Friday 28th January 2022

Inside. 43/51. #LifeThisWeek. 86/2020.

Inside. 43/51. #LifeThisWeek. 86/2020.

Having some fun with the word I N S I D E via some photos and memories. Enjoy!

Denyse, aged around 5, off to her first class at school.

There was no official uniform for the seasons but I recall this was the tunic, and I see my mum’s influence there with the bow…the smart blouse…and what was I N S I D E that carry bag of mine was likely to be playlunch and maybe a cardi. I came home for lunch as we lived in the same street as Gwynneville P.S., Wollongong.



Denyse, aged around 63, decided as part of her retirement from K-6 education to become an independent consultant to pre-schools and teachers.

This is I N S I D E her part of the front room of our former home in Glenwood which we made into two office areas for us. Sadly I gave away or sold off most of my resources but the move to further places was already on the cards, and I admit, seeing my resources go to grandkids, schools and pre-service teachers was a good thing.



Denyse’s two grandchildren who were cared for by both grandparents in 2008-2014.

This photo, taken by me, is a firm favourite in our family. In fact, the enlarged version sits behind me right now, As to what was going on  I N S I D E   H’s mind as R placed her hand on him, we will never know. He too loves the pic now, as does she.



Denyse is/was a HUGE Christmas fan.

When the grandkids came into our lives, then much fun, planning, shopping, spending and hanging up of Christmas bags from us was the BEST. What was I N S I D E…no-one knew till Christmas Day. Sometimes Grandma forgot too. 



Denyse had her one and only OS trip to the US west coast and Hawaii.

Here’s she is I N S I D E Alcatraz. A highlight of her trip, and booked before leaving Sydney. This was freezing cold San Fran early January 2006.



Denyse with her 2nd youngest granddaughter.

She was, until a few days later, the youngest granddaughter, looking I N S I D E our then Sydney based GP’s fishtank. She is holding the Teddy we gave her on the day she was born. This child is now in Year One! 



Denyse. looking to smile and do her best to be well, cheerful and all.

However, she actually knew something was very awry I N S I D E that mouth, behind that top set of false teeth. What I see in this photo more than anything, however, is courage. It was the first time I had driven to see Dad after a long absence because of being anxious about driving on the M1. Thanks to my inner resources learned from my psychologist via exposure therapy I DID this. I was not, however, to know that it would be a long time before I drove to see my Dad again. Within 3 weeks of this photo my cancer had been diagnosed.



Denyse’s memories of the grandchildren care at Glenwood is aided by so many photos and little videos.

The photo of the two above, much older, is of them I N S I D E the kitchen eating the fruit kebabs they had made. 



Denyse’s Dad turned 90 in January 2014 and he wanted to celebrate.

Along with my brother, daughter and more, we made sure his celebration was indeed one to remember. Looking to decorate the tables for the lunch with a little thank-you, I made these….with little chocolates I N S I D E.




Denyse now lives about 20 minutes drive from Norah Head Lighthouse.

I totally love visiting and have been I N S I D E the building but not up top. I am pretty sure COVID has stopped tours. The glass and the light have saved many ships over the years. Our weather forecast and conditions comes from the weather station in the grounds. 



Denyse has a mammogram every even year birthday.

I am pretty sure this is my one from last year. Stepping up I N S I D E the pink van reminds me that it is a privilege to have this service and usually I am treated with respect. However, and I will mention it next time, the radiographer was pretty rough in her handling of one of my breasts, resulting in an abrasion underneath. It hurt on that thin skin. 



Denyse loved being part of an on-line Secret Santa one year.

I knew the recipient well, and that she has a very very busy life raising her challenging kids (yes, she would admit that too) so I N S I D E this I made it like a pass the parcel of presents and I know from her response, she loved it. The kids did too, apparently!!



Denyse is I N S I D E the lift at her Dad’s building after a visit with lots of food and goodies and spending some time with him. He talks. I listen. Mostly!

It’s a regular thing to visit like this but during COVID happened a lot less. I just went recently (not this pic)  and will be back in November I am sure. All being well.



Denyse is a very grateful head and neck cancer patient.

Here, from over a year ago, is a photo taken by my prosthodontist (his hand there) explaining how the I N S I D E of my upper prosthesis and the skin near it (my under top lip which is part skin graft from my leg and part what was there)  is progressing in terms on health and stability. I saw him in mid October 2020 and all is very well indeed. 



Denyse’s Sunday treat and nectar!

Getting one of these coffees by Randa I N S I D E me is so good.


I hope you enjoyed my little journey of memories based on I N S I D E

Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting and I always hope, linking up!


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  1. How cute were you on your first day of school!
    A very interesting read Denyse.
    Do you plan on going overseas again one day?

    • Thanks Jody. Cute alright!

      I would have said yes to more travel but as time goes by and money for that dries up, probably not, sadly!


  2. Denyse, I enjoyed reading your interesting Inside stories. Your grandchildren are adorable. Stay safe and well!

    • Thanks so much Natalie.

      Those grandkids are pretty cute…although at their age now, 11 and 13 they would probably say “aww grandma!!”..

