Tuesday 26th October 2021

Joyful. 17/51. #LifeThisWeek. 51/2021.

Joyful. 17/51. #LifeThisWeek. 51/2021.

The last Aussie-based link up is HERE!

I started this 5 years ago this coming September picking up Mondays when my friend Kirsty stopped blogging. There was a link up on Wednesdays until last year with Sue and Leanne called MidLife Share The Love and one on Thursdays for a long time called Lovin Life with Leanne.

Now, it’s me. This one. I remain committed to keeping the link up happening FOR sure until the end of 2021. After all, I have done the 51 optional prompts!

But for me this link up is MORE than a place for bloggers to share their posts. It’s a space for connecting with others. The one reason I began blogging in late 2010 was the same. So, I appreciate you:

who link up, and

those who also read,

and comment because that  is the way to connect.

The link up is not too much hard work at all for me. I thrive on it. I am hopeful that bloggers from Australia, the U.S.A. and Canada along with further flung places will continue to find a place which care about them, their posts and how they are going.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you all. Denyse.

Today’s post is about fewer words and more photos.

It’s the date of my late grandmother’s birthday. She was a war bride  from World War 1, leaving her home in England to sail to Australia to marry her Andy. My Dad’s dad. It’s a sad tale. I have shared it here. However I like to think she was joyful in her early years of love for him and their first two children. Pity I cannot find the image. In the meantime, maybe she was a little bit joyful at my Christening in 1950.

Off to see Dad at Dee Why today, so will be commenting later when I am home

Gran is on the left

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

So pleased I have my smile back and it’s a joy to help others.

I believe as I am ageing, now 71, that I take more time to notice what makes me feel joyful. Sometimes I do not seek it, but there it is and I will say WOW. Julia Baird’s book Phosphoresence talks of finding moments of awe and wonder. I see these for me as joyful moments too. I remember them and I smile as I recall.

The look of joy on my face on receiving this amazing gift for my 70th

I cannot ever forget the joy I felt when I saw the image I captured….

This too is what I see when I am out: joy in nature, shapes, colours and more.

I was very joyful to get my smile back on 21 August 2018 after my cancer surgeries and reconstruction. I never take that joyful feeling for granted.

The Before and After of “Teeth Day” 21 Aug

I am also joyful that the Women of Courage series is making a comeback with some very interested & interesting women volunteering to share their stories. If you did not get a chance to do that in 2019 and 2020, let me know in the comments and I will share the information with you.

And the man who tells me his life is filled with one joyful moment after another…this is why he is my hero and star. He has taught me all I need to know about living in the moment. I call him my husband.

The man who said “Smile” is your word

Where do you find joy?

What or who makes you feel joyful?


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  1. Morning Denyse! So many things in our lives that bring us Joy and it is important to take time to recognise and enjoy the feeling of Joy. My grandsons are at the top of the list but also I love to watch the ocean, spending quality time with my husband, family and friends. The joy of watching the clouds drift by, the joy of cooking – small things but big rewards. Have a great week! #lifethisweek

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Noticing ‘joy’ is such a healthy way to be and sometimes when moods are down or life is getting too frantic (for all kinds of reasons!) we can forget to find and notice joy.

      It does sound like you have struck a great balance for your life, Sue.

      Thanks for your kind words and support.


  2. Hi Denyse, My family and friends bring me joy. I also find joy in nature every day, examples in my blog posts include flowers, geese nesting, etc. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Natalie, I agree with you that you do show all the joy that is part of your life via your blog and sharing. Nature is so good at helping us feel the joy.


  3. It’s so important to look for things that make us feel joyful because it’s also how we know what we need to do more of. Those small moments of joy all add up in the long run. Great to hear that Women of Courage is coming back. For me, there are lots of small things that bring me joy – the beach, being in nature, music, books, writing, my cats, random dogs I meet, a cup of coffee every day, connecting with strangers and friends and family, making a difference, challenging myself with new experiences. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Sanch. Reading Phosphoresence (sp_ by Julia Baird where she writes of findin awe and wonder in the world of nature in particular made me consider that they too create joy inside us.

      It links with gratitude in my world but joy is a sweet sensation and can be found as you write in so much.

      So far I have had 3 Women of Courage invitees return their stories…there were about another 12 or so. I will see how they are going by end of April which was my “kind of” deadline. Series may be a shorter one but I also found women from my twitter world and they are in most cases, related to education and medicine.

      Happy Holiday time…lots of joy there.



  4. Gorgeous post! Enjoy your visit with your dad!!! In Supanova (which is a total downer btw – well acted but too depressing for me) there is a line about how you will never run out of Wonders to see but it’s the loss of wonder that you need to worry about. I think that’s where the joy stops….

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you.

      Dad and I had a very relaxing time today..not always like that but he was very appreciative of my visit, company and the meals.

      Wonder. I love that word too, along with Awe. Have you come across Julia Baird’s Phosphoressence (I can never spell it) and she writes beautifully about her life’s best & worst of times. I suspect right now she is in the latter as from what I glean via social media is her Mum is gravely ill. Julia’s Dad is former NSW Politician (Lib, sorry) Bruce Baird.

