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January Daily Sentence & Video. 2018.13.

January Daily Sentence & Video. 2018.13.

I know Joanne Tracey does “the daily sentence” so I thought I would give it a go. I quite liked the discipline of making it ONE sentence. I also thought it was yet another way of measuring how I am going in terms of my physical and emotional health. I do keep another daily journal but that is NOT for publication!

In the 31 days of January 2018 it was life “as is” for this recovering-from-cancer blogger AND one who has made it her mission to go out every day dressed in the #ootd which I wrote about here.

I’ve take a somewhat different approach to my usual photos-to-break-up-the-text blogging and have ended the month with the just under 60 seconds of a visual record of January 2018.


Happy New Year means the start of blogging in 2018 where my review of 2017 started the linky where 16 bloggers joined for #lifethisweek.
Today B took photos of the inside of my mouth so I could send them to Prof Clark & his response was it all looks good for surgery to go ahead on 7 February.
Unable to do without my coffee a day, I drove to Lake Haven & had a small browse in clothes’ shops before drinking a double shot latte at a cafe.
A dull day so I drove to Tuggerah, found David Jones’ womens wear & bought 3 new bras & then discovered their restaurant & had a delicious morning tea which reminded me of those at Castle Hill.
My plan today was to drive to Erina Fair & check out clothing stores, browse a while & have a coffee & that was exactly what I did!
In an effort to be accountable to myself for what I have been eating I weighed myself this morning and to my disappointment have put on 2kg since last time which means that unless I make some changes to my food intake I won’t be fitting into my new clothes soon.
We knew it would be hot today & took all precautions to manage that but what we could not foresee was a 70 minute power outage when it was 43 deg outside.

I was not a happy camper for much of today as I got myself caught up in a negative cycle of thinking.
Nine hours sleep and a realisation last night that I was too future focussed helped me have a much better & positive day!
Dressed in a new floral top matched with red jeans to meet K, E & J at Tuggerah for special occasion purchase of E’s new school shoes which she loved so much she wore all day!
Cool morning to drive to see Dad for his 94th birthday and when upon arrival he said how lovely I looked in my new dress.
An unremarkable day initially changed when a phone call from COBLH confirmed surgery 7 Feb but confusion over what I am having along with my reticence to collate my records meant I had to deal with an emotional reaction via tears & tension I have not experienced for some time.
Met friend K at Lake Haven and spent a delightful hour catching up, eating & having a coffee and we will do it again in 2019 I hope!
I really am quite over my poor mouth’s ravages & why it is along with the appearance of me looking scary.

It’s our son’s 39th & his nephew, our grandson’s 17th birthdays today but due to personal reasons I have to respect there is no big deal made although grandson B was appreciative of our wishes & card.
A wonderful day as we were hosts to our son & his four wonderful children who just delighted us with their conversations and play and love.
Unusually unconfident today even though I did my utmost to avoid going down the rabbithole, pain & living with the results of 2x cancer surgeries & reconstruction became dominant today & into tonight.
In an effort to feel better by looking good I donned a lovely colourful set of new jewellery along with jade green pants & a black top & drove to Bateau Bay for coffee & a browse.
A mixed day of coffee & friand followed by Spotlight purchases of bead making items and later in the afternoon a much enjoyed walk on sand & rock platforms at Norah Head.
A 9 hour sleep thanks to activity yesterday so when I woke I felt refreshed and got on with my day with more energy.
Annoyingly my blog emails are not coming through which will entail a time-zapping & potentially frustrating phone call in the morning to iinet.

Started the day calmly & continued as I refused to get myself worked up about housework and need to contact Internet provider so my morning activity of drive to Budgewoi went well as did my enjoyment of coffee & cake!
Married for 47 years today & we celebrated with morning tea at LH & then B had an ECG & I saw a GP because I have sinus infection again but we both scored some lovely comments on my pics & congrats from many.
A visit to Tuggerah listening to “Eleanor Oliphant” on the way & found a top for $15 & some bargain inks & finished my shop with coffee & free donuts at DK.
Keen to get into car dressed in outfit of the day so I could listen to Eleanor which did not disappoint and it has surprised me just how engrossed I have been.
Very low key Australia Day for me as I remain saddened by the inability of Australians ALL to come together on one day & this is not it.
Today it’s 48 years since I started my teaching life and I have never waivered from that choice to become a teacher.
Sunday is quieter than most days and even though we are retired it has a more relaxed feel to it so I continue to enjoy enjoy reading the Sunday papers as I eat breakfast – a habit of well over 45 years!

