Friday 27th May 2022

Love Is… 7/51 #LifeThisWeek. 9/2022.

Love Is… 7/51 #LifeThisWeek. 9/2022.

LOVE is making my husband his fave chocolate cakes, freezing them, and he gets to enjoy one a day! Recipe: NMAA Cooks: Simplicity Chocolate Cake.

What is love?

  • You can’t see it. Only in person and in expressions of it…maybe.
  • But you might very well feel it, hear it and know it.
  • I am sharing a trip of nostalgic love from my life…

and at the end there is a quiz.

Not about the post but about something B and I found interesting as a 51 years together couple!

Here are some memories of what LOVE IS for me:

Parents to our daughter. Learning about unconditional love.

First selfies I think…with Ms now 12.


Love the privilege of introducing H to the beach, 13 years ago


LOVE is meeting our 6th granddaughter and 8th grandchild. 2015.


Now: love of learning, love of teaching and love for these young people, our children, who followed career paths of difference and now are working in professions they love too.

Love the moments of connection with little people. Those we are fortunate to call our grandchildren, and to have time to nurture our relationship over the years during the times they spent at our house for day care and for sleep overs.

I LOVE this photo I took of H & R as they were about to meet their new baby sister back in 2013.

We had the privilege of picking them up from school & preschool to do this.


Early morning after dawn on ANZAC Day. Love of and for my country.


Then there is this love: Nature…in its many forms.

Long time ago now, but back in 2011 when I first met many of the Aussie Bloggers who are still  my friends, I found a love of a different kind. One where I was included in a different social setting to my previous life as a teacher. One where I became accepted and enjoyed meeting with and enjoying how much blogging would come to mean for me. Here I am at 2012 Digital Parents’ Conference in Melbourne where I was a speaker: “My Blog, My Story.”.

I also would not be blogging now if it was not for the friendships made way past that time here, and into the communities where I have been accepted as a fellow blogger. I love the connections and that you who follow me and add your posts are here today. Thank you. I love that.

Colouring My World…with nature, colour and appreciation.

I also have a love for those who have helped reconstruct my life…my mouth and more following my cancer diagnosed in May 2017. Forever grateful for their presence and care in my life.

Love Stories: By Trent Dalton. Wow. I am listening via Audible and even though I have the physical copy of the book, his voice (and his emotions) gives it far more in terms of life as he knows it. And I got to meet Trent at Newcastle Writers Festival in 2019 and HOPE that he may be part of the yet to be announced program for 2022. Would love to catch up again.

  •  Uplifting True Stories about Love from the Internationally Bestselling Author of Boy Swallows Universe


And last but never least, is the relationship of love I have with my husband.

We have our ups and downs but far fewer as we live more gently in this quieter retirement we have made, and generally we are very well suited. As they say “opposites attract” but we also share lots of similar interests and have the love of each other at the heart of our relationship.

But, there are still some hiccups of connection along the way so recently we did this quite short but interesting (for us) quiz.

If you have a partner, it may interest you too. We are very late to the 5 Love Languages which were first heard of way back via Oprah and the man who came up with this. Since then, it has helped countless communicate just that little better as we have too. Not sharing our responses! Between us but it has been helpful.

A timely post on Valentine’s Day 2022. I know it is celebrated around the world in different ways. Some commercial enterprises do try to help us into spending our money! Our grandkids’ high school has a “buy a single rose” event which can be pre-ordered and I think the money goes into a fund for end of year events. I do recall seeing kids walking out of school with the cellophaned red rose!

May love be kind to you and yours.



Life This Week. 14.2.2022.

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  1. How sweet Denyse, love in all its many forms! You are certainly loved for all you do for your family and support networks and you love in return, what a fabulous gift!

  2. So much to love in your post Denyse and a beautiful way to start my week and Valentine’s Day. Thanks for hosting #lifethisweek and sending love and hugs x

  3. Hi Denyse – love for family is always first for me too, and to have a long term abiding love with a spouse is the biggest blessing of them all (along with having kids that still love you when they’ve become adults!) I’m also grateful for my blogging community and the support and encouragement I’ve received over the years from the example they set for positive living and celebrating getting older.

