Wednesday 18th May 2022

“Life This Week” Link-Up Starts Monday! 366/252.

“Life This Week” Link-Up Starts Monday! 366/252.

Life This Week is the new link-up from here, on Denyse Whelan Blogs.

Starts: Monday 12 September 2016.

Each Monday I’ve been using the topic “Life This Week” which for me has meant anything I came up with that seemed relevant for that week. It might have been something topical from the news, or something in my life and from time to time I joined in the link-up on Kirsty’s blog.

Now, it’s time to ramp up Mondays around here with a new LINK UP.

On Sunday I introduced the link-up and listed the prompts. I made these topical based on the date/time of the year. They are completely O P T I O N A L. However, if you want to use the prompt then take it however you want to run with it!!

Here’s the list again for those who missed it”



Mon 12 Sept 2016 #ltw 1. Beginnings

Mon 19 Sept 2016 #ltw 2. Favourite Family Meal

Mon 26 Sept 2016 #ltw 3. What’s Your Footy Team?

Mon 3 October 2016 #ltw 4. Daylight Saving. Like/Loathe.

Mon 10 October 2016 #ltw 5. 10 Things You Like About YOU!

Mon 17 October 2016 #ltw 6. Which Anniversaries Are Special?

Mon 24 October 2016 #ltw 7. Two Months Till Christmas Eve!

Mon 31 October 2016 #ltw 8. Melbourne Cup Time!


Here are the rules for the link-up

  • “Life This Week”  is a link up that runs every Monday and remains live for until the weekend during that week. You can link up something old or new, just come on in.
  • Please add just ONE post each week!
  • Feel free to go with the prompt for the week to add your ‘take’ on the prompt. Or not.
  • Please do stay to comment and check out what others are up to by leaving a comment because we all love our comments, right!
  • Add a link back to this blog in your post somewhere. I don’t have a ‘button’ so a link in text is fine!
  • Respect and tolerance however, are the hallmarks of acceptable on-line social behaviour and as my blog is family-friendly I will reserve the right to delete comments that may be offensive to me or others.

Tweet with the hashtag #ltw (adding the numeral for prompt)  if you like.


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So, are you planning to link-up on Monday 12 September 2016?

I hope so, and I look forward to seeing you there!!


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  1. I’m interested but also a cretin so I don’t quite get it. So do I write about these topics on my blog and then link to yours in those posts? Is that how it works?

  2. Sounds like a lovely idea Denyse! I’ll certainly link up when I’m able. 🙂 Xx

  3. I will be there on Monday and as often as I can. Looking forward to it!

  4. I will aim to get their on Monday.
    I do like buttons because I put the ones I like in my side bar.
    Ask Anne at Domesblissity or Grace at With Some Grace for Flog Your Blog Friday because I’m sure they would help if you wish.
    I like that ‘Life This Week’ button of yours. It looks happy and bright.

    • Thanks Maria, I look forward to your contributions when you can make them on Mondays for the link-up. I decided against a button because I no longer display them from others’ blogs and link-ups due to the way I want my blog to appear. Thanks for asking the question and yes, I could make one, but I am choosing not to at this point. Denyse