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My Hairstyle History. #LifeThisWeek 34/52. 2018.78.

My Hairstyle History. #LifeThisWeek 34/52. 2018.78.

Hair is so important to we humans. It keeps our heads covered and warm…and we often hope, in some way attractive to others and to feel good. I know that many of us, looking for a radical shift in mood or life change, will “do something to our hair”. I have but never quite as drastic as perhaps when I was a very young mum.

I have seen people I know having life changes – a job is left, a partner walks out or just for the heck of it…and a new ‘do or colour means… hair is the way to deal with things. That is my take anyway.

About my hairstyle history. I had pretty strict parents who were practical. My hair was kept short but sometimes adorned with ribbons. I do not recall having a say in my hairstyle from ages 0 to around 10/12. Then, of course, it is hitting peer group importance time and a girl (that is the only perspective I can take!) will want to look cool but also follow trends.

In my teens until I left home at 20 I had a variety of lengths but no longer could Mum or Dad convince me to keep it short. It was at the height of teasing, big up dos and formals that I used to spend SO much time at the hairdressers prior to these. IF I was trying to do my hair at home, I would use rollers and then sit on the bed with the hairdryer bonnet blowing hot air onto my skull.

Married after my first year of teaching my hair was very long, almost down to my waist at the back. Very simple style on our wedding day.

Wedding Day 1971. Dad, Mum, Bro, Gran, B & Me, Poppy, Papa

Mum had a long-standing weekly hair appointment for a trim/blow dry and style from the time I remember. She also had her various hair dressers dye her hair and perm it. Until she was 82, this was her routine. She was dying of cancer then (we did not know yet) and did not want people to see her, so my SIL and I washed and dried Mum’s hair. It was a poor effort and I always regret not being more careful. Mum had ear troubles all her life and she could not get water into her ears so always washed her hair at home before going to the hairdresser. A really sad memory for me, is when Mum was in palliative care, a nurse brusquely put Mum into the shower, wetting her hair to wash it and water went in her ears. Mum was INDIGNANT…and it was one of the last times she would speak. She died 8 days later.

Mum and Dad – 60 years wed. 2.11.2006. Sadly Mum became very ill and passed away in March 2007. The last time Mum’s hairdresser did her hair.

So, I have been a teacher for eons. And if you did not already know, when the school photographers come to schools, teachers get a set of freebies. Individual photos and with the staff and the class. So, a lot of this next group are from those years. I too, like Mum, had regular appointments with the hairdresser but mine were spread out! Around 6 weeks for a cut, and a colour.  Sometimes I went to the blonde end of the “mousey brown which needs changing” or to the browner end. I let the grey in after spending far too much money and time having it covered. I used to have perms. Who didn’t? Oh. Not you?

Once I was into my early 60s I had less money to spend on my hair and to be truthful was over spending time to cover what grey was showing. It took some convincing of my long-time Sydney hairdresser to ‘grow’ out the greys but it was not only liberating, it actually suits me.

My hairdresser now, Tiffany, is the best I have ever had for my short style. I “hope” I can find a suitable replacement for a few months while she is having the baby or I might be back to long hair… LOL. Never. I return to her for a cut early September and she tells me she will let me know which of the two hairdressers she has in the salon during her absence “will be better” at my hair. One thing I did not mention is cost. I pay $20 as a pensioner if I get my hair cut on a Monday or Tuesday.

Tell me about your hair!


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  1. Hi Denyse, your hairstyles may change but that beautiful mile of yours is always there. My children lovingly tease me about all the hairstyles I’ve had growing up. When I look back on them I wonder how I could have left the house but it was the ‘style’ of the time. Finding a good hairdresser isn’t easy is it? It is also becoming more expensive to go to the salon, especially if you colour your hair as I do at the moment. Lovely to look back on all of your photos and have a beautiful week. xx

    • Oh Sue, kids are ‘mean’ aren’t they? I know my daughter looks at her years of a perm and wonders “why?”
      Thanks for understanding how hard it is to find a good hairdresser. I knew one day mine would have a baby but she sure did spring it on me…and many! She is a sweetheart and I am sure we will work things out.

      Lovely kind words from you. Thanks again for your “cheerleading” it really does help me!

      Denyse x

  2. Nice to see the evolution over the years!!

  3. Hi Denyse, you’re so organized with the photos showing your different hairstyles. I hope you find a new hairdresser you like until Tiffany returns. It’s such a personal service. My hairstyle has been shoulder length for a while now as I like to tie it to a pony tail when I want to, plus I don’t need to go for a haircut so often.

    • Thanks Natalie. I sure must credit past me for putting some photos into albums and others in “school photos” for my organisation and these days using the iphone to take a pic makes it pretty easy.

      Hairdressers that do it right by you are worth their weight in gold. Tiffany is so lovely I am sure she will work on some days as she owns the salon and her Mum is going to mind the baby.

      Longer hair that can be gathered into a pony tail is what my daughter has too.

      Denyse x

  4. How gorgeous. Such a fun idea for a post.
    I too had short hair as a kid and I hated it. I have had the same hairstyle for years. Been bald a couple of times from cancer treatments too.

