Saturday 17th April 2021

My Favourite Colour. #LifeThisWeek 11/52. 2017.41.

My Favourite Colour. #LifeThisWeek 11/52. 2017.41.

It’s not a secret that I love colour. I tend to dress colourfully so browns and beiges and greys do not get much of  a look-in although black and navy were my ‘base’ colours when I was working.

I like colours that are bright in most cases and I also like colours that bring out the best in other colours.

Since getting into art a few years back I discovered yellow is a great friend for many colours.

Before I get to my favourite colour disclosure I admit I really have tried hard to embrace and love many colours and these include red, magenta, purple, green and at times, orange and yellow…but the final reveal is this:

BLUE is my HUE.

Here’s why. It is cooling. It is refreshing. It is relaxing. It is the colour of my favourite water course – the sea. It is the colour of the sky. It calms me. It has many shades. The favourites for me tend to be the greeny/blues. I love turquoise and aqua. I looked for examples around me and I did not have to look far! Here they are:

The Ocean.

Part of my mandala bed topper.

Just love this vase.

When you realise how much you love ONE colour.

Mandala – ode to BLUE

My birthday – from Colorstrology Book.

The Book itself. It’s fun & accurate for many I have found.

I guess now that I own up to BLUE being my favourite colour it probably always has been. I remember loving the colour turquoise when I saw it in a paint tin when I was a kid at school. I have worn blue for preference more than I realise. I was wearing a blue and white dress the night I met my now husband.

Whilst blue is my standout, I do wear others and enjoy having many colours around me! Here is a favourite mandala I made recently.


So, what is your favourite colour?

Is there more than one for you?


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  1. I have lots of favourites including blue, turquoise, aqua and pink! Plus I do love a touch of silver or Rose gold!

  2. Yes that is a gorgeous colour Denyse and we have it in our apartment in the Gold Coast. So fresh and clean. Thanks for the prompt I’ve written about the Meanings of Colour as I don’t really have a standout favourite. Don’t forget to link up with us at #OvertheMoon Link Party later today. We would love to have you join us. Have a beautiful and colourful week.

    • It is a beachy colour and that is what probably attracted me in the first place. I look forward to reading your post later and will add this one too. Cheers, Denyse

  3. Blue is fabulous for the reasons you’ve stated, Denyse and so is yellow. Like you, I started to appreciate colour more when I started doing a bit of artistic stuff in my spare time. I couldn’t decide this week so I’m just going out there and saying I love them all.

    SSG xxx

  4. Blue is very attractive.
    Now I want to know what my birthday colour is!
    Do you have the book?
    I’m 4 October …

  5. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    Blue is a beautiful colour Denyse, and I must say that it really suits you too!

  6. Blue is a bit of a fave with me too. I am mostly currently in love with bright yellow. I have always found it interesting how colour preferences can change at different stages of your life.

    • I so agree. I went for magenta pink for ages when I was told it suited me. In fact I wore the colour a lot. I still like it but realised when I did this post, the blues ended out on top. Yellow is very cheerful and life affirming!

  7. I too, love blue. And purple. And green. And yellow. And red. And bright pink.

    Colour is so important isn’t it?

    Like Jody commented, I think my favourite colour changes at times, but I’ll always have the blues.

  8. I love blue, particularly turquoise and sky blue! I linked up a mani that’s a sparkly metallic pretty taupe colour. Love that too!

    • Yes, the gentle and bright blues of those colours are just lovely. Will be interested to see that colour on your post later!

  9. I love red or any bright colour really.

    • I used to be huge fan of red and wore it a lot at work. Maybe it is the beach environment where I live now which has steered me back to the blues!

  10. Hi Denyse – you look lovely in your blue outfit – I can see why it’s your favourite colour. I’m a purple, pink and turquoise girl – lots of bright colours to give me a boost. I try to tone it down when it comes to home decor but a pop of colour always makes me smile. Thanks for hosting another great linky x

    • Thanks Leanne. it was only when I actually looked around me I realised how much I liked aqua!! Yes I am more conservative with home decor but when we sold our house, added pops of colour (that were in keeping with the house and the times) in form of a print and some cushions made me happy to have it go on the internet!!

