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My First Car/Bike. #LifeThisWeek 34/52. 2017.103.

My First Car/Bike. #LifeThisWeek 34/52. 2017.103.

I made this prompt My First Bike/Car with an initial thought to write about my first car. Here’s the backstory.

However, I seriously could not find a photo of my first car probably because I did not have it for long. Towards the end of my first year of teaching, newly in love with the man who is my husband, I turned 21. My parents, back in Sydney, were not “quite up to speed” with how quickly our relationship had progressed and when I flew back to Sydney for a family 21st lunch and party with Sydney friends (no B with me!) I was surprised by a 21st gift of a second hand Blue Datsun 1000. OKayyyyyy. It was a part gift and part, ‘you can pay this off back to us’ present and I was delighted to have four wheels to call my own and to drive back to the country. But life, for us, took quite a different turn with our marriage early the next year and living in the bush (real bush!) meant my little car was not exactly road-worthy there nor was my now husband’s so we did a very practical thing and got a bigger car, a Ford Falcon. Not enough space to tell you the stories of us and cars. And I waited for another 10 years, when we were finally city-based for me to get a new car to call my own.

So much for not mentioning the car.

Not even a first bike story…it’s a tricycle.

When I was a little kid, around the age of 6 I was given a BLUE tricycle (not even a bike!) because…well just because I was six and it was cool. My brother could even sit on the back part of the bike and I could give him a ride. I am sure he loved that. Not. At the time this photo of me was taken there was an school fete on and a decorated bike competition. I remember Mum putting fresh flowers in the basket and I can see there are streamers in the spokes. I also notice I only have ONE black patent shoe on. That, my friends, is because earlier in that week barefoot me had trodden on a kid’s garden rake that had been left outside (shall I say, probably by my brother, because I was a perfect child) and I landed on it and the prongs when into my heel. Cue blood and crying but in the end OK but very sore.

I do not know if I won a prize with my bike but I sure do recall being very proud of it. I got my first BIcycle aged 11 once we had moved to Sydney. It was brand new and brown (who picks a brown bike? My parents I guess) and it was cool for 2 years and I rode it up and down the many hills in our Sydney harbourside suburb and then I sold it to my brother for 10 shillings. I was off to High School and a bike was not part of my needs. I also have no idea how long my brother kept the girl’s bike for as I cannot imagine HE pedalled to school on it.

And an ending as a little tribute to Dad. Father’s Day was yesterday. I did send a card and talk to him. Due to my cancer I have not been down to see him in  Sydney for over 4 months but I am feeling well enough to do this next Monday. Looking forward to it.

Here we are: about 66 years difference in the shots. Thanks for being my dad…even if you and I have clashed over the years I am very grateful for your love and care and support.

I look forward to reading your stories about bikes and cars too if you have gone along with the prompt.


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  1. Enjoy seeing your dad next Monday! So good to hear you will be well enough to travel to Sydney next week to do this!

    • Thanks Ingrid. Things that ‘scared’ me earlier this year included driving on the M1 to Sydney. Amazing what cancer and HAVING to drive to Sydney has done for my confidence so I am looking forward to it. D x

  2. What a beautiful post Denyse! And what a shame you had to sell your first car because of your move. But, I loved the story of your trike! I know we had one that was a hand-me-down amongst us. It started with my older brother and I do remember that when it was mine I’d put my younger brother in the bucket in the back and drive him around, just like you did!

    My first bike was brown as well! It was a hand-me-down from my older brother and I suspect he got it from an uncle because it was pretty old and rusty by the time it got to me. I still remember the first time I rode it without training wheels. I took a turn too sharply and ended up with the sharp, rusty end of a handlebar in my stomach. Not pleasant!

    • Thank you K! It was and it wasn’t a shame. Once we were married (and expected our first child) we could not have afforded 2 cars and to be honest, needed the bigger one. Just chatting to B about that Falcon and he reminded me how crap it was and we ended up buying a NEW Holden Belmont which was so basic in 1972 it had a BENCH seat in front! Love your story about the trikes and bike. Not so much accident part. Second hand stuff – it was what we did then. Our daughter however, aged 12 who got a done-up second hand bike never forgave us when our son got a brand new bike at 4. Sigh. Being a parent. Tough! Denyse x

  3. I always wanted a tricycle. I had a bike, but there is something oddly appealing about a bike with three big wheels. My first bike was a dragster called a “black horse” (only it was red and sparkly). It had training wheels which the boys in the street would tease me about. A the age of 6 their teasing prompted me to take the trainers off and just go for it. I showed them!

