Sunday 11th April 2021

Must Watch TV. #LifeThisWeek10/52. 2017.37.

Must Watch TV. #LifeThisWeek 10/52. 2017.37.

I am not quite sure why I chose this as a prompt as I am not really an avid TV watcher. I cannot abide having the television on in the background (will mute it if it is up to me!) but I also probably could not live without telly for a few reasons. One would be to keep up with what others might be chatting about in real life and on-line. Another is that at times there are some programs I do like and would not want to miss!

Oh and a bit of trivia I was 6 when television began telecasting in Australia and I was 7 when Mum and Dad got telly for us. Before that, on a Tuesday afternoon, a lady in our street invited the neighbourhood kids to watch Lassie on Channel 2. My mum said I couldn’t go back to watch if I came home crying again. Ohh. Muuuum! So, here’s my must watch TV and why!

I love our national broadcaster for many reasons and no ads is but one. I like the content and the ‘for all the people’ charter. I also worked for them in personnel waaaay back in 1967-68 after the HSC until I finally got the reprieve from office life to join the classrooms of NSW schools.

  • Love(d) Play School when I was caring for the grandkids and also at school for Kindergarten kids in disadvantaged areas where a show like Play School helped so much with experiential learning.
  • Watch the documentaries such as Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabb and Home Delivery with Julia Zemiro…and many more. I tend NOT to watch Four Corners or Q&A anymore due to the content & people.
  • News. Love the news channel and I also like ABC Breakfast on TV.

  • We have had the very expensive (but we still choose to have it) Foxtel since it arrived in Australia as the wonder called Subscription TV.
  • My must watch programs are generally on Lifestyle and Selling Houses Australia is the head of that list. I also love Grand Designs Australia and Location Location Location Australia. Note: Australian content is what I love most.
  • I got to meet Shaynna Blaze and Andrew Winter at a Lifestyle channel expo in 2014 and they were both gracious and lovely.

  • We did not even give this show a thought when it appeared on TV screens in Australia. Not one.
  • Then in 2015 I discovered it via Netflix and became…HOOKED! But Netflix stopped it so I had to BUY all of the DVDS of course!
  • Now we own all of the DVDs from Downton Abbey…here’s my little secret…I love it so much, my hub and I watch around a 20 minute segment every night.
  • Yep, it’s the one time we actually watch TV together which is because we have such markedly different interests but this one is like ‘comfort tv’ for us.
  • We are on our 4th time round!!!!!

There you have it! My must watch TV.

What about you? Are you a fan of TV?

Did you ever “not” have TV?

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  1. I linked up an old post today. Seemed to fit the bill.
    I never remember life without a TV, although I do recall we only had one and it was small and B&W when I was a small kid. I’ve always watched TV. We still watch TV together as a family at the end of each day, even if only for half an hour. Usually right after dinner.

    • I am glad you have some family time with TV. It’s an element that is missing in many households thanks to the many distractions of Idevices isn’t it? Colour TV didnt come to Australia until 1974! I remember the changeover well. We were living in Merriwagga (small school where my husband taught) and we got a bank loan to buy a colour TV. Oh the days gone by!!

  2. So had you come home crying because of Lassie previously. That’s so cute! And also, so nice of your neighbour to invite everyone over to watch.
    I share your love of the ABC. I used to love watching the First Tuesday Book Club, amongst so many other shows. Grand Designs being one of them. I feel like they do TV so much better than the commercial stations.

    • Apparently I had. I am not an animal lover as such (see previous posts LOL) but Lassie always had something sad in it and obviously Mum thought it worried me. In Wollongong and in many places in Australia when TV first came in 1956, the shops which sold them would put a telly on in the window for people to come and watch. The arrival of TV in Aus was in time for the Melbourne Olympics which was possibly part of the motivation to get it sorted. Can you watch ABC TV on-line? I love iVIEW for catch ups.

  3. I remember the first thing I ever saw on a colour TV – Abba’s Fernando. It was a Saturday morning & we’d come to Sydney to see my Nan. I don’t watch a lot of TV myself – Midsomer Murders, 800 Words, Newtons Law is about it. I’m not into reality TV- with the exception of Masterchef.

    • I think my attention span is broken!! For reading books (I know, shock horror telling an author that) and for watching telly but Downton has my heart and it’s a special time we spend together each evening being immersed in another time.
      I love how you recall your colour TV experience so well! What a dramatic event it was then it came to our screens.