    • You have been through the range of styles….wanted or not.

      Thanks Jody, it was fun checking out the old pics to do this.

      Denyse x

  5. My hair is usually long because I don’t like people touching my head and therefore go to a hairdresser every few years. Pretty simple story haha.

    Others have claimed that I should go to a hairdresser with ideas but apparently my idea of “make it not annoying” is not an instruction. I claim if they are a good hairdresser it is an instruction 🙂

    • I understand that.

      I am only comfortable if I think the hairdresser knows what he or she is doing. When we moved away from Sydney I certainly tried a couple and I was either left almost bald or the hair was cut unevenly. That was when i went searching for someone who knows how to cut hair when the person has a double crown. I gave her my ‘brief’ in January 2016 and have been pleased every time since.

      I do not go to the hairdresser to be pampered. No, I just want a cut and unless I really like you, no chit chat. I must add that Tiff is great for a catch up and she was one of the first people I told about my cancer.

      Denyse x

  6. Oh yes I had all the perms and my mother did as well. I have no idea why I thought they looked good at the time. But it was the 80s! That’s what we did.

    I have let my hair go grey and I quite like it even though I’m quite ‘young’ to do so. I used to like going to the hairdresser but now not so much, and besides can’t afford it! Love all your photos.

    • So true. The eighties were about perms. Although for my mum, they never went out of style!

      Remember the smell? I wasn’t keen on that. I recall going to my local hairdresser in Kellyville in the Diana years and asking him would my hair suit that style? No, sorry!

      I love the grey and I think when you add a red lippy it is sensational on you!!

      Denyse x

  7. Loved looking at your hairstyles through the years! I don’t like going to the hairdressers so I just cut my own hair 🙂

    • Thanks Di, I couldn’t be trusted to cut my own. I have on occasion trimmed the family’s hair and if my fringe was overly long I might but nope, I leave that to the hairdresser.

      Denyse x

  8. There’s nothing like getting your hair done to make you feel good! At least I do because I can never do my hair half as good as they do it at the salon. Yesterday we were going to try on wedding dresses so I decided to curl my hair. I burned myself five times and the curls fell out pretty much straight away.
    When I was a kid my mum would get our hair cut every six weeks, which drove me nuts because my hair would never grow as crazy-long as I wanted it to. My hair is so frizzy, once I decided to cut it shoulder-length and that was a terrible idea. My hair was basically a triangle. I had a fringe until I put my foot down in year 4 and grew it out. That was the last time I had a fringe.

    • I sure think that a good pampering when you need it is great. I did not mind head massages but generally I wanted to be done and out of there. I love it when the result is great I feel much better.

      So, did you think a year or so ago you would be writing “Yesterday we were going to try on wedding dresses”?? I loved reading that..not the curling wand disasters. I cannot for the life of me use one as I am left handed and in a mirror I get confused.

      You and your Mum did battles over hair hey! In our family it was my husband who once sent our 9 year old daughter back to the hairdresser for ‘not getting enough cut”. Sheesh! Hence she has never had it shorter than shoulder length for decades!!

      Loving your bride-to-be updates.

      Denyse x

  9. Such beautiful memories through your hair history, Denyse. Like you, I’ve varied length and colour according to work and family life as well as my budget.

    SSG xxx

  10. What a great topic for your post Denyse. I loved seeing all of your different styles over the years. I have tried so many different colours, perms, streaks (remember them!), foils, and hair styles over the years. Because I had two older brothers, Mum never did much with my hair and it was always kept short.

    When I hit 17 I started to get my first grey hairs! Arrgh….it was just like my Dad who went grey early too. It has meant a lot of home colours or visits to the salon over the years. For the past 7 years I have been colouring my hair blonde with highlights, foils and lighter colours that blend in with my grey hair. My natural brown colour is a thing of the past 🙂

    • Natural hair colour?!! Mine was described as mousy brown. No wonder I coloured it. Thanks for sharing your hair story. My husband had some grey hair aged 21. It is wisdom, right!

      Denyse x

  11. I do agree that the short grey hair really suits you. Thanks for sharing your hair journey. And your post remnds me that it’s time for me to visit the hairdresser for a nice trim.

    • That is lovely Suzy, thank you. Going to the hairdresser for me can be at 4 or 5 week intervals, otherwise my short hair gets messy. Hope you enjoy your visit.

      Denyse x

  12. What a great journey you’ve shared with us Denyse, I love your hairstyle history and agree with others that short and grey suits you! I’m posting my history too 🙂

    • Thanks Debbie, school photos were often the only time I had pics of me by myself as a mum. Now, thanks to the iphone selfies are in. It has helped me taking selfies to track my recovery from cancer surgeries as it is all in my face. That’s my excuse anyway! Will be off to read yours soon.

      Denyse x

  13. How fun! I will have to write a similar post sometime. Like you, I’ve never wanted to spend a lot of time on my hair. It was curly and that meant it was easier if I kept it short. Now, I have suddenly been hit with hair loss. I wear wigs. I changes them all the time!

    • I am glad it was of interest to you Sally. I sure hope your sudden hair loss stops if possible but if you can make life fun with some wigs, then why not! Denyse