Wednesday 27th October 2021

I Want. 33/51 #LifeThisWeek. 66/2020.

I Want. 33/51 #LifeThisWeek. 66/2020.

Last week I wrote this post: Why Did I Start A Blog?

Today I conclude the ‘Why I Blog” series with ‘I Want’ because that is essentially the ‘why’ of blogging for me.

I want:

  1. to connect with readers who visit this blog
  2. to stay relevant as a blogger 
  3. to post topics of interest with a range of my expertise and interest
  4. to contribute to conversations about a range of topics
  5. to be able to learn from others who blog
  6. to know that I am a blogger who is inclusive
  7. to be a blogging friend to those who link up often
  8. to see that my posts on all topics have relevance to my audience
  9. to visit others’ blogs and connect via commenting and support
  10. to continue writing, posting, commenting and sharing my blog posts with others for as long as my work is of interest to others and I am not feeling stale nor bored

It’s been a very big learning curve to be a blogger.

I say that because, for me, it was quite foreign to my world of work in education. Yet, as  determined person who does not eschew hard work, I did my best to blog for what I had found was my way:


Informational – based on experience


Stories shared

Difficult Topics Which May Be Helpful

Creativity and Art

Health & Mindfulness

After a huge move (literally) in our lives, from Sydney to the Central Coast at the beginning of 2015 I set myself a goal. To keep me focussed on “doing this one thing EVERY day”…. I wrote a blog post Every.Single.Day. of 2015. No-one read the posts bar me, until, I re-visited the best way to connect more broadly and that was:

L I N K  U P S.

Hosted by fellow bloggers.

Yay for that. I linked up posts for some time on the Annoyed Thyroid’s link up each weekend , Kylie Purtell’s on a Tuesday and Kirsty Russell on a Monday. Great news! I was meeting up with old friends and new. Right into 2016 and I continued…slightly decreasing my posts and relieved to do so.

I found I needed a good refresher of how this blog looked and made contact with an old Sydney friend, Tanya, who enriched the look and settings of the blog already set by my techie guy and that meant 2016 was even better. I made a commitment to blog almost every day under these topics:

I was having a good time, connecting and meeting new bloggers. Lots had just started blogging, others had left and there was talk of a linky being retired and I asked if I could, perhaps, with permission take over the Mondays with Life This Week. I got a lovely approval from my friend and in September this LINK UP kicked off….and is now #202!

I was also delighted to know there were link ups happening here (co-hosted) on Wednesdays  (sadly for me, this one is finishing up soon) and here on Thursdays. Thank you for your link ups! They are great places of connection.

I Want: to write my memoir.

I had been postponing the idea of writing a memoir of my life until a friend and blogger encouraged me to try writing the chapters in blog-type posts. I did this. Here is the first one. I was not to know it would be a while before the next one!!

I Want: to share awareness of head and neck cancer.

Those who have been here since then and before will know that things changed very fast for my life and priorities when I got a head and neck cancer diagnosis in May 2017. I did think long and hard before pressing publish on this but the love and support which came back to me proved why I love to blog and love my community. The post is here.

I Want: to promote and encourage education- self and others always.

I also told the story of how I like to learn…this was because as a life-long educator I was placed in the role of student at an adult crochet class and because of how poorly my needs were understood I never went back!

I Want: to feel well within myself and portray that confidently.

As an anti-dote to cancer treatments and letting myself be positively impact each day, I began a daily routine some 4 months into my cancer and started to ‘dress with purpose’. This became a photo on instagram each day…and then over time one big boost to my self-confidence when I had no upper teeth and was still in cancer-treatment mode. Here’s what this was about. 

I Want: to have women share their stories of courage.

From May 2019 I introduced a series to the blog for women I invited (or who self-invited) to share their stories: answering 5 questions. This series, Women of Courage continues….I am so pleased this has been a success. Many women have told me what it meant to share.

I Want: to show my appreciation to you, my readers, bloggers and friends. Some even joined me for my 70th birthday morning tea late in 2019. Many of you I may never met but already feel you are good friends. This blogging business is a great way for me, a relatively isolated retiree, to connect.

I Want: to continue blogging. Writing a post up to 2 times a week is good for my health and for my connections. Over time, I expect with fewer Women of Courage stories, my Wednesday posts will be a way to make some changes of direction if that’s what I choose.

This Is Why I Blog!

Thank you all. You have made a difference in my life.


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  1. An inspiring list of ‘wants’, Denyse!

    I want to see what lies ahead, so this week’s post was titled ‘Anticipation’.