      Going well, and staying safe.


  3. Denyse I love the way you’ve approached this prompt. The photo in your school tunic brought back memories of how much I hated wearing it. The pleats never seemed to sat right on my chubby body. As usual your photos are great and tell a wonderful family story

    • Yes, those pleats. I remember my daughter having pleats in her netball skirt too.

      At HS, when we moved to a senior uniform, the first to do so being in Year 11 & 12, we got simple A line skirts and jackets. Much better.

      Thanks for your kind words.


  4. What a great way of looking at the prompt of inside Denyse. A fabulous collection of memories to share!

    I was going to write a post about my life inside prison (as an educator) but ran out of time!

    • Ah Deb, your idea was a good one but I suspect with your amazing family get together time it was not a priority. Rightly so!

      Thank you for your kind words.


  5. Love what you’ve done with this prompt! There’s a lot to love in this post – I think I have a similar pic of Alcatraz! Have a great week 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sammie, I do try to find a creative approach for the prompts and if one comes, off I go.

      That photo at Alcatraz also shows me listening to the guided tour so I probably asked another person there to take the shot. That place, and the experience stayed with me for a very very long time.


  6. Such a cool way of looking at this prompt! Love it!

  7. I loved how you linked inside to all your wonderful memories. I hope you have many more wonderful memories inside and out.

    • Thanks so much Veronica,

      I did have fun doing this post and next week it’s about outside!

      See you then too I hope.


  8. Hi Denyse, I have an almost identical photo on my first day of school. Tunics were definitely the uniform of the times! Great memories, regards Christina

    • Shows our similarity in the eras of school uniforms- not much originality at all.

      Thanks for those kind words Christina.


  9. Lovely little snippets from your life Denyse – and wonderful seeing the grandchildren. I’ve just about finished my Christmas shopping for the grandgirls so the Christmas pics made me smile. We’ve stopped exchanging presents among the adults, so it’s a very easy shopping time leading up to the big day.

    • Oh Leanne, I LOVED doing the grandchildren Christmas present shopping. It was fun when they were young.

      As they (and some are now adults) got older, we made it some fun things and money. Last year, in a way of celebrating me being so much better, I did make up Christmas packages again no matter how old they were and they also got a little amount of money.

      This year, practical grandparenting wins as my children have told me how much the grandkids (those under 18) enjoy shopping with ‘their own money’ after Christmas. The older ones..I am not quite sold on the idea of nothing for them either. We stopped adult gifts a while back too. To be honest, with 8 grandkids, it has been getting very expensive…must be practical not emotional!!


  10. What a gorgeous post!! I love you’re dad’s celebration – giving to others! It’s interesting to see what everyone does with this prompt. I posted my Secret Santa off to the US today so feeling very virtuous!

    • Ah Dad’s 90th. He thought he was in charge. He paid for it. He also did the invitees list but it was me, our kids, my bro and sil and their kids who did much more.

      He was so blown away by the love, friendship and ways in which people shared stories about him, he got very emotional and that threw him somewhat.
      He forgot to thank us. We understood of course.

      I have, ahem, the birthday slides and more on USB stick and I am pretty sure, whenever, he finally does kick that bucket we won’t have to go far to look for info. Mind you, we talk about this and he already told me and my bro about the funeral: where and when etc. In January 2021 he will be 97!!

      Secret Santa! I have put my name down for a twitter one but haven’t heard back yet. Good on you!


  11. I love how you’ve used the prompt and shared so many snippets from different times of your life! Hope you’ve been well!

    • Thanks so much Sanch. I like it when a prompt makes me think!

      Today I have done the M1 drive to and from Westmead at morning peak to have my mouth pain checked. Still hurting but my prosthodontist checked everything out and feels an anti-biotic might help.

      B and I had a great few days away last week….and with next week’s prompt being OUTside, then you will read and view more!

      Take care,


  12. Hey Denyse. Thanks for hosting a fantastic link-up. I love the lighthouse picture. That looks like a great place to visit. Wishing you a happy Monday!

    • Thanks so much Jed.

      I visited the Lighthouse area today and read about the number of shipwrecks that happened near that spot.

      We are on a similar wave length re self care. I printed out your sheet of 8 ways and have added them to a reminder page in my diary.


  13. What wonderful photos of your precious grandchildren! I didn’t realize you helped to raise them. Bless you! Your photo from Alcatraz is spooky! I would like to visit someday when we are allowed to travel again. Thanks for sharing these snaps with us.

    • Thanks so much Laurie.

      I totally LOVE(d) being the Grandma whose grandkids came to our place for a part of their daily care when their parents worked.

      I actually took some leave for our first granddaughter 23 years ago, as her Mum got a full time teaching gig and I was more than happy to take some time out.

      Over the years, we (husband and I) were also able to care for our daughter’s youngest and our son’s three for some time from 2008-2014. Special times indeed.

      I hope you get to travel soon. Parts of Australia remain closed to other states!


  14. Those chocolates look delicious! Thanks for this peak inside.

  15. What a great way to illustrate the ‘Inside’ prompt. My first visit to your blog and I’ve learnt a lot about you.
    Take care