Tuesday 26th October 2021

Just For July #4. 2018.66.

Just For July #4. 2018.66.

The last Just for July. Gosh that did go quickly.

I had a few thoughts about ‘the last post’. Not the song. The post.

And this is what I came up with.

Facts About MY July.

  1. It is a month of ‘nothing much’ usually. Except for last year when I had a big cancer surgery.
  2. I never do “dry July: because.. I do not have a tipple. At all. Any more. I don’t mind one glass of champers and the last time I did that was possibly in January 2014 when Dad was 90.
  3. I considered “no buy July” for about a day…but then again, if you know me well, that was NOT going to happen.
  4. What I have bought to date: crystals (from China) because I really like the textures of them and connection to the earth, some lovely Skin Boss body oil from my friend Kirsten, some nail polish – it has been over  a year since I did anything ‘girly’ as paint my finger nails, and two Moleskin art journals
  5. Seems I have become a bit of a star-fundraiser (well, I was when I last looked) for my head and neck cancer charity Beyond Five because I am second in the individual total for funds-raised. Oh..still not too late! LINK HERE. TY
  6. We had a visit from 4 of our grandchildren. Such fun. So exhausted (for a good reason) when they left. Funny things kids say: from Miss 3 “will Papa take me fishing?” and from her to her five year old sister “don’t talk about my pencil grip”…and from Miss 8 looking at our spare room “Oh the bunks are there but you haven’t had time to make them up yet” Sadly Miss 8, we think overnight stays are done. Sorry.
  7. I set a record (for me) of sitting with a couple of 5 minute breaks in a dentist’s chair for 4 HOURS while he accurately, slowly and very very carefully adjusted parts of the inside of my mouth.
  8. I went and asked the local library if they would like me to run a class (as a volunteer of course) for adults to do mindful colouring and mandalas
  9. Getting dressed with purpose each day is still going strong thanks initially to Nikki Parkinson aka Styling You & her #everydaystyle on Instagram. BIG congratulations to Nikki on her 10th Birthday. Amazing lady who I have known since 2011!
  10. And lastly,  my seeking of places for coffee and is something to look forward to every day. Mrs Woog is a great believer of that. Do you listen to hers and Mrs Berry’s podcast “The Hot Flush”?

Now I am likely to keep these Thursday posts going.
Mmmm I do have to think of a catchy name.

Maybe August Thoughts

or Awesome August…

I shall see. No, I have decided I will continue and the title is Appreciation In August!

 Tomorrow is World Head and Neck Cancer Day. 27 July. Thank you to those who have supported my fundraiser for Head and Neck cancer awareness via my “virtual” Soup for the Soul. See above link.

Happy last week in July 2018 people.

Thanks for your kind responses to my new post topics and lightness here as well.

It’s good for me too!

Denyse x

Joining with the lovely Leanne and her crew for Lovin’ Life Linky on Thursdays.




  1. I decided that I was going to do almost dry July and then settled on drier than usual July. I’ve been enjoying these catch-ups of yours…

    • Drier than usual = good idea.

      Thanks Jo. Will be continuing them and maybe one or two may not be light-hearted. I’ve been asked by a Head and Neck support group to share what I do each day to stay busy, connected and distracted and so it will be a blog post.

      Denyse x

  2. So much variety in your July so far, Denyse. I loved reading along about your experience as a fundraiser on Instagram. Happy 90th to your dad!

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks so much SSG. It has been “fun” in some ways making appeals for Soup For The Soul because I want to get the message out there about Head and Neck cancers. I am not a ‘salesperson’ though so in some ways will be glad to have closed it.

      Dad is now 94 years and almost 7 months! He is going well and still in independent living much to his and our relief. As I have no Westmead appointment next week I am driving to Dee Why to see him.

      Denyse x

  3. Well done on your fundraising for the head and neck cancer charity Denyse! I think it is very admirable that you’re thinking of others whilst facing your own challenges. I look forward to your Appreciation in August post! 🙂 xo #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks Min, I appreciate that. It is by helping others I guess I am helping myself to wellness and appreciation for what I have now. All good!

      I am yet to be convinced to embrace my August title but yes there will be new posts on Thursdays!

      Denyse x

  4. It sounds like your July was pretty good – not necessarily exciting, but calm and lots of variety. I hope the library takes you up on your offer – I think there’s lots of adults who haven’t realized the benefits of colouring and mindful art – you could teach them all how great it is!

    • Thank you Leanne, I am glad in some ways for July to be done. I have been focussing on World Head and Neck Cancer Day so others may be better informed and I hope they are…somewhat!

      The colouring mandalas class at the library is taking ages to get sorted because I will need to be trained as a volunteer first (I am not covered by my own public liability and I do not want to buy any insurance) and them allow time for the course (of a few weeks’ duration) to be advertised. The way it is going it will likely start in late Spring. I am ready for it!

      Denyse x

  5. Yes where did July go? It’s incredible how the months are flying by. Like you I’m have teeth implants and crowns and I’ve already been in the Dentist’s chair for a few hours with one more appointment left in a few weeks time. #TeamLovinLife

    • Oh yes, and you are also selling a house too! Yikes. I hope your sessions with the dentist are nearly done. I think mine will be well into next year as we see how things settle. I am still to have two teeth on the bottom crowned so they can hold a bottom denture more securely but as my prosthodontist tells me…first we get the set of false teeth up top right. He works slowly but with great accuracy and I have learned to be patient (at last!)

      Denyse x

  6. Well done on the fundraising, but for the profile-raising you’ve done in the last year Denyse! Such strength (and honesty) from you throughout this ‘battle’ and so much support from those around you (and your family of course!)

    Meanwhile I can’t believe you’ve not had any alcohol since 2014!

    • Thank you Deborah! I never really think about a drink I guess nor have I been social at all since that time thanks to anxiety/ibs and then cancer. BUT, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have one..again!

      I appreciate your kind words and it actually has helped me manage the knowledge and reality of my cancer by reaching out to help and inform others. I am a teacher through and through it seems.

      Everyone’s support of me here and on SM has made such a difference. Family do it in their own ways but I reckon those of us ‘in the computer’ know about reaching out across the communications we have called social media.

      Denyse x

  7. Nice to read about your July. I hope your library took you up on the offer of running a class. And I hope you will share your art. Would love to see.

    • Thanks Suzy. The wheels of local government turn slowly but I do believe it will happen. I post a creative photo on Instagram most days – often some art. I feel the need to create something with my hands, painting or drawing, and it is very therapeutic.

      Denyse x

  8. Love number 8!!! So are you going to be running classes?

    • Yes…it seems so, but honestly the wheels of local government turn slowly. I am a volunteer and do not want to take out public liability insurance so they took time to work out how to ‘use’ me. When I am next contacted it will be to do some volunteer training….then maybe we can advertise the course. I KNOW the importance of having all bases covered which is why I am waiting.
      Denyse x