Wednesday 26th January 2022

In The Garden From 2014. #SundayStills. 102/2021.

In The Garden From 2014. #SundayStills. 102/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for August 2021 and beyond when Natalie from here hosts for 3 weeks. This week is the first. Thank you Natalie.

I will share this post soon as ‘my’ Sunday becomes Monday here. Terri & Natalie are in the northern hemisphere. I do enjoy sharing and am happy to wait till Monday. This is the prompt: In The Garden.

Come and read to see what I did for this post!

In The Garden: 2014. Glenwood House: For Sale. 

In 2013 and into 2014 we began to prepare for the inevitable. Selling our house, with a mortgage, to become debt-free, and for me to stop working and for us to move away from Sydney to the N.S.W. Central Coast.

My husband, whilst having chronic pain from a very much compromised spine (2 very serious ones which have left him with some complications) IS a hard worker and planner for all things building and outside. So, he takes his time and things get done.

In this period too, we continued to care for our pre-school aged grandkids and had them stay with us too…making many memories.

I am so glad I do love to make memories and share some images here from In The Garden.

We miss having a place to call our own BUT it’s our current situation and we are accepting of that.

Almost finished a retaining wall.

Grandchildren ‘helping’ and loving it. The part of the yard needed a retaining wall.

Looked great after completion. All plants and grass added by my husband.



And then there was this:


Out the front too. This hedge gave the front of the house a division from the street, and there was a drive way on both edges of the house boundaries along with a parking pad in between. What was a front garden back in 1998 when we moved into the brand new house, changed to meet the needs of us (and maintenance too) over the years.

What’s In The Garden At Your Place?




  1. Lovely photos and memories here Denyse. I’ve just done my post and am off for a bike ride in the beautiful spring sunshine here. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Hi Denyse, Your husband did a great job building the retaining wall and maintaining the garden. Beautiful memories with your grandchildren, too. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and story with #SundayStills. Next week’s Sunday Stills theme is Afloat. I hope to see there.

    • Thanks Natalie, he is a very talented and creative craftsman who does enjoy working with his hands. This project of 7 years ago was one he put a great deal of time and effort into for just reward

      It was a lovely memory to share, and I have already planned Afloat similarly!


  3. Having glanced at the photos before reading the words, do you know what I see? Two grandparents thatreally love being with their grand kids – even the one who is behind the camera (so the shot is just of the child) becomes part of the story I see. What a cheerful visiual post.
    I am sorry for your husband’s back pain – it is so all encompassing (with every movement). I hope he can manage and not get too overwhelmed.

    • That is both kind and perceptive. I have wonderful memories of those days with grandchildren. It did, however, become something that was harder to enjoy in that last year in Sydney but more likely my own mental health was the issue rather than those kids!! Ruby is about to turn 12 & her brother 14 after that.


      Bernard’s back and issues have been something he has managed, lived with, had surgeries and now continues to have on-going pain and quite a bit of spine curvature… but he is very resilient and makes his day work by making adjustments to give him the life that works best for him.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Great photos and great memories. I look forward to doing these kinds of things with my grandkids.