Saturday 22nd January 2022

Lucky. 49/51 #LifeThisWeek. 98/2020.

Lucky. 49/51 #LifeThisWeek. 98/2020.

In the third last post for the year on this Monday 7 December I wanted to offer my appreciation for you!

Yes, you….and you….and never forgetting Y O U.

I hope that the images I have included mean I haven’t missed anyone as these were images from my Women of Courage series. Not everyone blogs right now but they have and are supportive of the blogging community and some people who add their posts and comment were not part of the series. And from me: I am very grateful !

Thank YOU all.


Well, dear blogging friends, without any of you this link up would shrivel and die.


I love opening up the blog on a Monday morning to see who has visited, left a comment and added their blog post.

I could be calling this “lucky” but I am not.

I say I am very fortunate AND grateful to have you here.

My deepest appreciation for you and your lovely words and comments which resonate help me and many go through whatever is part of our world this week.

My husband and I had a discussion recently about why he finds it a challenge to use the word lucky, preferring to use the word fortunate. I asked him his reasons and they stemmed from luck being seen as coming from a win, a reward or something outside of him. Gambling was one such place. In determining that I see his reasons we came up with fortunate coming from inside us, a place of appreciation, contentment and deep caring of ourselves and one another.

Optional Prompts for Life This Week 2021

1/51 Word of Year.  4 Jan.

2/51 Announcement. 11 Jan.

3/51 Back To. 18 Jan.

4/51 Cannot. 25 Jan.

5/51 Share Your Snaps #1. 1 Feb.

6/51 Decision. 8 Feb.

7/51 Self Care Stories #1. 15 Feb.

8/51 Explore. 22 Feb.

9/51 Taking Stock #1. 1 Mar.

10/51 Share Your Snaps #2. 8 Mar.

11/51 Floral. 15 Mar.

12/51 Good. 22 Mar.

13/51 Heroic. 29 Mar.

14/51 Self Care Stories #2. 5 Apr.

15/51 Share Your Snaps #3. 12 Apr.

16/51 Interesting. 19 Apr.

17/51 Joyful. 26 Apr.

18/51 Taking Stock #2. 3 May.

19/51 Knowing. 10 May.

20/51 Share Your  Snaps #4. 17 May.


New Photo Collages on My Blog Page: 

May you be well.

May you be safe.

May you be content.

May you be…….add your own words.

Thank you all, see you next week.


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  1. Denyse, thank you for providing a thought provoking blog each week of the year and hosting this link up. We are ‘lucky’ to have this opportunity to share our stories with each other. X

    • Thanks so much Jody.

      I love doing this hosting link up because I too benefit from the connectons and conversations.

      Love seeing a post from you pop up too!


  2. What a lovely post. We are lucky you started this link up all those years ago, as a number of us wouldn’t have found each other without it. Next week will be my last week til Feb, but it appears I will have to swing back for the “ANNOUNCEMENT”???? I am very curious!!

    • Thanks so much Lydia, the feeling is mutual.

      Bloggers and commenters really lift me up at times and that’s been so good for my health.

      I am going to tell you know…a secret (nah, not really!) there is a pattern to my optional prompts.

      Now, check out why Announcement is first.


  3. It’s so nice to see everyone’s faces! And thank you to you for facilitating the link up and letting us all contribute :). I never thought of the differences between ‘lucky’ and ‘fortunate’ before, that’s an interesting perspective!

  4. Oh, how lovely. I must admit I engage far more with my online friends than I do any in real life nowadays. My oldest and closest friends live away and aren’t big social media users so our contact is via email or calls between my bestie and I.

    Most of my day to day contact with the world comes from social media and blogging.

    • Thanks Deb.

      I actually am like that too and probably for similar reasons.

      We moved away from where friends were. That and getting cancer sure put paid to meeting up for some time.

      I do enjoy opening up Monday’s link up and chatting with who is here.

      So good you are here too.


  5. Like your husband I’m not a fan of the word ‘lucky’ ……so very rarely use it. I’m pleased (and fortunate) to have chanced by your blog recently and enjoy your words and thoughts very much. Such a nice community to be part of.
    Thanks for being here….keeping your prompts in mind I’m looking forward to next year as well.
    Take care

  6. This was a lovely post for me to read Denyse. I was very proud to be a Wiman of Courage alongside all the wonderful courageous women you introduced to us during 2020. Thankyou so much for all you have done to provide this opportunity for us to link our blogs. I love opening up your post on Monday mornings. Your post is always thought provoking and I look forward to catching up with bloggers who have linked up. I agree with your husbands thoughts Off to read your 2021 prompts now

    • Jennifer, that is so kind and thoughtful. Thank you.