      Glad you are bacccckkkkk


  5. Hi Denyse I love your joyful post and your photos are gorgeous as usual. I can imagine the joy and perhaps a little angst that your grandmother may have felt on relocating to the other side of the world to start a new life. I find joy in many places. I find that as I’m ageing im making joy a priority

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Jennifer, what a beautiful last sentence. Yes to that! I will remember it too.

      My poor grandmother. I talked with Dad a bit more about her today and because his views are still very negative (she was a sad and unhappy woman as a Mum ) I tried to share with him my perspective on how it might have been for a middle class English woman becoming engaged to a lad from Australia (formerly Scotland) …he brought up the part of remembering as a kid that his paternal grandmother would have very little to do with him or his siblings…because of cultural clashes.

      Anyway we ‘celebrated’ that she was a woman of courage as I told him today.

      Thanks for your kind words and support of the blogging community here too.


  6. Such a lovely post Denyse full of joyful moments that I can completely relate to and they make me smile. I love all the photos and I’m joyful that you got your smile back too! For once I have linked up a post that is using your prompt word and I list a few things that are making me joyful lately within that but I will say that I am very joyful that the painting is finished here at home and I am slowly restoring order and enjoying the clean and freshly painted walls & exteriors. Hope you have a wonderful week! xo

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Min…the painting is finished. Oh how good that must feel. Your home is yours again.

      I am glad you found that you had JOY to write and share today too. Never think you can’t link up though if it is not on prompt. My rule, ‘on or off prompt, old post or new’

      Glad that you are blogging today. And I also understand blogging can feel pressured and engaging via the blog might too but hey, your rules, where you have something to write and share you are very welcome.

      Thanks for your kind words and support of the blogging community here.


  7. I enjoyed your take on Joyful today Denyse and thanks again for the weekly linkup. You are to be congratulated for your efforts in keeping it going! Lovely photos and thoughts on what brings you joy.
    I’ve tried to look at the differences between happiness and joy in my post today. Of course family is top of the list!

    We are away for the week, starting the cleaning out of my MIL’s house, not the most joyful of times but it will be a time filled with love and memories.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Deb for your thoughtfulness and kind words.

      I felt a bit worried last week with Leanne’s link up ending abruptly and a set of blogs linking up that was around 8 less than recent weeks so I was concerned but of course, there are ALWAYS weeks where not everyone writes.

      I am such a routine person…until this year and having a few more spontanous posts thanks to taking photos and wanting to share them.

      Gosh what a big week ahead. I am sending you the best. I have not had to do this (yet) as Dad did all of Mum’s eventually clean out. We got to choose items of sentimentality.

      When Dad moved into his retirement unit 10 years ago he did a big cull before moving. He has a wardrobe with photos and letters and more. I have borrowed these a few times but he feels better when they are with him. Next time I am down, we are going to have another look at it all. Family history needs to be kept and my daughter, is an archivast at heart and I am glad to hand over that baton.

      Wishing you well…


  8. Some cool pictures. The bird in flight photo is an outstanding capture, definitely joy inducing.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Shiju. Oh yes, that seagull shot! I never know how some of those come out till I look later. It IS a beauty.


  9. I sometimes worry the wrong things bring me joy. Food and wine? Mindless television. Reading used to but writing reviews mean it comes with more baggage than it once did.

    When my niece was little and my godson was little, they brought me joy but as they get older they grow more interested in other things – which is completely understandable.

    I must think a bit about what does bring me joy and include more of it in my life…

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      I don’t think joy is limited but it could also change in our lives too, Deb.

      I know as you say, that when kids are young it is a lot of fun to see the world through their eyes and engage in it that way too but then…they get old(er) and they mature into teens and beyond. We understand that very well indeed.

      I have less intrusion in my life now with choices of how much effort I put into blogging and my ambassador work so I get to find more joy (to enjoy) in what I find, notice and pursue. I now have a benchmark with work that is unpaid, unless it’s bringing me something positive, I ditch it. Yes I do!

      It can change too. I got a huge amount of joy from designing and drawing those mandalas some year back but only do one every so often. Right now, colours and shapes of flowers are doing it for me!

      Letting joy unfold in its own way …such as that great sunset view yesterday is something to re-visit in your head when you might feel less like being joyful.

      And no-one can make us be anything. My husband used to annoy the hell out of me with his “I go from one joyful moment to another” quote…and very practical me would get riled up. He is so far ahead of me these days in mindfulness…

      And, between the two of us, I asked him if he wanted to write a guest post and he said yes. Keep an eye out for “Knowing”


  10. Thanks for sharing the things that make you joyful, Denyse. Of course, your beautiful smile makes you joyful. You have earned that joy! And your hubby brings you joy…mine brings me joy too! I think the thing that brings me the most joy is my family. this year, I will get to travel to visit some of my far-flung family after not seeing them for a year.

