Tuesday 24th May 2022

LTW is ONE. #LifeThisWeek. 35/52. 2017.105.

LTW is ONE. #LifeThisWeek. 35/52. 2017.105.

A Little Bit of History.

Kirsty from My Home Truths had a wonderful and friendly link-up called “I Must Confess”. It was fun and popular with readers and bloggers. But somewhere along the road in 2016 Kirsty decided to finish her link up because she was getting fully into her research, writing and presentations  for her passion, Kids with Autism. Sad as it was to see Kirsty “retire the link-up”, I, along with many added their fond farewells to her. I wondered though, in an email to her, what she thought about me doing a Monday link-up after she finished.

Generous soul she is, she said “go for it, and I will tell people about your link-up as mine finishes”. That was exactly what happened 12 months ago. Kirsty and I have known each other for over 5 years and friends from blogging care for and about each other. I decided to name my link up Life This Week as I already wrote in that category each Monday and it was a general enough name for anyone to join in. And just in case anyone wanted some ideas for posting, like Kirsty had done, I added optional prompts. We were good to go on Monday 12 September 2016.

The First Link Up.

I was hoping there would be some bloggers link up for the first week where the prompt was Beginnings. In fact, to my delight 24 bloggers linked up. That is almost a record number. What a thrill it was to see the blogs added and have the people commenting. Great start.

I made it my practice to reply to everyone’s comments on my post first during the day Monday if possible and then, either that evening or the next day, go to the linkers’ posts to comment. Commenting is my currency in blogging and why I blog. I love my blogging connections and value each and every one.

We were off!

How It Has Proceeded.

The numbers of linkers has remained between high teens, into the low twenties with a few low teen numbers. It is the consistency and those who have made it a regular event for them to blog and link that I love. It’s like I get to wake up each Monday and think “oh I wonder who will be there today to have a chat with?”

Each 9 weeks I posted the next 9 optional prompts. The 9th week one is always “Taking Stock”. I have also endeavoured to make the prompts date or time of year specific …more for my brain actually..and bloggers have liked some of these ideas. I guess as bloggers, anything which kick starts a post on some days is a win.

The highest number of blogs which linked up was this year on the week of Valentine’s Day with the prompt “Love.” Some of the lower number to link up appeared closer to holiday times which is understandable.

Where Will The Link Up Go Now?

Right now, I am finding it stimulating to determine what the prompts will be and have already got as many done as there are weeks left in this year! I leave them in draft form for a while and review them before announcing them. They are already on the Home Page and are listed in my post for IBOT tomorrow. I know some bloggers link up without the prompts and this is fine. The only real rules (despite my list!) is one link and it be family friendly. I added this because, ahem, someone added a link one time which was not!

The Link Up will go on into 2018 and I look forward to more connections on-line. I truly love the community of bloggers and those who link up here are extra special because we are getting to know each other. During my recent cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery it was overwhelmingly apparent to me that I have people who care for and about me and I am truly humbled. Thank you all.

Without any more words…really! Here’s to the First Year of #LifeThisWeek.




I link up on Mondays here with Alicia for Open Slather and here with Kell for Mummy Monday. Join in there too!




  1. Thanks for the linky Denyse! I look forward to it each week.

  2. Happy First Birthday, #LTW. I’ve had so much fun participating and treasure all the new friendships I have made with some wonderful bloggers.

    SSG xxx

  3. Happy one year anniversary! You’ve done well with this link up. I hope to be more consistent this year.

  4. Happy birthday and glad to read it will continue into 2018. You’re my only prompt based link up at the moment.

    • Thanks for the good wishes. It has been a bit sad to see some linkys stop but while I continue to enjoy this space (and I do not see that changing much at al!) this link-up will continue. Great to see your interpretations of the prompt too in some of your posts. D xx

  5. I’m so happy Life This Week will continue on next year. A lot of linkies have closed this year and it makes me a bit sad!