  4. I’ll be away next week because I did decide to splurge and go to WOMAD. So no telly for me next week…I mean no post on Monday…;)

  5. Downton Abbey is one show I’ve never seen, but it is on my watch list (yes I’m so behind!). Been loving Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix and we love watching sci fi shows on free to air.

    • Interesting isn’t it? I avoided Downton Abbey for years until I first got Netflix (free month only) and when the series suddenly stopped I knew I needed to buy the DVDS! I am not a Netflix fan as much as my husband is and we now have a paid sub and he’s enjoying series and movies. I have read lots of people enjoying the show you mention too!

  6. I love Downton Abbey too! I’m a bit sad it’s over now 🙁

  7. Growing up my parents were extremely strict with our tv. We were only allowed to watch it on Fridays and weekends and as a result I felt excluded at primary school when all the other kids were talking about whatever the latest show was, that I had no idea about!

    • Awww I understand that would have been tough. I know as kids we only watched TV until a certain time. The thing with TV is it can hook people in and then nothing else happens including homework.

  8. We have the basic Foxtel Denyse but even with that every night I sigh because we just flick and can’t find anything we really enjoy – either on payTV or free to air. I do love Downton Abbey and recently watch The Crown. The Lifestyle channel is good but having the basic version there isn’t much choice. Perhaps I’ve just outgrown TV?

    • I know exactly what you mean however, in this household my hub loves his foxtel sports’ options and I dont mind paying the extra for that and I add the drama pack. At times there are series I just love and I often use the planner option to watch when I choose. I tend to watch my iphone more than the TV these days! Ooops! Loved the Crown too. I know they are doing a second series but not starting to make it for a while yet.

  9. When I am here on my own, on school days, the telly is always off! The noise irritates me, it disturbs my serenity! I don’t know that there is too much on daytime tv that I’d be interested in anyway. I am a night time watcher, the kids know I have ‘my shows’. They always manage to sneak out though, and have been known to cuddle them while I watch, because I can’t leave the loungechair! I am thankful for encores and reruns so if I do miss something, I can catch up.

    • I agree about the noise of TV in the daytime and the only time I might put it on is for ABC News breakfast for a while. I like how the evenings have become a time of self-care and sanctuary for you and your viewing. That’s special.

  10. Another Downton fan! Isn’t it MAGNIFICENT? The things the Dowager says…”What’s a weekend?” Love it!

    I need to remind myself of the ABC. They have some great quality programmes. Great comedy shows, too.

  11. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    Whilst books will always take priority over watching television, I do enjoy some programs.
    My current favourites are My Kitchen Rules and a new tv series that’s screening on channel 10 called This Is Us. I also like to watch Masterchef when it airs.

    • It’s quite popular isn’t it, this new series called This is Us. I haven’t watched it but I can see its appeal via the promos. I like your priorities! Books over TV!

  12. I love the Lifestyle Channel too. We haven’t had Foxtel for over 10 years now but that has always been my favourite channel. We now watch a lot of 9Life on free to air, to get our lifestyle fix!

    • Good on you for no Foxtel. It remains an annoying expense but with hub enjoying the sport so much and I go in and out of the lifestyle channel it is still something we use.

  13. Our daughter and son-in-law love Selling Houses. I’m not a big TV watcher, but my hub and I both enjoy Grand Designs (and I have to confess to being hooked on Married at First Sight this season for some obscure reason – a bit like watching a train wreck happen!)

    • That’s like me, I’ve been watching I’m a Celebrity and I dont even know some of them. It’s about connecting via social media for me too and knowing I have something to talk about LOL. I have always loved Selling Houses Australia and when I was in the frenzy of doing up part of our interior of our house we sold in Sydney I actually took advice from both Andrew and Shaynna. Shaynna totally approved of my cushions for effect and as she said “you can never have too many cushions!”.

  14. I love Grand Designs, and will watch Selling Houses if I’m somewhere I can see it. There’s also re-runs of it on Seven2 sometimes, so I can watch on free to air TV. I seem to have a bit of an attraction to a lot of British programs. I like SBS On Demand too.

    • I too like it that TV is made for those who cannot always watch when it is live to air. I used iView on ABC a lot and have watched SBS on demand too.

  15. I don’t actually watch TV. It was banned in our house as a child, unless it was a doco or sport related. I went TV mad when I first moved out of home for about a year. What a coma inducing waste of time that was. Not really sure when I gave it up again, I think it was around the time my business took off 8 years ago.

