Saturday 22nd January 2022

Learning To Be Calm. 39/2019.

Learning To Be Calm. 39/2019.

Over 4 years ago, when I first began understanding that I needed to care for myself INSIDE and out, I began meditation. I went to a retreat at the local Buddhist place and learned that I liked being calm and centred. Of course I could not stop thoughts coming and going and I thought then that made me a failure at meditation.


It made me someone who understood that thoughts come and go no matter what but the trick is not to engage in them. Ha. Easier said than done!


Now, I have been doing some kind of mindfulness each day AND adding around 10 minutes or so of formal meditation via an app, I KNOW I can stop some of the previous ways in which my mind would race, my gut would churn and I would go down the slippery slope (my husband’s name for it) of rumination, regret and future thinking.

I am much better now at stopping the thoughts by not buying into them and distracting myself with going outside, doing some art, driving and listening to an audible book.

Here’s what I have used in the past: Headspace. I paid for it and used it most days for almost 3 years. What happened for me is boredom set in.

I moved to another app called Calm after doing the free trial.

A for Amazing. I love its variations, I love the refreshing of the meditations, I love that I can re-do ones I get a lot out of and I love that I can explore new sessions.

Sleep Stories is a winner too. I now tend to do my meditation at bedtime (I used to be a mid-morning meditator) and then, I might also listen to a sleep story. It is just the best.

This is the link to the website and you can see there is a free trial. I did that, then paid for an annual fee and after that was offered LIFETIME membership at not much more than the annual fee. I grabbed that bargain! I am not being paid ( I don’t do sponsored posts) but I like to recommend.

I hope you find some calm in your every day in any way that works well for you!


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  1. Hi Denyse, some easy ways to be calm as I look at your photos. Yesterday I was minding my grandsons and they we playing in the sandpit. I just sat and enjoyed the moment with them and felt at peace. It is the little things that can make such a difference. #ZTT

    • Sue I am so glad you can do this and recognise just how good it is for your health too.

      I found I had much more time and patience as a grandmother and when we cared for the kids during the work day, I went at their pace.

      It was bliss….and mindfulness as it is meant to be.

      Denyse x

  2. Beautiful Denyse! Love all your pics as they are all things that help bring calm and peace to me too. Small things and definitely nature are my go to’s when I’m stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or just need some calming for whatever reason. Thanks so much for linking up with #ZTT xo

  3. This is great Denyse, so many useful apps and ways to help us stay grounded in this busy life we live. I’m getting to the point I avoid confrontation when possible just so I can keep my head calm #ztt

    • Thanks Debbie. I am glad some of this resonated and helped. Taking care of yourself is prime. Understand the avoidance of confrontation unless it’s actually something you do need to take care of…#justsayin!

      Denyse x