    Be well

    SSG xxx

  2. It’s a really interesting reminder of all those link ups that have fallen by the wayside. And a lot of the hosts no longer even blogging. Isn’t it funny. I’d actually forgotten a few of those were regular structure for me (and I guess how we met…).
    I like that you were so positive with the prompt. I went straight into the I want to travel and I want to go to concerts and I want to not have to worry about all this COIVD stuff. Thus I didn’t write the post….I might rethink this prompt later…as obviously there’s a lot I could have done with it that wasn’t gloom and doom. #Lifethisweek

    • Thank you Lydia, and you have most likely been there for many of those now-closed link ups and I am pretty sure I would have ‘met’ you a couple of times for “I Blog on Tuesdays” with Jess then Kylie and of course, at Sam’s and Kristy’s.

      It was good for me to review my reasons for and history of blogging.

      Remaining in this space of connections on line is, for me, the way in which I can keep on learning, catching up and am never bored. It is part of my weekly routine and a needed one at that because it is a positive in my life.

      Take care,

  3. I love your take on the prompt! Kudos to you for keeping the link up party alive and kicking – being the hostess takes such a lot of work so I appreciate all that you do – it’s a great way to keep connected with others and feel a sense of community. Even though I don’t read anywhere near as many blog posts as I used to, I know I can have a virtual catch up here every week with the “regulars.” It was so lovely to meet some of them IRL at your birthday tea too! What a treat!

    • Thanks so much Sam. Only time it has felt a bit hard to commit to what I do on the link up – visit and comment on every poster who links up – is when I have been in recovery mode as I explained to linkers a couple of weeks ago.

      Now, of course, I have time. I have the energy and the interest and really enjoy Mondays. Waking up and seeing who is already up and about…unlike me…and commenting and linking up.

      I do not have any plans to stop. However, like all things, if there proves over time to be less interest then I would.

      But now, this is a kind and caring space on the internet and those of you who link up keep it energised that way too.

      Yes, meeting IRL…a bonus for sure!

      Take care,

  4. A fabulous summary Denyse and your articulate your wants in a clear way – something I have come to expect in your writing! It is a great effort to be offering the linkup still and I always enjoy being involved. I am often sad when things end for bloggers, either they give up or move on to other things but I can understand it. Thank you for offering this opportunity to share with others each week.

    I have wanted to ‘learn to write’ for a long time and so I have finally bitten the bullet and am doing a short online course in Writing Picture nBooks for young children. I have finished my first assignment and am awaiting feedback as we speak but I will be writing more about this on my blog in coming weeks. For today I wrote a simple ‘I want’ post.

    • Thank you kindly for your words. I appreciate your care and praise for how I am blogging.

      Sometimes an idea, like last week’s post and this week’s becomes more than a simple response to a prompt and it worked out well.

      Yes, to being sad to see #MLSTL the love ending but with Sue’s and Leanne’s blessing, I am going to add a blog post on their last linky day telling their readers about my Monday link up.

      I love my space because it’s like friends dropping in to share and I know, as an extrovert who can’t get out physically much, I NEED this connection.

      I noticed you were giving the Writing course a go. Well-done. It’s a great place for writers for sure and way back in 2012 when I wasn’t sure of my direction on the blog and in terms of income generation, I did the Magazine and Newspaper course. I passed but found it was not for me. I learned quite a bit though which was good.

      All the best with your work and take care,


  5. I love how you know your “whys” or, rather “wants” so clearly. It comes through in everything you post. I still feel as though I’m rambling about in the dark.

    • Thanks Jo.

      Never hurts, as a forever educator, to take a look at what I do and then re-organise the purpose for my understanding in a better way.

      It comes with my life in schools…always programming, teaching, evaluating, re-programming.

      Your blog is a ‘homely space’ where I can see and smell what has been happening. I find it a great catch up from you, like meeting you for a coffee! Love it.

      Take care,


  6. I loved reading about your blogging journey, Denyse. Your list of wants is very inspiring to this blogger. Thankyou for #lifethisweek It’s become one of the highlights of my week

    • Thanks Jennifer, I think it comes with the territory of being an educator for all of my adult life.

      In teaching I always had to plan, teach, evaluate and re-plan. It’s a cycle I guess that every so often, like now I apply to the blog.

      How kind your words are. I am glad it’s one of your highlights. I loved Mondays to see who has dropped in!!

      Take care,

  7. Thank you, Denyse, for sharing your “wants” and blogging journey so well, and for hosting your regular link-ups. I want to continue having fun and making new friends via blogging.

    • Thank you kindly Natalie.

      I am glad you have ventured here and remain as a loyal and caring linker on Mondays.

      Take care,


  8. Hi Denyse, I admire your dedication to blogging and how you can write about so many different topics. I am pressed to get one blog post out a week! It’s a good way to connect to other like-minded people – thank you for the Link up. Regards Christina

    • Thanks so much Christina.