A good day overall with a visit from J & E for morning tea, play & chat but my inner tension is growing as next week’s surgery edges closer.
Warm day where some anxiety about next week’s surgery became evident so I had a chat & a small weep & let the GP know what’s ahead & his confidence in me understanding how much I go through before surgery was helpful
Cool weather saw me sleep in & have a late breakfast before heading to Tuggerah for what I have determined is my last clothes shop for a month.

This little vid is from my app called 1SecondEveryDay on my phone. In 2018 there is an option for 2 pics a day!

Do you keep a record of your day in some way?

I have to admit it has been very helpful for me to have done so since 2015 as I can see where things have challenged me and how I may have overcome some of those challenges. It has been especially helpful since my cancer was diagnosed.


Joining Kylie here for I Blog On Tuesdays and Leanne here for Lovin’ Life Linky on Thursdays.




  1. I don’t keep a record but I’m thinking maybe I should, not least because I have a terrible memory! Thinking of you and hope all goes well tomorrow x

    • It is good. It so helps me to write in a daily journal too because I can look back and see how far I have come or what was still happening back then. It’s been a good boost for my emotional health writing something every day (I type it into an app) because things can seem less so on one particular day and then you look at a recent week and realise things are not so bad after all. Anyway, that’s how it has worked for me. Denyse x

  2. I love the 1 second a day video. It makes you realise just how beauty, peace, life and laughs are always surrounding you that you can quickly forget.

  3. I’ve started a similar project but on a specific topic. We’ll see what comes of it. Best of luck for the latest surgery and recovery.

    • Oh I will be interested in seeing that when you share! Thanks Vanessa, home now and things appear to have gone well. Will chat to my GP tomorrow too as a debrief which always helps me. Denyse x

  4. I love the 1 second a day – I’m going to have to try and master it. I’m addicted to 1 sentence a day – it’s a manageable snapshot. Wishing you all the best for your recovery. #TeamLovinLife

    • Good on you as I know you will enjoy it too. Your morning beach pics as a one month series would be great. I used one month for my outfits each day which was encouraging to me. I do not always use the app to film I often just add something from that day. Recovery is now one day in…and as OK as it can be! Denyse x

  5. I love this concept. I may take it up at some point when I’m more on top of things. Love your video Denyse! #TeamLovinLife

    • It really is something you can add to your day with ease as you already take pics. I use the iPhone all the time and either add to the app after taking some pics or use the app itself to do so. I love it as a record. Denyse x

  6. I love your little video you add each time Denyse – I need to take more photos and do something similar. Sue and I are planning a casual link up of these type of posts at the end of each month – stay tuned and I hope you add yours to it. There won’t be any sharing requirements – just the fun of reading a few round-up posts if you feel like it x

    • Thanks so much Leanne. I may need a reminder for that. I am even more forgetful since this third surgery. Anaesthetic is a tricky thing! Denyse x

  7. I don’t keep a daily record but I’ve started to journal my ‘something new’ each week. I wish I’d done that from the start, almost 6 years ago now.

    • That sounds good. I started a journal via an app around 3 years ago to help me record how things were as I was transitioning from the life I knew to….the one I did not. It has been so good for me to re-read at times and know just how much I have overcome so it has been very life-affirming. Denyse x

  8. I haven’t participated in Sentence A Day for a couple of months, Denyse but it was a great way to keep track of what I was doing through the month. When I looked back and read them through it was a lovely reminder and I was surprised at how full my life was. Great to see you have started this and also included a video – well done you!

    • It is a good idea and I have continued into February along with my more private journalling via an app which has been really good for me to re-read at times as see how well I have been going (or not!) and then I see it as both reassuring and helpful. Denyse x

  9. I don’t actually Denyse but I enjoy when people do their ‘sentence a day’ or similar and it makes me want to do it as well but I’m notoriously bad at keeping note of stuff.

    My mum writes everything down – what she’s read, movies she’s seen, expenses and her outings etc…

    I was given a 5yr diary for my birthday – which asks a specific question each day – and I’m trying to remember to do it every day. So far so good!

    • Oops sorry about that. It has been a good way of endeavoring to say less and contain it in a sentence. I have noted, however, that I am using “and” frequently! Thanks for popping in to comment! Denyse x

  10. This is such a fab idea, Denyse, I think I might have to start doing it too. It’s really cool to be able to read through what you’ve been up to so quickly. I might have to see if I can record them in my calendar so I’ve got them easily accessible and won’t have any excuse not to write something as my phone is always with me. I hope you’re recovering from your surgery xx

    • It really is helpful.I had an app I bought for being ‘organised’ when I got home from hospital but didn’t need it so it’s my Daily Sentence one. I would use notes but they are not private so with this app it has a lock system and for me that is good.