Sunday 16th January 2022

Just For July #1. 2018.57

Just For July #1. 2018.57

What is “Just for July?”

I was reviewing my blog posts recently and there have been some pretty heavy and detailed posts written.

I know they are helpful for me to do and some of the loveliest people in the blogging world comment when I link up with a post I wrote on the Tuesday to cover my linking up for the next two link ups …on Wednesday here and Thursday here.

So, shaking things up a bit and to help me just chat and share aboutย whatever comes upย I am going to do this for Leanne’s Lovin’ Life Link Up for the 4 Thursdays in July!


They attract me and I am drawn in when I see some in nature and in the man-made world. I cannot help but notice them.

Do you notice mandalas?

I am going to post more about the why sometime later this year but for now, here’s one in my back yard:

I cannot love this flower more. Mandala!

Social Media and Food Posts.

In my quest to be whinge-free (works some days, others not!) I now scroll right through. I used to be envious of those who could eat that food and make a comment of how wonderful that looked but that I could not eat that (yet). Then I realised I do not need to tell anyone that and in fact, that might even make them a bit sad. So, scrolling on….

Do you post food pics or are you someone who looks at food pics…and drools (such a weird word). This meal did not go on Instagram.

I cooked cutlets and the way I could kind of eat the meal, was cut meat added to mash & insides of a tomato over it. Sadly I could not even chew on the bones.

The Beach.

I wish I had better words to describe why I love the beach. In fact I rarely swim anymore (OK, tell the truth, have not been in the surf for over 2 years) but I remain captivated by it. I walk on the sand, I collect shells and pebbles (sometimes) and I dip my feet in the water.

It makes me feel better when I am sad. It helps me focus on a wider world when mine appears to be closing in.

I do know that the smells, the sights and the sounds along with the sensory experiences do something magical to my soul.

Is that what the beach is like for you?

No better place…and this day I was alone. Even better

Driving My Car.

I love my car. It is red. I chose red very happily for this car – the Nissan X-Trail – and I smile when I return to it in the carpark. I want to hug my car because it carries me safely to where I need to go and it is like an extension of my personality.

Is that something that makes me strange? What do you feel about cars?

Off to coffee somewhere!

Blog Roll is BACK.

Recently two bloggers began a facebook group called “Old School Bloggers”. Many of us who started back in the early to mid 2000s and onward had slowly let their blogs go or put in a resting space. My blog, as regular readers know, has had a few changes of direction. So, from this initiative of Caz who blogs here and Jacqui who blogs here, quite a few people linked up on Monday for #lifethisweek which made me a happy linky host! Check out the right hand side of my blog to see “Blog Roll is Back” and if your blog is not (yet) listed, do add your URL and blog name to the comments!

Thank you!


That is it for Thursday 5th July.

I am off to the Podiatrist this morning at Budgewoi and we will chat about his newborn daughter while he cares for my feet. After that I will go to a great coffee shop there for my daily fix. I may even take some photos as well.

Thanks for reading …and maybe even commenting with responses to my questions!


Joining with Leanne and crew here for Lovin Life Linky on Thursdays.




  1. I’m with you re the beach. It centres me. As you know I walk on it most days & in the summer am in it whenever possible. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Jo and same to you! I do not always walk on the beach but just ‘being there’ is helpful. Today I am off to the podiatrist (as I said!) and there is a bridge over the lake there that I usually walk over and have a ponder. Nature: cannot beat it! Denyse x

  2. Hi Denise.
    I do notice Mandalas all thanks to you! They are everywhere and just beautiful.
    I don’t live near a beach but there is a nature reserve a short walk from my house and I like to climb to the top of the hill and look out across the valley and it has the same effect for me. It makes me realise how small my problems are in the scheme of things and makes me feel at peace, at least until I walk back down the mountain anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My car is so old. I certainly do not see it as an extension of me! I need an upgrade desperately but alas there are so many other things to spend my money on right now and while it gets me from A to B I’m just going to have to be grateful for what I have.
    Take care and hang in there on the food front Denyse. You’ve come so far, remember that. Keep scrolling! xx

    • Oh that is so nice. Great to see you back. I saw the crochet you have been doing! Wow. I will add your blog to my blog roll right now because there has been a bit of a resurgence of interest in blogging again from many. Your Tamworth mornings will be bitey I guess, but from memory the days are glorious. Have a good day & week ahead Denyse x

  3. Iโ€™m drawn to beaches, too. I live close to one of the Great Lakes and walk the waterfront trail almost daily. I donโ€™t normally take photos of food but have done some during my travel and posted a couple of them when theyโ€™re that countryโ€™s traditional dishes. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Natalie. I am glad that you too are drawn to the water and enjoy the various benefits there.
      I think food photos are just fine and they also make a memory of an event.