      The blog, over the past 5 years, has helped me have a routine that connects me with others. I needed and still do, a reason for doing something once I had retired and changing things here on the blog has been a brilliant way for me to feel less lonely socially and more connected.

      The link up, of course, brings people such as you over to the blog and in turn you get to know more people too.

      It’s a win win.

      Take care,


  9. It’s tough to host a link up but I’m so glad you do. I think I met you and other bloggers through link-ups too and it’s been great to have that connection. I love your I want list; it’s positive and uplifting and shows how much purpose and meaning is behind your blog. Hope you have a lovely week ahead Denyse!

    • Actually Sanch, I don’t find it tough much because it’s a manageable group of people who link up. It’s only when I am less than well, like in my recent surgery recovery, that I am unable to give the attention I normally do to my fellow bloggers back on their blogs. However, given how much most know me now anyway, I know it’s OK!!

      Thanks so much my friend for being here…even on the days that are the hard ones…when the last thing we want is to connect. YOU do…and I am always pleased.

      Take care,


  10. I love this! It’s good to sit down and work out your goals and have a purpose. I need to do this more often!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Hi Di, thank you! It kind of worked out well as the second part of the story of my blog to be able to do this.

      It was refreshing for me too.

      Hope you can take the chance to do this when you are ready.

      Take care,


  11. Some good advice on staying up to date and relevant with your blog. My blogging has changed slightly over the years. I suppose we need to keep evolving.

    • Thank you Veronica,

      I guess only “we” know when we are ready for change or refreshment of our blogs.

      In my case, it kind of came about by necessity as my purpose had changed somewhat.

      Glad you found the link up here too!

      Take care,


  12. Hi Denyse – so many blog ideas have come and gone – the blog hops have stopped, link parties have decreased, FB share groups have withered, and even the “prompt” type posts seem to have mainly faded away. It’s been almost 6 years since I started blogging and I’ve seen so many changes – and so many bloggers who have come with high hopes and then faded away.
    I think blogging for the long term means finding what you love about it and enjoying it for the stimulation, interaction, and joy – getting caught up in the hoopla seems to kill the joy very quickly when disappointment sets in.
    For my “want” – I want to keep moving forward, growing into the best version of me, and sharing positivity wherever I can. Thanks for being part of my blogging “tribe” and long may that continue. xx

    • Oh thank you so much, you have summed up so much of what I too have found, Leanne.

      The commitment to read others’ posts and share has diminished a great deal. I only ask that my post gets a comment, and hope that bloggers may visit others if time warrants it and there is interest.

      I am glad to have found newer people in the past 5 years such as yourself and learn from others because of this. We are connected…and that takes some effort but in my case, I am prepared to do the connecting and loved that others come along too.

      Onward!! Love your supportive words, Leanne. Thanks again.

      Take care,

  13. I’m inspired by your list of ‘wants’ and think it could be an exercise I would benefit from. Sometimes, especially after all this time, I wonder why I’m still doing it and if anyone still cares either way. Haha. That said, if I knew better MY WHY, maybe those times wouldn’t be as impactful.

    • Well thank you Melissa!

      If only the question is asked and there may not be an answer that does not matter.

      The thing with blogging these days, for me, is that there is no rule to have a niche….nor a specialty which we were ‘told’ at all those conferences 2011-2013.

      I blog for me and love that people come to connect and share here too.

      Take care,

  14. I like to blog for those connections and friendships I’ve made with other bloggers too. My blog has also evolved a lot through the years as both my blogging focus and my skills have changed and grown.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Joanne.

      Connections make the blogging world work!

      I like what you said about evolving. It’s a natural thing to do with the blog I believe.

      Take care,


  15. I love that you put “connection” as your #1 want. That is so obvious to anyone who has had the great good fortune to read your posts and get acquainted with your blog. Connection is the main theme with this link-up, one of the reasons I enjoy participating so much.

    And I think most educators (definitely including you) could write an interesting memoir with lots of fascinating anecdotes.

    • Ah thank you so much Laurie, that is very kind of you to say.

      I am pleased to see you back here this week too.

      I am in the process of writing that memoir about teaching…and life…and have to be ‘careful’ about non-identifiers but yes, there are stories from life as an educator to be told. Even some I can’t believe happened!!

      Take care,


  16. 99.99% of people I have met through blogging have changed my life for the better. It is the best community.

    • That is a very generous comment Vanessa and I am glad the blogging community matters so much in your life.

      I would not have ‘met’ anyone here via my former career so consider myself fortunate to have met (IRL and on-line) so many people of differing backgrounds and life but with the common element of being a blogger!

      Take care,