting to know ourselves and others.

      I hope you find some more mindful moments and days too.

      Denyse x

  3. I love how much you enjoy nature Denyse – and I think that’s why Mandalas have such an appeal for you. Mindfulness is such an important part of life and it was interesting to see how you put it into practice. Keeping body and soul in sync is so vital.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLST and I’ve shared on my SM ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Leanne, and you have been having some very different experiences in Qld. It’s been fun watching the updates. Having a get-together with other bloggers is the best fun.

      Denyse x

  4. Thanks for sharing your mindfulness practices Denyse. Great reminders! #MLSTL

  5. Hi Denyse, I also relate to your nature walks as a starting point for mindfulness. Sometimes we just have to bring ourselves back to centre and nature is so calming (unless there’s a storm!). I loved your suggestions, from going back to a place that soothes you, to visiting the beach and even picking up small pods, buds or flowers and being reminded of the wonders of the universe and what a small part we play in it. #MLSTL and #ZTT and Pinned on Pinterest x

    • Thanks Jo. There are days that feel blah and I sure now have some options to help me lift my mood. Today on the way home from a somewhat boring and frustrating shopping expedition, I stopped near the local river and walked down to admire what I could see and hear. Felt better after!

      Denyse x

  6. Denyse, what a lovely summary of mindfulness practices! I’m going to check out Zin tips link-up also… thanks for the link! Visiting form #MLSTL

  7. I enjoy where I run in Brisbane, Denyse because although it is in the City I’m running through the Botanic Gardens, Southbank and along the river and Kangaroo Point Cliffs. There is something uplifting about being surrounded by nature and if I’m feel low I can just walk to the top of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and watch the river. Min’s new #ZTT link up is great and you are so lovely to promote it. Being mindful of others and how we can help and support them is also important isn’t it and I’m sure Min appreciates the shout out. I love the two quotes you have chosen and totally agree that self care and nurturing is vital to a healthy and happier lifestyle. Thank you for linking up and sharing with us at #MSTL and have a great week! xx

    • Thank you Sue. I love the sound of where you run because it does encompass so much that is beautiful in nature.

      Supporting fellow Aussie bloggers where I can is something I believe in. Many bloggers no longer blog because their lives have changed and other activities are their priorities.

      Blogging is and always will be a space in which I connect with others when it is not possible to connect in person.

      Always love helping to give out a “shout” to others and they do for me.

      Weren’t you the lucky one this week with a REAL Aussie Bloggers meet up! The best!

      Denyse x

  8. I do like that sunflowers quote. That’s the truth right there. And I’d never heard of Mandalas until you, and now I see them everywhere!

    • Thank you Lydia! Just as you know more about mandalas from me, I know more about “how” and the reality check writing of Augusten Burrough thanks to you.

      Denyse x

  9. I hear you Denyse, you are so open and honest with your sharing and your thoughts are always well worth reading. At the moment I’m enjoying the time for some self compassion. I agree with you about nature being a great mood booster and I also love the beach. Your sand art is fab by the way!! The article about mindfulness was very interesting – I especially like letting go of things we take for granted, so thanks again for sharing. #mlstl

    • Thank you Deb and how good it is to know when words we read in others’ blogs make sense for us too.

      There is a common shared purpose in blogging: to connect.

      I am always delighted to see a new blog post from you and to read your comment on one of mine.

      Denyse x

  10. I certainly need to work on my mindfulness. I just commented elsewhere that I should start journalling or doing my ‘morning pages’ again as they help get obsessive thoughts out of my head and help me debrief and – in reality – help me be more mindful as I’m forced to really think about my life and my thoughts and actions.

    • Oh those rubbish thoughts. Yep, in the bin or at least on the paper and then never looked at.

      I did some of that type of writing in pre-cancer days when I read it might help with my anxiety. It did for a bit but it was also a literal pain to do in the way in which was recommended: I cannot write first thing nor handwrite when it hurts my hand.

      However I have learned more skills in other means about how to let those thoughts in and through and with little or no reaction, they move on as all do. Really tricky to remember at first, but over the past year or so, I recognise them for what they are and some quick self-talk or distraction means they have nowhere to land.

      Best wishes with your new work role.

      Denyse x

  11. Oh my goodness, I forgot to go over and check out the posts on Min’s link-up. Thanks for the reminder. I’m under a huge amount of stress in the day job at present and having to remind myself to sit and breath and notice rather than race ahead and miss everything.

  12. I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness in all aspects of my life. Calming the monkey mind is always a challenge for me.

    • Thank you Marya for your comment and reading this post. I agree that in order to be MORE mindful our chattering mind needs to slow..or at least be ignored.

      Easier said than done but at least we recognise it!

      Denyse x