      It’s like a Monday catch up club this link up and I love that I too get to open up on a Monday and see who is joining in.

      Would be awesome to be ‘in real life’ too one day!


  7. Such a lovely post Denyse! It was good to be part of your series and even more wonderful to read about other women. I love the Monday link up and the community here.

    • Thank you Sanch.

      Fortunate to have met you for coffee and a great catch up.

      Here’s to one in 2021 (or sooner!) too.


  8. Thank you, Denyse, for hosting the link up and your WoC series. I greatly appreciate that you take time to read my blog posts and write your comments. I look forward to your upcoming link-ups and connecting with you and other Aussie bloggers. Have a wonderful week! #lifethisweek

    • Thanks so much Natalie.

      How good is it to connect with people across the oceans.

      Your posts are most welcome and you share kindness in your comments.


  9. Many thanks Denyse for welcoming us each week. I love the optional prompts and reading everyone’s posts. Thanks to for the shout out and the prompts to get us thinking for 2021. You are marvellous in so many ways. May you be happy!

  10. Lovely to see everyone’s faces today and to catch up with everyone each week. Thanks for hosting and for being wonderful you! I feel lucky that our paths have crossed!

    • Such a fun way to catch up isn’t it?

      I am very grateful for blogging and bloggers and of course to get to catch up in person!

      Thanks so much Sammie.


  11. Thank you for including me in the group, Denyse. You have built such a supportive, generous community here on your blog. I enjoy interacting with all of you! My husband and I were just talking about * lucky* today. My mom was a very lucky person. She had a positive outlook and loved to gamble. She almost always won. I feel fortunate and grateful too, rather than lucky.

    • My pleasure Laurie you are such a welcomed blogger with a voice whose writing always makes me think! I need that connection too.

      Gratitude continues to challenge me this year but in a good way. I now seek it rather than dismiss it as too hard.

      Interesting about your Mom! Some people do attract winning and with their outlook. Good on her.

      Thanks so much for being part of Life This Week.


  12. Thank you for hosting this linky each week. I’m proud to be a part of it and thankful for the contacts I’ve made through it.

    • My privilege and pleasure Jo.

      Link ups back ‘in the day’ were the way I literally and figuratively met so many bloggers.

      Now, as far as I understand there are only two Aussie link ups – mine and Leanne’s.

      I am committed to 2021 for sure!

      Thank you for linking up too..


  13. Hi Denyse – thanks so much for including me in your lovely group of blogging friends – it’s a wonderful community to be part of isn’t it? And I agree with your husband, I prefer the words ‘fortunate’, ‘grateful’ and ‘blessed’ because a lot of the good things in life come because we’ve worked hard and lived lives of consistency and authenticity. Bad stuff always lurks, but how we respond plays a large part in how our lives ultimately pan out.

    • Wise, wise woman, you are Leanne.

      Thank you for your kind and generous words.

      I love this community. We may not be a large one but we are a kind and connected one.

      I hope your injury heals soon.


  14. Thankyou so much Denyse. I appreciate you too.. for giving us a place to share, and always brightening up my Monday, love Christina

  15. It really is the readers and the blog writers combined that make up this wonderful community! I am so grateful for the friendships and connections I’ve made through blogging.

    • Blogging rocks!

      But only because of the connections bloggers make with each others.

      We share our stories, our lives and our hearts and I am so glad you found this link up from Australia, Joanne.


  16. Denyse… I’ve been absent from the #MLSTL blogging community all year. But I am ready to get back into the blogging game and was thrilled to see you have a linkup party! I am so anxious to reconnect with old blogging friends – and meet new ones. Thank you for doing this. I am VERY grateful

    • Hello Molly!

      So glad you popped by with this news. Yay for you feeling like blogging again.

      Happy to have you come and join my link up each Monday: Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Saving Time: 5. 00 a.m. closing at 5.00 pm Wednesdays. Hope you have a suitable conversion tool for time differences!

      Each week you can add one post – old or new, on or off prompt. The prompts are optional. I tend to follow them as it save me trying to come up with an idea!

      Thanks once more, for coming and sharing this. Look forward to seeing you on Mondays!