  11. My laptop is being a b*#%h for some reason and won’t let me join the link up, even though I’ve tried different browsers. Grrrrr… I’ll try again later.

    Anyway, I’m a green girl. But I do like blue as well. And black for clothing. I’ll be back!

    • Green is something I have come to like more in a light/bright green. I am not a fan of a dull tone of any colour. Black was my friend for decades. Not any more. Living casually and by the beach means I am rocking colours again.

  12. I love that picture of you Denyse! Why not celebrate your favourite colour, you look great in it 🙂
    Blue is one of my favourite colours as well and I’ve had to consciously stop myself from buying more blue clothes because it’s basically my entire wardrobe.

  13. For many, many years red was my one and only. It still turns my head, and I can’t ignore my pull to it. But, I no longer have red curtains and so many red items in my home. My wardrobe also has less red. Now, I’m feeling a huge pull to greens, purple, coral and pinks. I also love certain tones of grey on walls, the ones that lead to a comforting and cocooning feeling. I also adore turquoise!

    • Oh Linda, such a beautiful array of colours there. We have had muted tones on walls in our own house, with white trim and they looked superb. Turquoise..ahhh that lovely one! I admit I used to wear red in my work life…the ‘power’ colour when I needed the confidence!!

  14. I love that vase too! Such a beautiful shade of blue.

    • It attracted me in a second. I used it with some tall lighted branches as a feature when we sold our house. It looked great.

  15. I wear a lot of black and white because it is so easy, but I l Iove colour for decorating – blues, greens, yellows and pinks.

  16. You know, I’m really not sure- I suspect, like you, it’s ocean hues I’m most drawn to. I am, after all, a Pisces!

    • I am fire! I am married to a pisces which is what I claim keeps us together. My bday is end of November. You are certainly choosing the right environment to keep you happy and well.

  17. While I do love the blue of the ocean, blue isn’t my favourite colour. I love orange, red, yellow and purple. If I had to choose just one, it’d be red. 🙂

  18. I love blues and purples. My wardrobe is a bit black at the moment, but that’s because literally wore out all my colour clothes!

  19. I love this post, Denise!! Great photos showcasing your favorite color too! As you know, I adore color & find it hard to pick a fave! Of course I lean toward magenta & love blue as well…and then there’s green! Ahhh…too many to choose from!

  20. For the longest time I stuck to blacks and beige. I don’t know why but I think I was afraid of color. Lately I find myself drawn to soft pinks and bright greens. Colors have such a way of brightening our moods and I find I am more happy when I wear these colors. Thanks for the link up!

    • Isn’t that great you are being drawn to brighter and different colours now. I love how we change as humans and develop new tastes. Thank you for coming by too!

  21. One day, I parked my car with pink stripes, put my pink covered phone next to my pink covered kindle in my pink bag, took out my pink headphones, opened my pink umbrella, buttoned up my pink coat and started walking and thought . . . “I really do like pink”.

    I have just typed pink so much that the word no longer makes sense.

    When I had my daughter, I was determined not to force any colour on her so she gets a range of pretty brights but I try and avoid red and black.

  22. Blue is definitely your hue! I love the purples and aquarmarine bluey/greens as a combination.
    Something about a lime green is refreshing. I find my favourite colours relaxing and passive. They don’t shout at me. Lets me ease into the day when I see them hanging up on a dress in the cupboard.

    • Thank you Maria. Interesting combos you mention and it took me back to colours both my late Mum and I chose (different outfits!) for when my daughter married. They are lovely in combo.

  23. Wow, i love that bed topper mandala and your other mandalas! My favourite colour is lime green, I have lime green pants on at the moment! Funnily enough I just googled my color and it is exactly that!!

    • Lime green is a colour I have really grown to love too. When I first saw that mandala on display in a shop I thought it was over-priced but I loved it. The shop ended up closing and I was able to bargain it down. In our own house (one day!) I may end up displaying it on a wall. It doesnt quite fit a king size bed but it’s lovely to look at. Thanks for enjoying my mandalas. Always happy to send you a few if you’d like to frame them for your place or the beach place..let me know. D xx