Thursday 20th January 2022

It’s My Favourite. 11/51. #LifeThisWeek. 26/2019.

It’s My Favourite. 11/51. #LifeThisWeek. 26/2019.

Why I wrote “it’s MY favourite” as an optional prompt is a mystery. You see, I am the worst at selecting favourites.

I like and love a LOT…so how can I proceed?

By words and in pictures of course.

That IS MY FavouriteBLOG POST!



Getting out of the house every day, dressing with purpose IS my favourite routine along with the refreshing and reviving double shot, small latte somewhere before midday! One coffee a day.


I like walking more these days and try to get around 6,000 steps a day in. Some walks are slower than others. And that too is a good thing. A favourite walk on Manly Beach 11 years ago is here introducing my grandson to the sand and the water. Even further back in memory, is the 3 generations of us who “walked” as part of Bridge Climb well over 16 years ago.


I cannot go past nature for favourite patterns. These are but a few. Yes, they are close-ups and are part of the wonder that IS nature: colours and shapes we can barely replicate.


I have been the one to make memories via celebrations, little photo books, parties, gatherings and more in our family. As we live away from the city this is much harder and the family is getting older and bigger. However, using the word celebration I believe I have found MANY favourites indeed!



To have my ‘upper prosthesis’ added to my gums following cancer and then to smile (and eat again) was a BIG favourite. I also loved being part of this book “Women Kind” and in 2006 had the experience of a solo trip to the US where it was a favourite to visit Alcatraz.


Yes it’s the hue of blue. But I do love other colours too. However, it IS to blue I return to over and over.


I have been blessed as they say with a good memory and I did have many images to choose from for my favourites. Even these are but a few favourites!



I think the more my brain is not thinking work (job)  anymore it is allowing me to create. I love the ways in which I can be inspired but my favourites are almost always based on shapes – triangles being wonderful to design with and mandalas. In 2016 when I discovered how to design and colour mandalas my creative life was enriched.

So, do you find it hard to select favourites too?

Tell me more in the comments.


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  1. I’m with you – I love so many things, it’s hard to choose just one. How lovely that you’ve picked such a choice selection with so many things that make you happy!

  2. I can never select a favourite – absolutely hopeless! There are always too many things to choose from that my favourite will change constantly!

  3. Yay on the crunch food. It’s hard to narrow down a favourite!

    • It so is good to crunch. When I told my surgeon that he smiled and said “not ribs though!”.

      Favourites are hard!

      Denyse x

  4. I find it hard to select favourites, too, Denyse. I enjoyed reading your favourites and colourful photos shown in this post. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a great selection of your favourite things Denyse! Your bit about no longer working allowing you to be more creative resonates with me too and I love how we all deal with this phase differently. You are very creative and inspiring. I’ve shared an older post about my five favourite places in Aus with a few photos!! My daughters always want to know which of them is my favourite but I tell them I love them all differently 🙂

    • Oh gosh, kids and favourites that IS tough.

      Yes to the work finishing reactions & differences. At the beginning of the school year I got a bit caught up in the hype on-line (lots of social media education tweeps in my timeline) and thought I missed school. Not as much now it’s week 8 and everyone is exhausted.

      I guess I will never quite let the ‘teaching’ part of me ever go but it is good to be able to use it with my creative ideas.

      Look forward to reading your post.

      Denyse x

  6. 6000 steps a day is amazing and I love the idea of beach walks. Great exercise and good for mental health too!

    • Thanks Di. I used to think I had to do the mandatory 10K they speak of but I gave myself a more realistic number and if it’s not achieved I no longer worry as I might have. Being competitive with myself is sometimes a bit of a nuisance!

      Denyse x

  7. I love your favourite things Denyse – most are the kinda things that are my favourite things too. I’m not good at choosing favourites either so I’m impressed with the way you approached this post. I have linked up this week but can’t seem to manage to write an additional ‘on prompt’ post for Mondays. Hope the post I’ve linked up is ok. Have a great week! 🙂 xo

    • Thanks Min. Never be concerned about not being ‘on prompt’ as all posts are welcome. The thing about the prompts is that some of us love them and need the challenge.

      Denyse x

  8. I think your favourite thing is photography Denyse and I always enjoy your photos on Instagram and also on your blog posts. Great job with the 6,000 steps a day and it is nice to not always have to walk for a purpose but rather just for enjoyment. Walks along the beach are the perfect way to think Have a great week and hope to see you at #MLSTL on Wednesday 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sue. Like I said to Di, above, I thought 10K was the optimum but with my ageing and one leg that has no fibula, I reckon getting 6K or a bit more or less is excellent.

      The beach is good but the weather has been too hot or too wet. Still, I do get my walking sometimes by going from one end of our huge Westfield to the other.

      Yes, I cannot go a day without recording it pictorially and I love it.

      Denyse x

  9. So many favourite things Denyse! Lucky you’re not Julie Andrews or that song would have been “More than a few of my favourite things!” Great photos and I’m a big fan of family and blue and colour and colouring in, so I enjoyed all your pics x

    • Yes, I had forgotten about the song by Julie Andrews. Poor woman who cannot sing anymore since some surgery to her throat (not cancer as far as I know).

      I have a new media I am enjoying drawing and it’s butterflies. One older granddaughter finds colouring very helpful and she LOVES butterflies so I have made her a few for when we go to Sydney this week.

      Thanks for your kind words

      Denyse x

  10. This is my favourite linkup and I’ve finally found time to post so I can actually link up!

  11. Huge fan of routine here as well!

    SSG xxx

  12. I linked up after a while because I can’t not write on my blog – apparently it leads to health problems! I am a fan of routine especially during the week. Love the ocean and I really like your patterns and colours x

    • Thanks for coming over and linking up. It IS tough when you are not so well but I would have to say, writing ON the blog is helpful to my health so I hope it proves that way for you!

      Denyse x

  13. I love a routine as it helps me get my head right and that sets up my day/week or month.