Sunday 16th January 2022

My First Concert. #LifeThisWeek 25/52. 2017.81.

My First Concert. #LifeThisWeek 25/52. 2017.81.

My first REAL concert was 53 years ago THIS month. Yes, June 1964.

I was one of the millions around the world to embrace the fandom of The Beatles.

Those lovely lads from Liverpool. Paul McCartney (left rear), John Lennon (right rear) Ringo Starr (left front) George Harrison (right front)

I did not have a favourite like most. I just loved them all.

I had already bought my first 45 record (are you old enough to know what a 45 record is?) and that was Love Me Do and I Want to Hold Your Hand.

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So, I was in what is now Year 9 and my Dad (bless him) bought tickets for me, my younger  brother and a friend of mine to attend one of their Sydney Stadium Concerts.

It was everything you see in the old films. Noisy as. Filled to the capacity with screaming people. Yes, me too. And

The Beatles.


It remains a wonderful, wonderful memory now!

You really couldn’t hear much of what they were singing but we SAW them. It was amazing. Ringo Starr who had stayed in the UK to recover from illness was back with the boys and it was perfect.

The Sydney Stadium is no more but it was located near Rushcutters Bay and had a tin roof. They held fights and concerts there. It was not actually theatre in the round, not a bit! Mum and Dad dropped us off and went to dinner at Watsons Bay apparently and on their way back, they could hear the screaming!

I did scream but I think it was because everyone else did. My photo, with many others, was in the paper the next day. Gee I wish I had kept my memories!!

In 2014 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles Tour down under, the Powerhouse Museum put on a special exhibit. It was one my brother and I could not miss!

What was your first concert?

Do you know anyone who saw the Beatles in 1964?

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  1. Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog) says:

    Wow, that must’ve been amazing Denyse!!! You can’t get much better than The Beatles for a first concert! I went through a Beatles phase when I was in high school which made me rather ‘uncool’, but I didn’t care! I do still enjoy their music and sing along when they are played on the radio.
    My first concert was to see Michael Bolton. My eldest sister was a huge fan of his back then and her husband at the time bought her two tickets to the concert but refused to go with her. I was only about 12 or 13 and my sister took me along with her. I did have a good time even though I wasn’t a fan of his.
    Thankfully, I have been to some amazing concerts since then!

  2. Wow! That is a very cool first concert! And no wonder you remember. I wasn’t allowed to go to concerts because mum had some idea that they were filled with people trying to make you have drugs (like they’re giving them away???) No idea where that came from. So I was 18 and it was probably some crap band in a pub…anyway, who can remember?

    • I am guessing that is around the time concerts were held at the Horden Pavilion too. Our daughter went to her first concert with friends of mine and it was to see Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel. It was a BIG deal then. I feel really fortunate to have seen the Beatles.

  3. Denyse!! What an epic first concert. Mine was Robbie Williams in Perth.

    SSG xxx

    • I know! I was wrapt and followed them for quite some time in my teens. As for Robbie Williams – I loved his album Swinging (I think was its name) and played it over and over.

  4. I remember watching them on TV disembark from the plane in Sydney Denyse! I was only 7 at the time but it is still vivid. I loved the Beatles! I still laugh though and the way the girls screamed and cried but I suppose they still do that today for their idols don’t they? Have a lovely day and thanks for the link up. x

    • And it was sooooo wet for the arrival. I sure do remember that too. The occasion must have really embedded itself in your memory. Yes, girls did (and do) scream for sure. My Granddaughters followed IDirection around for a while a few years back.

  5. Wow! the Beatles! Mine was Wham. To this day I can still see Andrew Ridgely’s long tartan coat – oh how I wanted that coat.

    • Oh yes, Wham! I remember that coat. I loved Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. I even used the song to do morning fitness with the Infants Dept in 1984 at Walters Rd P.S.!!

  6. That concert would have been amazing!! And for your first, it would have been so exciting!! I saw the documentary they had on the Beatles with some behind the scenes stuff last year and was blown away by all the hype that surrounded them! My first concert ( I think!) was Midnight Oil, a great concert but nothing on the Beatles I expect!

    • Oh yes, my husband watched it all and I viewed some of it. It really took me back to how cold and wet it was for their arrival. The exhibition my brother and I went to was fascinating with much of the memorabilia and the details in writing of their contracts. In those days they did the concerts for very little money (compared to later). Your concert sounds very special too.

  7. How incredible to have been there at that iconic moment in history! I’m not sure I would have coped with that level of noise… But it would have been amazing to see the original fab four live.

    • I admit the noise was horrendous and I recall my 11 year old brother being somewhat bewildered by it. It actually spoiled the experience of hearing them play and sing..but it WAS the Beatles!!

  8. The Beatles. How exciting! My mum was there too. Such an amazing part of history.

  9. Oh wow, what a memory! It must have been such an awesome experience, I can’t even imagine! Mike will be very jealous that you got to see them live, he’s a huge Beatles fan.
    I think my first concert might have been a little festival in Penrith, I can’t even remember what it was called.

    • Please tell Mike from me it was awesome but I regret not keeping much of my memorabilia! I think I still have my 45 record somewhere but nowhere to play it. I wonder where you went for your concert. Was it Panthers? I went to so many deputy principal and principal conferences there back in the day.

      • Oh no! Did you get rid of it or lose it in a move? That’s a bit of a shame. You’ve got your memories though!
        Good guess, but this festival was in a grassy area at the Museum of Fire. And I took my younger brother with me. I think it was called Grounded.

  10. The Beatles concert was a little bit before my time – I wasn’t allowed to go to many concerts but I did get to see Sherbert at the Perth Entertainment Centre (long since demolished too!)

    • Sherbert was a pretty special group if I recall. I don’t know why they get rid of entertainment centres. We had a great one in Sydney but it’s gone now too.

  11. What an amazing first concert!! The first concert like that I went to was either Johnny Farnham, or ZZ Top!!! OMG!

  12. What an epic first concert that must have been! Mine was Bryan Adam’s tour in India, around 15 years ago!!

    • It was and I realise now of course that being a teen in the 1960s was very cool! Thanks for sharing your first concert too.

  13. That is some first concert, Denyse! Around the time of the Beatles Anthology release in the mid 90s, it kicked off a whole new surge of Beatlemania at my school and I was happy to be a part of it! My first concert was AC/DC in 1995.

    • I know I was very fortunate to have been a teen in the 1960s. The Beatles and their music spans many generations too.

  14. Omg! The Beatles! Created so much foot tapping and hip swaying. Those were the days of music. Lovely memorable photo with your brother.

  15. I am so jealous, it would have been amazing to see The Beatles! I honestly can’t remember my first concert, I think it might have been Girlfriend in 1993, but I do remember my first show, The King & I, with Hayley Mills in the lead role which was really exciting because I was a massive fan of Pollyanna, I think I was about 6 at the time.

    • There’s an advantage being ‘this old’ isn’t there? I love that you remember seeing a musical aged 6. I loved Hayley Mills too.

  16. I can’t say I do know anyone who went to a Beatles concert. I do however know what a 45 is! I loved listening to my records as a teenager, it’s one of the things that got me through those years 🙂
    I have a bad memory because I cannot remember the first concert I ever went to, I guess it might have been U2 in Adelaide when I think about it.

    • I am glad you responded with knowing what a 45 is!! We had the BIGGEST collection of vinyl 33s and 45s and sold them very cheaply to one person some years ago — because we got sick of carting them everywhere. Now, what’s in again? Vinyl. Sigh.

  17. My first (and only) concert was Ronan Keating!
    Thanks for linking up to #MummyMondays.