    So glad you will continue your link-up for the rest of the year at least. You have created a generous and joyful community here!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Laurie. Yes I admit it the smile continues to be a winner. Long time to wait for it but great when I got it back.

      I remember how hard the Covid Isolation was on you and your family last year. So many planned events cancelled or too risky to attend.

      This is so good to know you will be seeing them soon..Yay.

      I have committed to the end of the year but if the link up continues to attract a pretty good number of bloggers, of course I will continue. Can you believe though we are 1/3 of the way through 2021!

      Appreciate your continued support of my blog and the link up Laurie,


  11. Hi Denyse, your post gave me joy to read. My family gives me the most joy. My mother-in-law is now in the Palliative Care Ward so I’m not feeling very joyful today unfortunately. Our family’s love for her is what has kept her fighting this cancer for 3.5 years when she was only given 18 months to live. Even though it is a sad time you still see her joy when her family are around her.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh Christina, that is very hard isn’t it? The inevitability of death is a given but going through the processes of farewelling a much loved person is hard alright. I hope, that like you, everyone who loves her appreciates how well she has done post-prognosis.

      I am glad my post was a joyful read. Thank you for your continued support of my blog and the link up.


  12. It’s a shame our bloggy friends from the ‘early days’ are slowly declining. It is so good to connect with others and make friends.
    There is so much joy in your life Denyse. Even when you are not ‘winning’, your joyful attitude to life pulls you through with your wonderful smile. It is always a pleasure to read your posts and come away feeling inspired. x

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Jody.

      Yes, when you think of those prolific days of pro blogger, nuffnang and the digital parents conferences it was all happening. I did attend quite a few but not making any money from my blog meant everything – flights, accommodation etc was at my expense. I had one sponsor – The Sticker Family and they helped me attend one conference but in the end I chose to go sponsor free to enjoy (for me) blogging freedom.

      Your blog remains very well supported when you host giveaways. We will keep supporting each other…..as in life! Thanks for your loving and kind support of this blog and the link up.


  13. Seeing your photo of the day you ‘got new teeth’ and your smile back reminded me of another day teeth and joy went hand in hand.
    Near to a little hospital I used to work in was a nursing home, a kitchen fire one evening meant some residents were evacuated/relocated to some of our unoccupied beds. The next morning there was a steady stream of visitors bringing bits and pieces for these (mainly) ladies – some ‘parcels’ were left at reception so when I delivered one to a bedside (one that had the screens drawn closed) there was a little laugh and a giggle from the lady who then proceeded to put her false teeth in and cover a beautiful head of grey hair with an auburn coloured wig. You can open the curtains now dear!
    Her teeth had left behind in the rush and she’d pulled on a hat rather than ask the transporting ambos to find her wig.
    Thanks for giving us the chance to share our joy Denyse…..mine this week is very ‘personal’…..getting my feet seen to being one:)

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh that gave me a giggle.

      Thanks for sharing Cathy. Our dignity and our pride in ourselves extended to our latter years will keep us focussed on living and life…rather than the inevitable.

      I am glad you have found this space to share your blog and look forward to catching up on reading soon.

      Thank you for your kindness and blogging support!


  14. Hi Denyse – I love the expression on your face with that photo of your grandies – just perfect. We’ve had ours visiting for the Anzac long weekend and I’m now slowly returning to normal and the quiet after all the chatter and fun. They always bring such joy with them don’t they. I can also understand why that photo of you smiling after all the surgery etc is so meaningful for you – definitely the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Leanne. I too adore that photo…And yes, to the hectic pace of having the family visit.

      We have just day visits these days. We had so many overnighters etc over many years but we, the oldies, tired of the 24/7 and tag team…so in 2016, it stopped. Of course I loved those times but it was time in our mid 60s….

      Yes, to my smile. I seriously had no idea how much it meant to me. I do now of course.

      NSW doesn’t get a long weekend if ANZAC day falls on a weekend. I hope you and your family were not affected too much (if at all) by WA Lockdown.

      Thanks for your support of my blog link up too!


  15. My pets bring me joy!!

    Curated By Jennifer

  16. Great prompt. I love to focus on what brings me joy. I also love your comment about your husband bringing you joy and teaching you to live in the moment.

    I really hope you continue with the linky, as I love the prompts and posts that are contributed. I don’t participate every week, but I love the linky nonetheless.

    • Thanks Astrid.

      Love your comment and support.

      Yes, the link up continues…and at the end of the year I will make a decision about 2022.

      I am glad you found this post joyful!


  17. I definitely try to find the joy in the everyday.

  18. The rainbow lorikeets in my yard (well technically my neighbours tree, but you can only see them from my house) are there every afternoon while whatever flowers they like are in season – jumping around and talking to each other.

    • I love them so much but they carry on don’t they. Fun times with their arguments and chatting.

      We had a bird bath at the old house we rented and the lorikeets would land nearby for a drink. There was a tree in the backyard behind they loved.

      They are fun! Love that you can seen them and they are incredibly striking in their colours.

      Thanks Vanessa.