      I just need to scroll on by more!!

      I hope your week ahead is a great one too.

      Denyse x

  4. Have fun at the podiatrist, Denyse!

    Red is an excellent choice of car colour in my book.

    Like you, I’m looking at shaking things up with my regular blog posts. So I’m joining Jo Tracey on her ‘Sentence A Day’ project. ‘Whatever Comes Up’ is definitely something I could try too.

    SSG xxx

    • My podiatrist is such a nice man. I got to look at his new daughter’s photos and then he agreed to be in a pic for a future blog post.

      Yep, my first red car. I have had blue, green, white and metallic look…this is the BEST!

      Interesting you too want to a bit of a change of pace. I decided I was missing blogging bits and pieces so will see how this goes for July.

      I am already recording my day in an on-line journal so when I tried sentence day it wasn’t great for me.

      However, I have ordered a 5 year one sentence a day journal that I can carry with me and I think, along with my art kit that might help me. 5 years! I sure hope I do remember it.

      Denyse x
      PS this weather is amazing I wouldn’t be surprised if your school boy wanted to go to the beach today!

  5. That is *exactly* what the beach is like for me. When I lived on the mid-Atlantic coast in the US, I could go out at any time and walk, or just sit in the sand. Very occasionally I might swim if it was particularly hot. I decided that it was because the sound of the waves drowns out the thoughts in my head, and makes room for new, clean, kinder thoughts.

    Now I live near the beach again, but I don’t sit there. It’s too hot. I walk in the mornings or swim in the evenings. For me, it’s the sound.

    Oh, and I share food pics only with my fitness group. However, I realized that my Instagram is FULL of pictures of drinks! Beer, wine, coffee…

  6. Yes so true, the sound is one of the big features. Love that aspect of the beach.

    Understand that heat makes it unpleasant so choosing evenings and early morning is the best.

    Food pics! One day I shall eat ‘normally again’ until then…scrolling, scrolling…


  7. I share your love of the beach Denyse. I find it very calming and therapeutic. Not a day goes by that I don’t see it differently – one day glassy and smooth, some days wild and dramatic and other days the way the sun glimmers on the water makes it look like silver. I also love driving my car – it’s a Toyota Corolla and it drives beautifully. #TeamLovinLife

    • Yes indeed. Your shots show that difference for sure. I get energised by just being near the ocean. I admit I need to get back there more and I will!
      I had a Corolla for years too and it was the best at taking me to school, the shops and carting around grandkids until it got too small and I traded up for an Avensis 7 seater which DID accommodate all of the grandkids when I needed to do that.
      Denyse x

  8. Loved your happy post Denyse – and it was probably nice for you to focus on something other than your health for a while. I can see why you are so fond of your lovely red car – and I don’t take photos of my food or care about the photos other people take – I find it a ridiculous pastime (just eat it and enjoy it!) And thanks for including Cresting the Hill in your blog roll xx

    • Oh thank you. Yes, I felt the ‘heaviness’ and whilst I have important things to write about I longed for something like this. I had the idea and thought I will run it on Thursdays with Leanne’s linky and see if I want to continue it as the year goes on.

      The Blog Roll. I never had one ‘back in the day’ because few people were reading my blog. Linkys have save the day for me and so when there was a resurrgence of the blogging community from 2009 onwards via a FB update, I loved seeing others returning to give blogging another go. It was time to add the Blog Roll. There may be some bloggers there you follow or not.

      It’s just a lovely thing to see now and I am pleased to include people such as yourself who I have only really got to know in the last 2 years. Back in ‘those olden days’ there was a link up in Australia! And we all met up at conferences in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 (they were my times of attendance)

      Denyse x

  9. I’m exactly the same with beaches, I love being close to the sea – maybe it’s because I’m a cancerian ๐Ÿ™‚ I never go in the sea though. Just the sights, sounds and smells are enough for me. I love your mandalas. Your lamb dinner looked the business, I can’t chew bones either – my front 6 teeth have veneers and if I try to go for a bone, they are very likely to fall off. In other news, totes stoked to be on your blog roll x

    • Thanks Sammie. As if you would not be thereon the Blog Roll!