    • Good on you!! Nothing like peer pressure to set the standards. A dragster. Oh my, there have been so many bike names. I certainly recall what we got our kids. Although our daughter did not ever get a trendy bike, our son did and went on to ride motorcross bikes as now do his older kids. Denyse x

  4. Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog) says:

    I got my licence in my earl 30’s as I was always afraid to drive. I finally overcame my fear, and my first car was a Mazda 3, which I still own and love dearly.

    • I am so glad you love your first (and now car) as they are really long-lasting and cool cars. Congrats on overcoming your fear. I got my licence 50 years ago next Monday!! Exciting day that was. Denyse x

  5. I love the way you said your parents weren’t ‘up to speed’ with the relationship. Great way to put it!

    • Yes we did have plans to marry by then and not just because I was pregnant. In the vain hope that we could keep that secret to ourselves my mother proved to be too much of a sleuth and in the December we were treated to some (back then) judgy judgy moments …but in the end my parents have loved my hub and when the first grandchild arrived…talk about fall in LOVE. So, that’s what happened when they were brought up to speed. D x

  6. I’m afraid I won’t get to write a new post today so I’m using an oldie that’s slightly different. My first car…. (accident).

    I can’t remember having a tricycle but I definitely remember my first bike as my brother had to paint it lime green for me – which was my favourite colour! I lived in a small town and rode to school from the time I was in year 2 (when I was 6 or so) as the school was pretty close to where I lived and my bestie (next door) and I went together every day.

    • Oh that is such a great memory. I too love lime green. I wonder if your brother remembers painting it. It was so cool to ride to school I recall. Lovely story Deb! D x

  7. Oh have fun with your dad! I only just got my license so I’m
    Only on my second car.

    • Thanks Tory. I got the cancer diagnosis a few weeks after I last visited and as he doesnt travel anywhere any more I am feeling well enough to drive down to see him. He and I talk regularly and I send him my blog posts printed out as he keeps up that way too. Congrats on only just getting your licence and you have a second car! D x

  8. My first bike was a blue dragster. Man, I loved that bike. We were living in the country so would take it to the top of a hill & free wheel down. When the hand brakes failed – as inevitably they did – that’s where strong riding boots came in handy. Enjoy your visit with your dad.

    • A blue dragster…oh yeah! And how I remember the bikes from my son’s years. The poor daughter only got a second hand bike – but she did get a second hand car when she was 18!! I can hear that noise in the gravel as I read it!! Fun times!! D x

  9. My car now is my first car! It’s 8 years old now and we’re slowly starting to look for something new and bigger, but it’s not urgent (knocks on wood) and I’m undecided about what we need/want.

    • That’s done well then. I kept my last car for around that time and then things started going wrong and we were cashed up once we sold the house so B and I each got a new car. It’s 3 years in January 2018 that we got them and we still think of them as new. It’s a hard choice deciding on another car. Lots of consider, including the cost!! D x

  10. My first car Denyse, was a Fiat 1100 it wasn’t flash but I loved it. I also had a tricycle growing up and that is why I can’t ride a bicycle now I think. I love the old photos and you look pretty proud of yourself and your trike. Have a great week!

    • That sounds like a cool car Sue! Our neighbours in Wollongong helped me learn to ride a BIG sized bicycle around and around our yard until I got it and I was probably about 8. I don’t mind riding a bike as long as there are no hills! It was great having a brand new trike and it’s lovely that you share the same memory. D x

  11. Growing up, every kid in our neighbourhood had a bike. We used to spend hours on our bikes, it gave us our sense of freedom. Your bike was always something to be treasured and was well cared for. Pocket money was saved to purchase a new bell and handle bar streamers or a flag for the back. The joy of having a bike was also something that I passed down to my son, who for a long time would spend hours on his bike. At 16rys he purchased his own 50cc scooter, which has become his new pride and joy. I think it’s a real shame that so many kids these day’s are not given the opportunity to own a bike, which gives them a sense of fun and freedom, while also teaching them responsibility.