    • Thanks so much Di. The blogging scene continues to shift and change and from what I see many of the new bloggers do not see the value of linking up or maybe they are not aware of it. LinkUps keep my blog connected with others and I am always pleased to see people such as yourself visiting!! D xx

  6. Congratulations on the linky birthday. Although I rarely use the prompts, I enjoy linking up each Monday & reading what others have to say. Glad you’re continuing into 2018!

    • Thank you Jo. I am glad to have this space, and link up for ‘conversations and connections’ so yes, it’s going on in 2018. Glad you enjoy the blogging community here too! D xx

  7. I don’t follow your prompts but I like to link up and see what everyone else is up to.

    • Thanks for coming along most weeks Anne as it is always good to see your part of the world and read more. As the prompts are always optional it is an ‘inclusive’ link up and a way for bloggers to know more about each other. D xx

  8. I am glad to hear your linkup is thriving. So few of them around these days. The blogging landscape has changed significantly. I often forget to linkup here but I am slowly remembering to make it a regular thing.
    I hope you are coming along health-wise. X

    • Thank you Jody. It is true about fewer link ups but in many cases people have moved into other aspects of social media such as their own businesses and so on. What I find somewhat puzzling, as I have been blogging since late 2010 is that any ‘new generation’ of bloggers do not seem to link up or even see the value of building a community with other bloggers not just their readers. I am going very well indeed and thank you for asking! See you here when you remember LOL. D xx

  9. I can’t believe it’s already been a year – so much has happened in that time, for both of us. I’m so pleased you started this linkup and took some inspiration from I Must Confess – it made the transition process easy for me in the beginning knowing you were carrying things on, in your own unique way. I’ve loved being able to link up where I can and I’m hoping to be more regular into 2018 too. Thanks for the generous shout out this week too x

    • Yes this past year neither of us could have dared see what was ahead. However, in true form of getting on with whatever happens we both have. Thank you for your gracious handover last year and your kind words today. I hope you are having a little bit of a rest today after your huge last few days at the Convention and your “not planned OS trip” to help your Mum. D xx

  10. Happy first birthday Denyse and it has been lovely connecting with you through your link up. Here’s to another great year!

    • Thank you Sue. It has been wonderful building a community here and getting to know everyone. Yes, we are onward towards next year already!! D xx

  11. Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog) says:

    Wow, a year already! Congrats Denyse!
    I appreciate the opportunity to link up and do so most weeks, although I don’t follow the prompts. It’s a great way to find other bloggers.

    • Unreal in many ways isn’t it? Show how the year is slipping away till its end as well. Thanks for always linking up and contributing to conversations! D xx

  12. Happy Birthday LTW! I’ve only just started to link up regularly, but absolutely love the opportunity to read and share the lovely blogs involved. You’ve set up a wonderful community Denyse, thank you!

    • Hello Fi! Thank you very much and it’s lovely to have a fellow teacher on board. It is a great little community and I certainly found that out earlier this year when I announced my cancer diagnosis. I hope things are going well with you and your little one. D xx

  13. I only discovered the link up a short while ago and as it was the first one i’d come across I wasn’t sure what to expect, but decided to give it ago & see what happened. I’m so glad I’ve found this wonderful supportive community of bloggers who care about each other and take the time to support each others writing. The time you spend each week setting this up is much appreciated Denyse.

    • Well Jenni, I for one am glad you have found this link-up!! It is a lovely community and welcoming too as I am sure you have found. Thank you very much for your kind words. D xx

  14. Happy link up birthday dear friend. I am ahead of the game this week, with taking stock!

  15. Happy anniversary. I misunderstood the meaning of this week’s linky when you commented on my blog. It’s so nice that there is still a link-up. Well done for keeping it up, especially with all you have been through. Hope you get to celebrate.

    • Thank you for visiting and commenting and the good wishes are appreciated! Yes, the linky is continuing and it is good to have distractions such as blogging!! Join in when you can. Always happy to see you here! D xx