Monday 24th January 2022

Movies. #LifeThisWeek 38/52. 2017.111.

Movies. #LifeThisWeek 38/52. 2017.111.

Movies for me are the ones I remember most and would want to see again. And again. However, in my latter (erm, older) years I do not have the interest nor attention span to sit through movies. I blame my needing to check my phone, read something, find something to eat and all that. So, without further ado, time for some memories and then movies I have loved.

In the Olden Days.

As the above suggests, I am from the olden days of the 1950s and 1960s when movies were shown 2 at a time. Double features always. Often a newsreel and a documentary might also be thrown in. In fact, I digress, there were small movie theatres in Sydney that showed up to date news via a newsreel service. Television eventually saw the demise of this but it was one way to catch up on world news especially. In war times (not that I am that old!) this was how the public was shown the progress of WW2.

Where was I? I told you my attention drifts. So, there was a first movie (called the B feature sometimes) and then the main movie. In between there was interval and a person carrying a tray of ice creams, lollies and chips would attend the level of the theatre where you sat or you could go to the lobby for them. Cheaper seats were downstairs (the stalls) and dearer seat were upstairs (the lounge).

So, you would be at the movies for around 3 or more hours. There may have been a matinees session (afternoon) and then the main one in the evening. No pre-ordering of tickets. You queued to buy the tickets.

At the end of BOTH movies, the audience would stand as on the screen there would appear a photo of Queen Elizabeth and we would sing God Save The Queen. I am not joking. That was how it ended. Ask your parents.

The other ‘thing’ about the movies and them going for quite a long time was….if you has a boyfriend then you might both go up the back for a bit of a kiss and a cuddle. I do NOT know about this. I heard it from a friend. Honest.

My Movie Memories and Why.

I first saw High Society in a movie theatre in Manly with my parents and I was around 12. I was struck by the romance and the music. I still am. Bing singing “True Love” to the almost Princess of Monaco (the last movie for Grace Kelly) sticks with me now. I still love the soundtrack in particular.

This one doesn’t need a title…of course it IS from The Sound of Music. I first saw it in the city I think at around age 16 and my friends gave me the soundtrack on vinyl for my birthday. I have lost count of how many times I have watched it and shared it with our kids and grandkids. The scene where the family has to escape from the Nazis still scares me a bit and I loved the romance of the Captain dancing with Maria. Yes I still have the soundtrack but the vinyl is no longer here as we disposed of so many of the NOW popular vinyls when they became to heavy to cart around.

Not normally one for shoot ’em ups, this movie is the first one I saw with the man who is my husband. We both loved the music from it, particularly Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head and the conversations between Paul and Robert. A clever movie and such great memories of teaching kids that song at school. 1970. Nice one!!

We lived in the NSW bush as teachers from 1970- 1977 and when we had school holidays we would stay with my parents in Sydney (on-site babysitters too) and take advantage of going to the movies. In this case, to the Frenchs Forest Drive In to see Blazing Saddles. Oh. My. Goodness. The script and the visuals were pretty risky for the times and still are in some places. But I can tell you for me it was a hoot listening to the clever lines crafted by my favourite Mel Brooks because his movies feature twice in my list!!

I recall that we saw this one, the original,  in a movie theatre. It might have been the one close to Mum and Dad’s at Balgowlah or it might have been at Collaroy where the theatre is still in operation. Again, Mr Brooks’ clever and irreverant take on making a Broadway show was the appeal for me and in recent years I saw the updated Producers in the movie form and also as  performed in Sydney by Australian performers. I totally LOVE the music and the words and the clever plot lines. I am still playing the soundtrack today!

This one is for the kids in my life. The grandkids who I took to movies. This one, I actually paid attention in as it was fun and the music was ME! I took a then 3 year old Grandson to a theatre  who also loved it. I know I love a movie when I buy the soundtrack and this one I did. So, for the next 2-3 years in Grandma’s car, this was the most requested by the Granddaughter (his younger sister) who loved it too once she saw it on DVD. Rio has such a special place in my heart and memories.


