Saturday 21st May 2022

In The Pink: A Colour Challenge. #SundayStills. 72/2021.

In The Pink: A Colour Challenge. #SundayStills. 72/2021.

Terri here has now  moved into her new abode and I will share this post soon as ‘my’ Sunday becomes Monday here. Terri is in the northern hemisphere. I do enjoy sharing and am happy to wait till Monday.

I cannot ever pass a camellia without going “wow”. I loved this pink one from the former house we rented. It just grew and gave me joy in some of my worst times pre and post cancer diagnosis. In fact, looking at the date 16.5.2017, I took this photo on the day before I was given my diagnosis.


On 17th May 2017, this woman in pink, my Oral Surgeon, was the person who told me over the phone that cancer had been found in the biopsy she had done the previous week. Fast forward about a year…and here I am sharing with her my gratitude for how she not only broke the news but that her nurse has ensured I was sent to the best person possible for my particular cancer. I was still to get my upper prosthesis here.

Way before the cancer diagnosis came the birth of our youngest granddaughter in early 2015 after we had moved away from the area where our families lived. Coming back for morning tea one day, this delightful snap was taken by Miss M’s Mum. In the pink!


I have become that person who stops the car now (only me in it driving, makes the decision easier) and when I could see this crepe myrtle reaching for the sky, I reached for my Iphone . Magical pink against the sky


Miss GD now  9 back here with her Mum’s car keys. It’s interesting, having 6 granddaughters, only some favoured pink if ever. Glad to see pink, also glad to see all colours. I know some little girls do get fixated for a while. She has some pink, red and purple going!


This granddaughter, now in her last year of Primary School, came to us each week for one to 3 days from age 5 months. She LOVED this jumper she has on. The owl on this pink jumper was a favourite. I miss it too.



Now this photo is a favourite of mine. Meeting author Trent Dalton to tell him how much he was right, and that I should finish listening to Boy Swallows Universe. I actually met him and he knew who I was. Hence, pre covid: April 2019, hugs were fine! Whar a great cover in pink, red and blue.


A gentle pink in this bloom seen on a visit to Hunter Valley Gardens, about 50 minutes drive from home. Pay to get in but the blooms and displays were worth it.


This beauty…now gone, was potted by me here at home in April 2021. It did not last because some pest got into the leaves. Glad I found this photo of a pink gerbera when it had just rained.


I suspect these beauties were captured by me in all their magenta glory at a nursery. Resplendent in both pink colour and petal features their mandala qualities get me in every time.


I love using these paint sprays but they make a mess. However, I like their brightness, check that pink,  and do my best to keep the areas covered where I spray. So effective with overlapping too.

More small index cards prepped

Using a pink border for this memory collage of the three granddaughters who stayed at our place for care while parents worked.


Great magenta background, bright pink is awesome,  for displaying my favourite line and drawing pens: Unipin.


Well. What IS this? It is a pink wax model of the eventual upper prosthesis that now resides in my mouth post-oral cancer. The hands are those of this clever man, my prosthodontist who has been at each of my surgeries and he planned how my mouth would eventually get some teeth after the reconstructions had been completed over time by my head and neck surgeon.


Again from the house we used to rent, this splendour was part of our spring and summer. Pale pink fragipanies with a bit of camellia sneaking in.


My art and craft fun has helped ground and centre me over the past seven or so years. I discovered the fun and intracies of mandala designing and colouring in 2016 and made ONE every day of 2016. So many were framed and given away, others have been laminated into placemats and some I cut up (shhh) and use parts of them for bookmarks. Each one has served a great purpose for my health and creativity so sharing is what I like to do. Look at that pink with orange and yellow and green


I never wore much pink if ever and my daughter was like me, far more wanting to be in blue or non-pastels. However, I began enjoying bright pink wearing it for the first time in 2010 and have found I love the brights in pinks a great deal. Celebrating recovery at the beach a couple of years back..”in the pink”.….a term for wellness!

Is pink a colour you wear?





  1. Fabulous pinks everywhere Denyse! I love bright colours as you know and any pink/orange combination works well for me! I have lots of photos of pink flowers but have taken my post (out a bit later today) in a different direction. I love camellias too and all your photos are great, especially the one with the rain drops. I love seeing how everyone interprets the #SundayStills theme each week, especially my friends 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Cheerleader Deb!

      Yes combos of bright are happy ones for us both.

      The cover of book by Yumiko Kadota: Emotional Female is one that you too would love. Check it out next time you are on line or see it in a shop. She has my admiration as she left a workplace because of ill-health brought upon by over-work and burn out. It’s a story I aligned with very much and as a result have made a lovely on-line connection with her.

      Hope the rest of your weekend goes well. I “could” have been packing for Canberra now if it wasn’t for covid!

      Take care,


  2. HI Denyse, my favourite colour is probably pink although I do love all colours. You’ve certainly risen to the Sunday Stills challenge with a great variety of photos. Pink is such a happy colour vibrant and alive and yet I do love the softer paler pink with the adorable Miss M. Those gerberas are gorgeous as well. thanks for brightening my Sunday. x

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh how lovely to know this post did brighten your Sunday, Sue.

      I never used to be a ‘pink’ girl but I sure do enjoy its many hues in nature and on others too.

      Actually, I just remembered, back in 1970 I had a lovely pale pink pants suit…and I know I liked it.

      I do enjoy this series each week as I find it give my brain a go in a different direction that isn’t so word and information based.

      Thanks so much for coming on over and commenting today! “Baby” pink might not be ‘fashionable’ but it’s a beautiful colour for sure.


  3. Denyse, you are definitely “in the pink” this week with your gorgeous images of all things pink! I love all your florals, which are so delightful, but your zest for life and positive outlook towards the medical staff during your recovery is absolutely inspiring! Gotta love those frangipani (we call them plumeria–makes me miss mine)! BTW, I’m wanting to link to your latest Life this Week in my post. See you in the blogosphere!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Terri. I love the ways in which we have connected virtually. Sunday Stills is an ideal way for me to use my creative brain for good!!

      I do understand now that frangipani have a different name as well.

      I am glad you are linking up your post too. Much appreciated….and I will pop over to your blog to chat with others via SundayStills.


  4. You have some beautiful pinks in this post. Your flowers and your smiles are the best. What a wonderful story. It was great to see your interview in the sidebar. How fun! Have a great week. Denyse. 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Marsha for your kind words and such a generously shared post about me.

      Yes, I thought it was a great place to leave the post and it is seen by others too.

      Monday here is a public holiday – for the Queen’s Birthday : Elizabeth 11 that is. We remain tethered to the monarchy as does Canada.


  5. You’ve posted some lovely photos here! I’ve recently fallen in love with camelias, someone down the road has one and I was impressed by how early it was in bloom and how long it bloomed too.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Susanne, they are so easy to love and give so much back.

      My husband’s replenishing of the garden of the house where we rent is reaping rewards of colour when we open the front door to go out.


  6. So many fun and pretty examples of pink! I’m wearing a pink sundress today.

  7. Love all these photos Denyse! So pretty! I always enjoy your posts.