Thursday 20th January 2022

Just For July #3. 2018.63.

Just For July #3. 2018.63.

I am titling this one:

Am I the only one?

  • who thinks television  newsreaders who sit in pairs at the desk and are seen talking to each other as the news intro starts are saying “so, after this, the pub?”…


  • who says “did I say that to you or just think it?” Happens soooo much lately… is it my age..


  • who goes to the supermarket with a list and comes home with more than what is on the list BUT forgets things from the list…


  • who opens a new packet of biscuits and finds at least ONE broken? Do they throw them onto the shelves…


  •  who goes to sit on the beach and is relaxing until someone WITH their dog OFF-LEASH comes by and said pooch not only invades my space but frightens the hell out of me too…


  • who cannot and will not buy a branded supermarket bag since the one-use plastic bag ban because those BIG chains get enough out of me anyway so I stuff my shoulder bag with old grey bags…


  • who surrepticiously checks milk use-by date in ANOTHER person’s fridge and then rejects the cuppa and says water is fine…


  • who will not drive to the last 10 kms when the “need petrol” gauge appears because she has filled the car as soon as it appears at around 60 km left..


  • who has driven (well)  over the speed limit on a country road and when picked up by the Highway Patrol, she says “the conditions were perfect” and gets let off with a warning after chatting to the cop about teaching in Mt Druitt…


  • who has cheated on an exam…I lied here, I haven’t….


The beach walk above….so lovely BUT has been spoiled by DOGS (off leash, despite the signs) and OWNERS who just ignore me and the signs.

Tell me yours….Am I the only one??


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  1. I’m with you on the petrol thing – I fill when the tank is 1/4 full…and way too often I’m saying ‘did that just come out loud?”

    • I am so glad “I am not the only one” on those Jo. With you!! And petrol is going UP again not down so I need to keep an eye on prices as I am driving to Sydney each week right now. It was 127 here last Sunday and 157 in Sydney the next day!

      Denyse x

  2. Laughed out loud at #1 about the newsreaders! Some days I think they need a drink or two after delivering the news that they have to deliver.

    SSG xxx

    • Glad I gave you a laugh! Yes indeed some news items must be so hard to read…like Donald Trump ones (ha!) but of course I know what you mean.

      Denyse x

  3. Great list Denyse – and yes I nodded along to most. Just popped out to the local supermarket 10 mins ago to pick up a few groceries. It wasn’t Coles or Woolies, it was IGA. Got to the checkout and she says would you like a bag for 15c. My goodness – I had bags in my car which was not far away but didn’t realise IGA was doing this now too so hadn’t brought a bag in. I wasn’t gonna pay the 0.15c (don’t need more bags and my car was just outside not far away) so I piled my arms up with the goods and struggled my way out to the car. Plopped everything on the bonnet of the car while I unlocked it and finally got a bag and put them in it. It’s gonna take some getting used to this! xo #TeamLovinLife

    • YES! I am already sick of the new rules. We have bags in each car. I have a couple squished into my shoulder bag. I am at the point of refusing a bag…if offered for free…and trying to juggle things back to the car too.

      Thanks Min, you painted an excellent word picture!!

      Denyse x

  4. I can definitely relate to some of these.

    I talk way too much so worry I repeat myself so preface much of my ‘oversharing’ with… “I think I’ve already mentioned this….”

    And yes to the supermarket lists. I always forget stuff and buy extra. AND… worse still I often forget to take the list!

    • Oh yes. It seems “I am not alone”. The repetition of stories used to annoy me about my father at times but when I realise I am also doing it I am more understanding!!

      Thanks Deb for visiting and commenting. You’ve been on my mind. Hope the end of work/beginning of OS trip is going OK.

      Denyse x

  5. What a fresh change from all your posts on climbing your cancer mountain Denyse. It must have been fun for you to write and it gave me a smile to read it too. I confess to filling my tank well before it gets really low – I’d hate to run out of petrol and I always use my discount docket for my 4c a litre off – because I’m basically a cheapskate!

    • Yes, this is why I have made a third post each week… it is fun for me to think about and compose and it’s conversational too.

      The cancer ones will be well and truly dwindling as WHNCDay concludes and maybe if I get teeth that will be worth a post I reckon!!

      Petrol…honestly what is it doing to us. I remember when it was 25c a litre. OK, that makes me old!!

      Denyse x

  6. Ha ha, I do agree with most of these thoughts, however as I’m a dog person I’m totally fine with dogs off leash on the beach as long as they’re not aggressive. I’m almost rather embracing the ban on plastic bags in Supermarkets – I think it’s a step in the right direction. #TeamlovinLife

    • Thanks Kathy. I am better at the bags now too. It takes time. My objection with the dogs is that in the cases mentioned they were not well-controlled AND the signs say “no off-leash” dogs on this beach. Of course, there will be people who do not take notice, but I did not like the dog bounding up to an ill-prepared me. I am not a spoiler of fun but hope that owners heed the signs.

      Denyse x

  7. What beautiful beach pics. Thanks for sharing. #teamlovinlife

  8. Hehe…I had to laugh at some of these. I don’t actually mind dogs coming to say hi but I do think owners need to be more respectful too as not everyone would like that. I’m bad at filling petrol until my petrol thing starts flashing usually.

    • I am hoping people don’t think I dislike dogs. I dislike owners disrespecting the rules…and as you “may” already know, up here it happens a lot!!

      Just added your blog to my Blog Roll. Sorry about that!

      Denyse x