So, there are my movies. What about you?

I can imagine you might have many different memories to me.

This was such a fun prompt to think about once I did. Initially I thought I didn’t like many movies until I visited my memory bank!


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High Society

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  1. High Society, Catch a Thief and the Sound of Music were memories for me. More recently I love Four Weddings & a Funeral, When Harry Met Sally, Love Actually, Mamma Mia & my all time fave, Notting Hill.

    • There you go, more I had forgotten about. I have the sound track to When Harry Met Sally (that was such a cool movies when it aired!!) and I loved Love Actually too. Made B watch it with me again last year. Thanks for sharing your movie memories!! D x

  2. The last movie I saw was Gifted about a month ago which I enjoyed a lot!


  3. Gone With The Wind always brings back memories for me. My mum and I watched it every time I was off sick from school

    • Oh how sweet and it lasted so long it took just about all day to watch it. Yes, it was a great movie with lines that continue to resonate!! D xx

  4. I’ve only seen Blazing Saddles and The Sound of Music out of these! I really want to watch High Society now though.
    I love Dead Poet Society (one of those movies that almost everyone likes) and watched it a couple of weeks ago. The last movie that I saw at the cinema was The Big Sick. And even though I was bracing myself for a total downer of a movie, it actually left me feeling very happy at the end.
    I can’t wait for the second Blade Runner to come out as well! I’ll be taking another trip to the movies for that one as well!

    • So many movies that different generations love and they are sometimes different but many are the same in their messages. I cannot watch anything these days which is scary. I did see Schindlers List and that stayed with me for a very long time. I did enjoy the teaching side of things with Dead Poets Society. I “think” you will find High Society somewhere in your current country of residence. I also hope you can suspend all judgement as you enjoy it. Set in the 1950s!

  5. I’ve always loved The Sound of Music since I was “sixteen going on seventeen”. Now I’m into happy rom/com type movies – My Best Friend’s Wedding, Love Actually, Mamma Mia etc. It’s all about feeling good isn’t it?

    • I do like those movies too but of late I have really been drawn to the nostalgia of the 1940s and 50s and of course, with Sound of Music the 1960s. Movies are feel-good for me but for some people they like movies to be scared. Not me, ever!! D x

  6. I can’t believe I still haven’t seen High Society! Definitely need to get onto that.

    SSG xxx

  7. I can remember the day’s of no pre sale of tickets and having to stand in line for ages to get tickets, especially when it was school holidays and there was a high profile new release, like star wars or the latest James Bond. I’m also not a big fan of scary movies and would much rather see something with a solid story that I can loose myself in. Love Actually, Notting Hill, Holiday, Dead Poets Society, A Beautiful Mind & Boy are some of my top favourites.

    • I too remember those queues but the drive-in was always OK as you were sitting in your car as you waited. Movies we can get lost in are the best. My days of concentrating like that seem to be gone. I blame social media!! D xx

  8. I think I’ve only watched Sound of music from the ones you’ve mentioned. Mary Poppins is one that brings back memories for me as I watched it regularly as a kid

    • Yes, Mary Poppins was something I saw as a 17 year old baby-sitter from what I recall. I have the sound track but more because my now 20 yo Granddaughter played Mary in her Yr6 school production and my memories are of that!! D xx

  9. I keep thinking I need a Monty Python movie rewatch 🙂

    • Now you have reminded me I left out Life of Brian. That was a ‘shocker’ back then too. I like many of the people from Monty Python and have a ‘best of’ CD but some of their movies continues to be a bit gruesome for me. Loved Life of Brian. D x

  10. Love reading your memories. Movies are a far different experience these days. Mostly we watch them at home in the comfort of our lounge room. Our nearest theatre is 50 km away. I do have fond memories as a child being treated to the movies, in particular ET(I cried my eyes out at about 10 years of age), Popeye and Bon Voyage Charlie Brown.

    • Movies were a treat. I like that you get to watch them in your home too. It certainly was different back then! My memories of taking our kids to see ET at the drive-in was that the younger one was a bit creeped out by ET!!