Thursday 20th January 2022

My Fave Junk Food. #LifeThisWeek 20/52. 2017.68.

My Fave Junk Food. #LifeThisWeek 20/52. 2017.68.

C H O C O L A T E.

Shortest post ever!

OK. Not really.

I thought long and hard about this one. Obviously! I made up the prompt.

I have no idea why I chose it for this week but maybe I was avoiding Mother’s Day…not really, but anyway, if you celebrated I hope it was awesome.

I have a sweet tooth. I blame my maternal grandfather and aunty. I love my lollies and chocolates but that said, if there is to be winner it is:

C H O C O L A T E.

I have some kind of chocolate every evening. OK, in bed, on FB or whatever I am scrolling through on-line.

For ages it was a mix of Lindt Dark with salted caramel pieces and Lindt Milk with caramel pieces.

Melting away on the tongue as chocolate does to soothe and to calm. 

Then since I have had, ahem, teeth out (not because of the sugar thing!) my mouth cannot yet deal with the caramel bits so I HAD to find something easy on the mouth, melting on the tongue and here they are:

Good old Cadbury Milk Chocolate: on special too!

There you are, now you know my bad habit and my favourite junk food!

So, do tell, what is yours?

Can you limit the list to one?

Are you a sweet tooth or not?


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  1. inthegoodbooksblog ( Michelle) says:

    I too am a chocoholic Denyse! I have tried to cut back over the past year or two though. I don’t eat much take-away food at all, but I really enjoy chocolate. Some of my faves include Cadbury hazelnut chocolate, KitKat, and chocolate covered licorice bullets, YUM!!!

    • I’m glad to know I am not alone….in my love of chocolate. I used to enjoy those bullet too but never knew when to stop. So I guess a ‘little of what I fancy’ is the way I am going now. I too loved Cadbury Hazelnut but never fruit and nut. Thanks for sharing your chocolates of choice!!

  2. I found this quite hard to write about – weird, huh? I’ve never seen those little rolls of chocolate

    • If you are not a fan of chocolate nor sweets then your eye may never even glance at this area of the chocolate aisles. These little rolls have been around for ages but I recently spied them in my local IGA then at Woolies.

  3. Oh yes it is hard to resist chocolate Denyse. I’m a dark chocolate girl!

    • Dark chocolate is also lovely. But I seem to have different chocolates appeal at different times and now I am back with good old Cadbury for a while.

  4. I’m not a huge junk food fan & don’t eat a lot of chocolate – I prefer my sugar fermented i.e. wine. My guilty pleasure, though, is plastic cheese – you know, those soft plastic wrapped cheese slices, or cream cheese in the jars. You know it’s mostly chemical, but it’s so addictive. Especially on white bread with vegemite.

    • Not everyone is a junk food fan I know but I see you have ‘outed’ yourself with a different kind of longing. It is comforting to ear those cheeses…and in fact I have both types in my fridge right now. The grandkids love them too. Vegemite is awesome on white bread with butter. #justsaying

  5. I am a massive sweet tooth. Or at least I have one. Or 20-something of them. I don’t know that I have a favourite, I love ice cream and chocolate and apple pie the most I think though.
    Oh, I’m a fan of that Lindt chocolate with caramel as well. But I haven’t had it in ages.

    • Sweets are foods of comfort I reckon and that is why I go for them. I no longer eat large quantities because I no longer want to feel sick…lol. However, we each have something we enjoy and I say life is too short not to go for it. Sorry if I set off a craving for that Lindt variety. Oh, and do you find US chocolate nothing like we know? I don’t think even tried it when I was there. Same for cheese. All I could find for ages was that orange cheese.

      • Hahaha, I can resist the Lindt craving. Well, resist is a strong word. I had some Lindt chocolate at home so I popped a few while reading your post 😉
        Ugh, US chocolate is the bane of my existence! It’s pretty bad in my opinion. I haven’t eaten it for a while so I don’t remember the exact taste, but there’s something about it that makes it very unpalatable to me.
        That orange cheese is the cause of conjecture (is that even a sentence?) at our place. I say it’s orange. The rest of America calls it yellow. In any case, I’ll eat it on a grilled cheese. It’s ok, but nothing special and the radioactive colour turns me off a little bit.

