Friday 22nd October 2021

Just For July #2. 2018.60.

Just For July #2. 2018.60.

Thank you so much for the generous response to my new post series for July. I hope to continue these into the remainder of the year…when I come up some names for the series! Denyse x


Do you do a lot of noticing? I am a visual person first and foremost and whilst I do not notice “some things” I notice more than some. Here’s what I noticed recently.

Pansies: Can there be a more beautiful dainty flower than this? Such colour, lines and textures. Growing in a pot on our back deck. Giving me a smile each day, could there be a more beautiful dainty flower than this? Such colour, lines and textures.

Generosity: My lips have been so dry since last year’s surgery. I have at least 8 creams, ointments etc and none have been as good as the large tube here. Lanolips saw a plea from me and sent me these to try. I use this one overnight and my lips are better in the morning.

Really? OK, this is in the toilets of the public hospital where I see my prosthodontist and it seems necessary I admit, the loos there do need a firm flush! The hospital is 40+ years old.

Black: What colour density and texture does this crow have! I am awe of its beauty.

STOP: I stop every time I ascend or descend steps or walkways to the beach. I just have to watch and try to take in the beauty and symmetry.

Texture: I see the bases of the decorative palms at the local super centre and have to capture their ruggedness.

Ever-changing: The waves, the patterns on the water, the colours of the ocean are never the same. I am fascinated by this and reflect on it as a metaphor for my life.

Humour: My sense of humour is one I share with my husband but this might have gone too far. MY new ‘teeth’ from the lolly bag. Girl has to dream!!

Teaching: Angela nailed this. She gets it. So do the teachers. Parents we think do too but there is a minority who take entitlement too far. Oh, and if the administration of teachers and education could reduce,  then kids will have the best opportunities. Record-keeping is taking over.

Surprise: I do always notice mandalas in nature but this one, a tree stump at my rest stop on my way home from Westmead was photographed and shared with a mandala friend. She screen shot it and sent it to me saying “do you see the face?” I do now. Do you? It is weirdly creepy.

Teamwork: My prosthodontist is adjusting my stent with a fine scalpel to reduce its bulk for comfort in my mouth and his nurse is holding the ‘sucker’ to take away the debris. These two, who I see as my friends now, have been working together for 13 years and it shows.

Look: I fail to notice time moving on, at times, when I am into social media, but I decided to go outside recently close to sunset and captured this over the neighbours’ houses.

Do you notice the world around you?

What is your dominant sense?


Thanks for having this Thursday linky, Leanne. Join in here everyone.



  1. I love this. I really enjoy noticing the colours and textures in wood, plants & fungi. It’s the layering of all of that earthiness.

    • It really makes you appreciate nature doesn’t it? I became more aware in the last few years when I needed mindfulness more in my life and just doing a walk and noticing was really a great way to be in that moment.

      Denyse x

  2. Oh I love the lolly photo 🙂 I think visual but more than that. For example, I use a lot of digital notes apps but I can only really use them if I have written things out in a physical notepad first. I need that for it to sink into my brain so I can use the anywhereness of digital. And when i study, I can’t do it on computer. I have to print journal articles or readings etc.

    • I see what you mean. It does say that we absorb and learn more with the actual ‘hand’ writing and I know I use various tools on my phone to help me remember or to use at another time. If I was still doing Uni I know that notes printed out and me highlighting and using post its would be the way I would research for assignments.

      I thought the lolly thing was fun. My dentist didn’t even grin. Sad face.

      Denyse x

  3. I love pansies Denyse and don’t see them often so thank you for sharing. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and what you notice. I would never have seen that mandela. You always teach me something so thank you! Have a beautiful day, my friend xx

    • Thanks Sue. I have never successfully grown pansies till we moved the coast. We have a lot of barrel posts from Bunnings so we grow plants in these at the rental houses. Pansies were a favourite of Mum’s and she told me yellow and purple go well together and she was right!

      Noticing things is a mindfulness strategy and I do it automatically now …and often! I am so glad it is something you too are doing…and seeing mandalas too!!

      Denyse x

  4. Huge fan of Lanolips here as well, Denyse!

    SSG xxx

    • They were kind enough to gift me three different ones and the big one I apply at night and in the morning my lips are in much better condition than ever. Great stuff, from the sheep’s back so to speak.

      Denyse x

  5. I love your noticing nature posts. I don’t focus enough on the present and appreciate what’s around me. I seem to be rushing or thinking about something in the past or worrying about the future.

    I need to get better at living in the now – not just via meditation etc but by just LOOKING at the world around me and noticing it!!!

    • Thanks Deb. In fact I have had to make myself do this over the past few years as my mind was either future based or ruminating about the past. Noticing now..via as many senses as I can is so mindful. I reckon this is a great way to ‘be’.

      I have applied it to my LONG visits to my prosthodontist where I can be in the chair, with his hands and maybe the nurse’s too in my mouth…and that is not wonderful but they have to do it to make my mouth right. I now close my eyes and listen to an audio book. I am able to hear any instructions but I also can get away from those feelings and thoughts about where I would rather be.

      It was 4 hours on Tuesday but each time he had to do an adjustment in his mini lab next to the chair, he would say go for your walk and I did. It helped a lot. I was tired by the time I had driven home because I was also hungry! I need to provide more suitable snacks for my travels home.

      Right now, for the second time it is Susan Davids Emotional Agility. It is a reminder of how we can ‘create the space’ before reactions in words or deeds. I am in the pre-school stage of it but at least I am aware! She has a Ted Talk on it and that was where I learned her work and it is brilliant.

      Denyse x

  6. Yes I certainly do. I love nothing more that getting out and about exploring nature and the beauty surrounding me. Not a day goes by that I don’t notice something beautiful, whether it’s a flower, a pattern in the sand on the beach, the colours of the sea, or a stunning sunset. I think seeing beauty in the world makes me a calmer and happier person. #TeamLovinLife

    • Yes! Your daily photos sure do show your love for all of the nature you come across. Sometimes I notice tiny flowers in a bunch of weeds and that makes me smile! Thank goodness for looking and noticing too. Denyse x

  7. Beautiful photos, Denyse. I always notice clouds. I love them.

  8. I’m like you, noticing things around. Hubby thinks I’m mad, sometimes, I think, but he humors me by stopping the car more often than he deems necessary when I see something out of the ordinary. Love your list of things that you notice.

    • Betty, I think because we are very visually-oriented we notice more. You take your photos because you love to capture those scenes and what you notice. I am so like you. It’s a great part of us I reckon! I have my husband doing my daily outfit shots now for Instagram and he reminds me sometimes..progress!?

      Denyse x

  9. LOL. I love your new teeth! That made me laugh out loud for real. Love it. #teamlovinlife