    The 5 love languages were an eye opener for me many, many years ago – to recognize that we show love differently and to acknowledge the validity of different ways of loving was so refreshing. To understand that was such relief and also helps to communicate a need or to recognize a gesture that would have been missed otherwise.

    • Thanks so much Leanne for your kind and caring comment.

      I recalled knowing Love Languages ages ago and then like many things in life, they got forgotten.

      Recently when our communication and connections got a bit mixed up, it was a reminder to me to get back to investigating and the quiz, short as it was, helped!

      Take care,


  4. This is lovely. I’m less of a nature appreciator – as you know – but my mum’s always there for me which is a wonderful comfort.

    • Oh thanks Deb, I am glad you know what means most to you! Your Mum is there for you I know…and her love is unconditional.

      Take care,


  5. What a delightful read. Now I am curious what your love language is!! I hold some stock in that stuff. And knowing what PC’s love language is has helped me in my attempts to love him better. And in a way that speaks to him.

    I wouldn’t say I love to learn but I have enjoyed years of teaching. And really, strangely loved to write lesson plans that I hoped would inspire my students to learn. But as far as learning myself, it is hard work. And I have trouble thinking that hard these days.

    Wishing you a day surrounded by those you love most.

    • Thanks so much Lesley and it did help to clarify for me anyway what was of highest need/importance and that was ‘words of affirmation.’ For us both ‘gifts’ were nil to very low.

      The learning I enjoy is based on both need and curiosity these days, not like the study for degrees…Yes to teaching and planning for classes was something I enjoyed too.

      Take care,


  6. This is a beautiful post Denyse and so lovely to start the day with: I listened to the audio book of Love Stories After I read it. Trent Daltons gorgeous mellow voice was so easy to listen to. I have no interest at all in Valentines Day but I did enjoy your love post. We will look at the quiz tonight.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed Trent’s narration of his book too. I am still going through it and I like to stop and return to it as the stories impact me.

      Thanks Jen for your kind words about the post.

      Take care,


  7. Lol it would appear my main interest is ‘quality time’ and I’m not in the least bit interested in ‘receiving gifts’. I needn’t have done that little quiz as I could’ve told anyone that if they’ve asked ❤️

    Reading your words and looking at your photos it’s plain to see that love (in many forms) certainly has played a huge part in your life hasn’t it… giving sharing accepting……long may it continue.

    The Beetles had it right it – Love Love Love….All you need is love!

    • It was a fun but in some ways for us, revealing post even after ALL this time of being married.

      At least it opened the conversations.

      Neither of us rated gift giving much at all Cathy!

      My top was words of appreciation.

      I like yours too.

      Something to learn all the time in this life thing isn’t there?

      Take care,


  8. Lovely post! You have included so many sweet photos.

  9. That’s a lot of love 🙂

  10. Very interesting point about how we can’t see it – only expressions of it. Will do the love language quiz later. Off to steam up some fancy dumplings for a family Valentine’s celebration. You have a wonderful day!

  11. Denyse, What a wonderfully appropriate blog… as I read it on Valentine’s day. Your grandchildren are so precious.

    And yes, I’ve often referred to the Love Languages understanding, even with friends and family members. I have one friend who’s #1 is gifting. It’s #5 for me… and if I could give it a #6 spot, I would! But I need to remember it’s her #1 and yes, I have bought her random gifts through the years. I’m glad you found it helpful as well.

    • Thank you so much Patricia for your appreciation of this week’s post.

      Interesting about the love languages which I had never taken seriously until I realised, even after 51 years of marriage, we were both “not quite” getting some things right in our relationship. And it took just this quiz to clarify.

      I am with you on gifts…my highest is words of affirmation.

      Take care,


  12. My son’s school sells cookie grams; each of the kids can prepurchase a cookie (made fresh by the culinary students) to be given to a friend of theirs. But the school ended up selling 500 cookies and the chef in charge of the bakery had to put a cap on the orders! It sounded like it was a very successful fund raiser.