    • It is true that having a bike gave us a sense of independence and I guess part of a community of other kids who had bikes. There was nothing like the amount of traffic on the roads back in the 1960s when I rode my bike to school nor was there a need for helmets. I am glad you have encouraged your son this way and our grandkids have all had bikes. Some have progressed to motor cross bikes. Thanks for sharing your story too! Denyse x

  12. I love the photos of you and your Dad Denyse. It’s such a shame we all have to get older isn’t it? But a bond between a daughter and her Dad that lasts forever is such a blessing.
    My first bike came from Santa. It was purple and had really wide tyres that made it impossible for me to ride! I was so disappointed but never let on. Must ask Mum and Dad what that was all about. It wasn’t long before they gave me another one that was more practical for 5 year-old me so I think they realised their error of judgment! Rode my bike everywhere as a child, as did my brothers and all of the kids in the village. Lots of great memories were made riding my bike. x

    • Thank YOU Shauna and great to see you back here and posting too. I know it must be hard with all the many other things in your life but I,along with others, enjoy your stories. It’s a funny thing when you wrote about your parents ‘making a mistake’ because they’re not supposed to, right? Lovely bike story from you too. I wonder if your Mum and Dad will remember why. I find I ask Dad some things and he has no recollection but he has an exceedingly good memory. He is 94 next birthday and just handed in his drivers licence and sold his car. He had already decided a way back that he was too concerned now being on the road. Luckily my brother lives 5 mins away and he has an amazing group of friends in the retirement place who help him out. Bikes and kids..they are part of our growing up years. Cheers, D x

  13. Great stories Denyse and they brought back fond memories of my first car – we certainly did things on a much smaller scale than the “kids” of today do with their first cars! Mine was a 3 cylinder Diahatsu – tiny but all mine and I paid for it myself. Also lovely that you and your dad have found your “happy place” after the ups and downs – I never found that with my dad before he died.

    • It was a good prompt this week. I enjoyed reading about your car story too. You did well paying for your own car. Dad and I are more relaxed with each other but it’s taken a few ‘stern’ convos and some hard truths from me over the past few years for him to ‘get me’, He is a very chilled person now as he ages and he is well-cared for by many where he lives so he is better to get on with as a result. I am sorry about you and your dad. Maybe, if you are ever wanting to, write your dad a letter or two as that can be very freeing. I have done that kind of thing when it’s ‘too late’ but you get a sense of finishing off at your level by doing that. D x

  14. I had a tricycle just like that and I do believe it too was blue! Great memories. Sadly I never graduated to a two wheeler, I must be one of the few in the world who didn’t. My first car was a bronze coloured Corolla – second hand of course 😉

    • Snap to the blue tricycles! You and Sue are both the same. You never graduated to bicycles. Interesting fact! Love the corolla. I had one in the late 1990s. Cheers and have a wonderful trip! D x

  15. My first car was a boxy Toyota Corona in a lovely lemon colour! My Dad was a mechanic and he fixed it up and cleaned it until it shone. I loved that car. It got stolen and thrashed at one point… I got it back though, but it needed some care to bring it up to scratch again.

  16. I vividly remember my first car having got my license at 23. It was a 1995 Toyota Corolla Seca. I’m now on my third car. Lovely story about your tricycle 🙂 Hope you enjoy next Monday with your dad!

    • First cars like many first ARE special. I loved the Toyotas I had. This time round though we moved to Nissan and I have an X-Trail now. Thank you for your good wishes. I am actually looking forward to going to Sydney for a non-medical reason!! D x

  17. My first car was a red Nissan Bluebird, handed down to me by my parents. It served me well until it was written off while my dad was driving it (he was okay, the car, not so much!)

    I can’t believe the link up will be one next week! Well done on being an excellent host, particularly over the last few months as life got harder for you. Cheers in advance for next week x

    • Oh dear about the car. Thanks for your good wishes. I almost cannot believe it either. I swear time is going faster this year than ever! Good luck to you in your upcoming speaking engagement. I do believe this will lead to more..and more!! D x

  18. My first bike was my older brother’s blue dragster, which they used to double me on the back of. The bar was removed when it was handed down to me (or lowered? I seriously can’t remember). I then followed the tradition by buying my brother’s poo-green Ford Escort when I started uni for about $500. It had no air-conditioning, and only an air-conditioner. But I needed a car to get me from uni in the city to home in the country, and transport my gear. One day I was driving it, and the gear stick came off in my hand! It was faithful though and even rode up on the train for my first ‘proper’ job in Cairns, where I somehow survived without air-conditioning for several years before I could manage to afford a better second hand car. I was probably really ripped off with that deal – or by the people who serviced it – because it cost me a fortune. But it looked good and hey, the air-con worked!

    • Oh I so know how much air-con is necessary in cars – particularly where you are/were. We got our first air-conditioned car to go back west to teach but it was before integrated air-con and sadly it lacked effectiveness. I know kids these days accept 2nd hand cars but I see them less likely in many cases to put up with the notion of hand me downs!!