      ! I could NOT not go in to the water and I even paddled in today. It was cold but OK.

      The lamb dinner…drooool. I don’t know what my teeth (the first ones anyway which will be false ones drilled into the abutments) will be capable of and I also cannot now imagine what it will feel like to have teeth!!

      Enjoy your weekend away,
      Denyse x

  10. HI Denyse a lovely way to start July and that flower is gorgeous. I try to take photos of my food but lack the creative flair for presentation – although I do love my own cooking! I agree about the beach and am fortunate to have our apartment at the Gold Coast to escape to. It is a block back from the Esplanade and I just love walking along and looking, smelling and feeling the ocean. Thank you for including me in your blog list and I hope you have a very happy and healthy, July.

    • Yes I so know where your apartment would be, even if the Esplanade is a long road. My parents used to rent an apartment there for July and August once Dad retired in 1983. They felt it got quite busy up there after a few years, so they went to Burleigh. Loads of people Mum and Dad knew had retired up there or holidayed around the same time from Sydney too so they had lots of social engagements.

      Good to know you love your cooking. There are many dishes I hope to make and eat again. We shall see what the new false teeth are like. They are the precursor to the eventual implants.

      Blog rolls have been around for a while but I had not made one. Glad I became rejuvenated to do so after some of the old school bloggers came back to blog.

      Denyse x

  11. I do notice mandalas since you started drawing them. I’d never noticed them before but you are the mandala queen and now I see them everywhere! I also post food pics and drool over other food pics (which is weird, since I keep saying I’m not a foodie … but secretly I must be).

    So happy to see you’re doing your Thursday posts! #teamlovinlife

    PS I’ve been trying to post this but it says it’s a duplicate comment. Not sure if this is going to “stick” or not (or maybe you’ll get it 3 times)

    • Oh look! It wasn’t lying. Sorry about the duplicate.

    • I am glad. Another person says they notice them all the time thanks to me. Ha. They are beautiful and nature does an awesome job herself.

      Taking pics and posting them of food is fun. I have done it too. But I realised if I stayed too long in “wish I could have that” mode it was negative, so I scroll instead.

      The duplicate comment can be a nuisance. I deleted the first comment,

      Denyse x

  12. I love your ‘heavy’ posts though I know they can often be a release (getting it off your chest) but also become a burden – as if you then HAVE to keep writing something more deep and meaningful each post. I remember thinking that over a year ago when I broke out of the mould and wrote about Boaty McBoatface and it was such a release!

    As an aside, I love your beach pics and outfit pics. I tend to ‘binge’ on Instagram – during a break at work or at the end / beginning of the day but it’s nice to see the familiar there and it helps me feel connected. xx

    • Oh Deb, you made my day. I am so pleased you not only ‘get it’ but you also enjoy my IG posts. These days I always HOPE people are still interested and then you tell me this and I see that is true.

      The old self-confidence can kick in more than ever at times can’t it? Today, one year AND one day since first surgery, I have been tackling some of that old voice of mine relating to eating! I do not want to put any more weight back on ( I have stayed a smidge under 70kg for a few months) but conversely I want to eat at times for comfort! The difference I see in the me of now to the me of yesteryear is awareness and I am not keeping it a secret.

      So my decision today has been to eat a little less of some of the indulgences (which were getting up there in terms of quantity) and more of the protein I can get down without top teeth. It has shown me that it is UP to ME. Who knew??!

      I am going to keep the Thursday posts happening as I enjoy the contrast. I will continue my Monday prompts of course, but I still have a couple of Cancer stories planned. I see this blog as an educative source for professionals to get to know more about the patient’s perspective and also a way to spread the word about Head and Neck cancers and a site that is to help called Beyond Five. In fact on Monday my local federal MP is coming to our place for me to let her know more about head and neck cancers and as it is World Head and Neck Cancer awareness day on 27 July I am presenting her with a ribbon to wear . Pity parliament is not sitting!

      I too follow your story as much as you put on line anyway. I so hope that some more employment comes your way and that you find a greater balance of what you love to do and what you have to do.

      Your trip OS will be a great way to share on line and I look forward to that too.

      Denyse x