Tuesday 26th October 2021

My Daily A-Z Challenge On Instagram. 8/2019.

My Daily A-Z Challenge on Instagram. 8/2019.

By the end of January 2019 I admit this had started to be ‘over- challenging’ me in some ways, so I have admitted I want to do my instagram photos with greater flexibility and that perhaps I am now less likely to need a challenge! Go figure. I continue to do a daily post with what I am wearing because I enjoy this and will add other photos to my collages. Thanks for your interest! Denyse 

I like to have a daily photo of me taken as it helps me remember why I started to #dresswithpurpose in 2017. See here for more.

I do tend to get a bit bored after a while with myself AND what I post on Instagram (then to Facebook and Twitter) so in 2019 I came up with this idea for the first half of the year. Goodness knows whether I will continue it after that but there IS a way to go.

For me, Instagram is photo-centred and I am visually- oriented. It is a quick way for me to connect each day. BUT, the snag for me is this. I cannot connect universally as my account is private. For the very good reason : hacked in May 2017. Ask for follow: @denysewhelan

Each week, starting on Tuesday: because 1 January was a Tuesday, post a photo with the letter of the alphabet and its word I have listed loosely themed around the collage I post. Here is one example from each of the first weeks. 


1 Jan: Week One: Appreciation

8 Jan: Week Two: Beauty

15 Jan: Week Three: Connection

22 Jan: Week Four: Details


29 Jan: Week Five: Exciting

5 Feb: Week Six: Flourish

12 Feb: Week Seven: Gratitude

19 Feb: Week Eight: Hope

26 Feb: Week Nine: Inquisitive

5 Mar: Week Ten: Joyful

12 Mar: Week Eleven:  Kindness

19 Mar: Week Twelve: Love

26 Mar: Week Thirteen: Mindfulness

2 Apr: Week Fourteen: Noting

9 Apr: Week Fifteen: Optimism

16 Apr: Week Sixteen: Pleasure

23 Apr: Week Seventeen: Questioning

30 Apr: Week Eighteen: Read

7 May: Week Nineteen: Scenic

14 May: Week Twenty: Teach

21 May: Week Twenty-One: Understand

28 May: Week Twenty-Two: Voice

4 Jun: Week Twenty-Three: Wonder

11 Jun: Week Twenty-Four: eXtra

18 Jun: Week Twenty-Five: Yay

25 Jun: Week Twenty-Six: Zest

So, how about it? You sure do not have to post every day. That is just me. But should you choose to, use this hashtag (I hope to remember it!)


I look forward to sharing more of these – as my creative brain can find examples – over the next 6 months. Gosh, almost the end of January….the next five months!


Joining the lovely Leanne for Lovin’ Life on Thursdays here.



  1. That’s a pretty good idea Denyse! I enjoy seeing your photos…they bring a smile to my face. 🙂

  2. Such a great idea Denyse! If I get a chance and remember I will join in and use your hashtag for sure! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  3. What a great idea! Like Sanch I love your photos and seeing what you’re doing. I know I don’t always comment but it’s a comfort, like seeing Jo Tracey’s early morning beach photos (or Lyndall’s from Seize the Day)!

    I’m really struggling with consistency and routines so find it grounding that others aren’t!

    • Thanks Deb. That is kind of you to say and I am glad you smile when you see them too.

      I know I found that in my days in recovery from cancer and even before that if I did not have at least one, if not more things “to do” then I would be even more down.

      I self-prescribed that I blogged every day just to be ‘out there’ and that worked untl mid 2016 so it helped. Then I did the three IG challenges to myself last year and of course the daily photos. There were some days I never wanted to do any and I made myself. And that has helped me

      What I have learned to do, for me anyway, is if it is not achieving what I hoped over time or if I become bored with it, I change it.

      Denyse x

  4. Hi Denyse – I loved this – it reminds me a bit of my AtoZ of More series I’ll be doing this year. I think anything that focuses on the positive is a great challenge and I loved all your photos.

  5. Great idea – and something that keeps you mindfully aware…just wondering though what K is…Kindness? (now I’ve got that Glen Campbell song in my head again…) #TeamLovinLife

    • Darn it! Just as well someone has editor’s eyes.
      Will do.. yes, old Glen Campbell sounds good.. ha!
      My mind clearly not C for concentrating!
      Thanks Jo!

  6. I never seem to be able to stick to daily photo challenges so instead of getting upset about it, I just don’t try and commit to them, but I certainly admire those that do.
    You look so lovely in blue! xxx

    • Oh that’s a shame Nikki. I agree it can be hard to remember with so much else happening but in my case it’s a habit I need to keep for my own sake.

      Denyse x

  7. I love the blue you’re wearing in “details”. The dress and the necklace. Lovely.