        • I think ONCE I found some what I call ‘tasty’ cheese in US when I just wanted some savoury biscuits to accompany them. As for bread, so hard not to find it sweet isn’t it? I must say that SF seemed to have a better notion of foods that are part of what you and I would call real.

  6. Oh crikey I miss chocolate. Caramello Koala’s to be exact. Discovered I was allergic to milk and chocolate years ago. You can find me sniffing Doug’s chocolate and yes that is as desperate as it sounds! I’m linking and running this morning but I will be back later this arvo to have a read of the other lovely links. Have a great day Denyse!

    • Wow that is one hard allergy to have. I can guess that you would not have given up dairy nor chocolate without a very good reason. If ‘sniffing chocolate’ helps then why not I say.

  7. Chocolate… I’m in denial. I eat a piece of dark chocolate every day and refuse to call it junk food. Packed full of anti oxidants, you know 🙂

    SSG xxx

  8. I have a huge sweet tooth! for chocolate, or cakes, or ice cream… if it’s sugar, it’s in my mouth! (although I’m not much of a Lindt fan, I do love their mint and lemon flavour balls, which can be hard to find)

    • We are sweet-toothed sisters! But funnily enough I can live without ice-cream. I only like those two bars of Lindt choc. I hope you find those other ones when you next need a fix!

  9. Yep, total sugar addict. Love chocolate and cakies. LOVE caramel as well. Yum!

    • Oh yes, caramel. When I was a kid and a bit older, you could buy caramel sauce from a no-longer existing restaurant chain called Cahills. Bet your mum knows it. It was the BOMB, warmed up on waffles and ice-cream. le sigh.

  10. I used to be a sweet-tooth – particularly chocolate. But as the years have gone by, I’ve turned into a savoury person. TBH I was thinner and fitter when I ate too much chocolate and sugar, so I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad indulgence. (I know the no-sugar brigade will hate me for saying that!)

    • This is a no-sugar brigade free zone Bronnie!! I cannot bear the cutting out of particular foods or food groups but what “I” know now is cutting down works. Anyway, that is interesting that you’ve had a change. I used to really enjoy particular chips and I think the crunch is meant to be about reducing anger or something…LOL. Great to see you back blogging! Denyse

  11. I love chocolate… particularly licorice wrapped in chocolate. (Licorice bullets mmmmmm).

    • Oh yes. But once I start them I cannot stop and the licorice is not good for someone with blood pressure. It’s under control but I’d rather not risk it. Still…mmmmm.

  12. CHOCOLATE!!! I need some in my life right now. Instead I will have to be satisfied with chocolate cake courtesy of my Nanna’s 96th birthday.

    I actually had a “favourite junk food” post for this week but forgot about it. Damn. Will need to save that for another day,

    L xo

    • Leanne…what about a wee bit of chocolate each day? Would it harm you? I think ‘too much’ restriction makes us unhappy. Nevertheless i honour the way in which you are caring for your body. You are ace! D xx

  13. Aaaah, chocolate is my nemesis, well my waist lines nemesis. I am usually pretty good at not buying it, but husband is the culprit that brings it inot the house, and I usually cannot resist.
    Sweet biscuits are something that i reach for too, when it comes to something sweet, especially ones covered wth chocolate lol.

    • I see chocolate being therapeutic in its own way as it calms and soothes. I used to not be able to stop but I am a bit better now. I think a ‘little of what we fancy does us good’! Go for the chocolate but make sure it is exactly the one you want! I learned a LONG time ago taking part in an anti-diet group (it was very helpful) to eat ONLY and EXACTLY what your tummy would like. It frees you of association of good/bad foods.

  14. I do like my dark chocolate {and lindt is amazing!} but I also love my cheese and crackers and Kettle’s Chilli chips. So good!!! Sigh, it’s no wonder it’s hard to lose weight with all those cravings 😛

    • Oh yummy! So you know that when we are eating crunchy things we are reducing stress and tension! See, a good reason…and as for chocolate, it calms…another good reason. I am being light-hearted but they are awesome foods aren’t they?