    I just don’t feel I can sit and concentrate while I have so much on the go. Having said that we do get out to movie previews once or twice a month, if not more.

    Giving up TV is probably the main reason I fit so much into my day. Giving up non essential internet… well wouldn’t that free up some time.

    The only real time I miss not having watched all the shows over the years is at a trivia night.

    No link up post for me this week. We have a long weekend in Perth and I only have giveaway posts on the go at the moment.

    • TV is quite annoying if it is ON all the time in someone’s house. I like to think that a TV needs to be off when visitors arrive! As kids we watched the News, Mickey Mouse Club and a few shows. It was a social thing to talk about at school as a teen if I recall. But gosh, that IS a long time ago.
      My concentration span these days is not long enough for more that one show of around 50 minutes!
      Thanks for sharing your views! Hope the weekend was a good one for you.Nearly over now!

      • Yes, our current smaller house means I no longer have my formal TV free lounge and dining room. It also means that when the TV is on, you can hear it from most rooms. It gets under my skin. Hopefully putting an offer on our new house this weekend. Our NSW property settles next Thursday. #openslather

        • I know what you mean. We have two areas for TV but they are open. When my hub watched netflix he uses his headphones as he can hear the dialogue better. That’s helpful for me who hates background noise of TV too. I am excited about your house news …on both fronts!!

  16. Hey Denyse, don’t know if you’ve done this already but if you’ve had Foxtel so long, it’s worth ringing them up to see if you can better deal. I had it for 10 years and rang them to say my husband wants to disconnect because we’ve got Netflix now and they have knocked $20 a month off. Worth a shot!

    I like TV and series linking and Netflix mean I can watch when I want either without or fast-forwarding ads which is great. When I watch something “live”, it’s quite annoying! Currently on Travel Guides on Channel 9 because my uncle and aunty are in it 😀

    • Thanks Beth for the idea. We get our Foxtel via the Telstra bundle of NBN, home phone and mobiles and I do often ‘negotiate’ service charges but they seem locked with the Foxtel stuff. In fact, about to add $4 to the account for the sport channels my hub loves.
      I do like that we can watch movies, shows etc via a few means these days other than via the set times the TV stations make too! Oh, sounds interesting about that show for you! Must check it out too.

  17. I am a fan of TV but prefer to watch via DVDs. I like the lack of ads, ability to pause, and DVD extras. So even Netflix fails me a little in that area (but it’s still good!). It does mean not talking about TV shows online at all because I am anti spoilers!

    • Anti-spoilers..yes! Gotta keep mum about those haven’t we? I notice on Mrs W’s page recently she gave away who had been sent from I’m A Celebrity and a few fans did “thank” her for telling them when they hadn’t yet seen the show!! Hate ads. When we first got Foxtel is was about no or few ads now it is the same as commercial TV and we still PAY for the privilege.

  18. I remember Lassie. What a great wholesome show. The clever dog who knew how to solve problems always blew me away. Love Annabel Crabb & Zemiro. Such refreshing down-to-earth characters.

    • Awww I am glad you loved Lassie too! Love those ladies on ABC. Would love a cuppa with Annabel and with something she has cooked!!

  19. Haha love it Denyse. We were pretty lucky growing up and had a colour TV. I loved Playschool when I was little, and to this day still love it and so do my girls. Nowadays I like (too many) shows such as Chicago Fire, Homeland, and Grey’s Anatomy, which Hubby can’t stand! But we seem to have found a show much like your Downtown Abby, The West Wing, which we watch regularly or “when there’s nothing on!”, usually though we watch a couple episodes each night. I think we’re up to our 3rd time through the whole series. Now, if I was to hesitate a guess of how often we have watched the whole series of M*A*S*H (Hubby’s favourite show) it must be somewhere in the 30s or 40s. 🙂

    • I can sing LOADS of PlaySchool songs and even had the CDs in my car AND used them to teach little ones at school who had never seen the shows because of their family circumstances. So many good teaching points for language development!! I like that you have ‘comfort TV’ too. We have the whole series of MASH (not watched for a while though) which was our family get together time from when it started! Whole lines can easily be recalled. Love it!

  20. I’ve got a lot of favourite shows but I rarely watch TV nowadays…I am addicted to Netflix and old TV shows. Also enjoy Wentworth which I watch on DVD. Haven’t watched Downton Abbey I must admit.