Friday 22nd October 2021

I Saw. 22/51. #LifeThisWeek. 44/2020.

I Saw. 22/51. #LifeThisWeek. 44/2020.

I was very wordy last week, so this week, as fewer words as possible as I describe ‘what I saw’.

Those of you who follow me on other social media may see a repeat or three…but here are some photos of what I saw: from late May as I compiled this  post.

Photo prepping for Beyond Five’s Soup for The Soul.


Wamberal lagoon, coffee in the car. Rain about.


Choc Chips and Flaked Almonds in a Biscuit. Local GPs Office & Dr LOVED them


Patterns: my neocolour crayons getting in practice before #ICAD2020


I can not resist a lonely flower which is perfect.


Slowing my mind to concentrate on “one thing as a time”. A 4000+ Group I am in, used this image for its banner for a few days.


Celebrating LOVE of coffee in a glass and sitting to enjoy it.


Glassy and still lake in the afternoon.


Large mindfulness drawing and colouring.


Looking west: The Entrance Bridge.


New (and expensive) coloured pencils.


Clouds and sky and reflections on water. Love this.


And the next day: flying seagulls over waves on the lake.


Haircut (tick) new cheap readers on (tick) admitting I need these (tick) Not for driving though!


Delicate & beautiful pansy I am growing. After rain.


Where does the seagull start and end?


On the last day of remote learning: I made this.


Windy and cold…at Soldiers Beach to view the sea.



That’s a sample of what I saw!
I hope you enjoyed the snapshots via my eyes!

Next week, Debbie from here and I will be writing our second posts in our 2-part series on being Grandmothers in Life Stories. My first one is here.

Take care everyone,


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  1. Hi Denyse, the first photo of you is just lovely and your smile fills me with joy. I also love the Butterfly and the photo of the gulls flying. Images can be so emotive can’t they? Have a lovely week and thanks for hosting #lifethisweek.

    • Thank you Sue. I like it too. I am glad that I can smile so much now and for very good reasons. My husband makes me smile too!!

      I am in awe of nature and notice it every day.

      Take care,


  2. The seagull photo is my favourite!

    Have a lovely week, Denyse!

    SSG xxx

  3. Some lovely pics of you, esp the first one. I really love the clouds and sky photo. Just gorgeous. YOu are so very lucky to get to the water so often.

    • Thanks so much. Those pics came out well and I am pleased as they are going to be used in a promotion for Soup for The Soul. The fundraiser will like most things now be virtual, sadly. But that’s COVID times for you!

      I am lucky to get to the water but I also make every opportunity to do so after missing it for 30+years living out west..Sydney and NSW!

      Take care,


  4. Very nice pics, Denyse. So wonderful that you can easily visit a beach. Thanks for hosting and have a lovely week!

    • Thank you Natalie.

      Getting to the beach, especially when it is rough is a great way for me to feel refreshed and in tune with nature.

      It is my pleasure to host the link up and always glad to see my blogging friends join in.

      Take care,


  5. I love this prompt and am so glad you took so many photos of things you enjoy. I am blind, which is really a nuisance when it comes to social media, as I for one cannot take proper pictures (I know some blind people can). I might write about this for this week’s post. Sorry if this comment isn’t okay.

    • Astrid, you do amazingly well. I am so glad you have come back to visit and catch up.

      I am not sure ‘how’ you get to view this world of ours…and to blog, but I sure am glad you do and can.

      This comment is fine!! Thank you for writing.

      Take care,


  6. How good is coffee from a glass/cup? Love seeing all the different things you’ve seen this past week and of course, saw them on the socials too. I hope you’re getting used to not wearing glasses all the time. It must be strange! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful week, Denyse!

    • Yes it is! Ahhh missed it so.

      I am getting out more but still remaining sensible.

      Trying to avoid days when centres might be crowded.

      I will say, social distancing is not well understood by many locally. Sigh.

      As for not wearing the glasses, I love it and it’s fine for distance and driving but I need something for reading and the computer. However, I will be glad with what I have and continue to be glass-free for as long as I can.

      Take care,


  7. Wamberal lagoon looks really nice!

    • It did. We have a few lagoons like that on the coast but this was the first time I went down the no-through road to reach it.

      Back in the days when I could only get takeaway coffee and this was on my way home.

      My 3 eldest grandkids other grandparents live within walking distance of this and often walk near it and through to the ocean beyond.

      Take care,


  8. Lovely photos as always Denyse. I love the cloud photo. Have a good week.

  9. The still lake in the afternoon and the pic of clouds reflecting. Beautiful eye for capturing beautiful detail. Love your pics. Enjoy your coffees Denyse. Xx

  10. Hi Denyse – love the new haircut – and you look very content and happy. Also really liked your drawing and colouring in – I have colour pencil envy! Enjoy your cafe coffees and the easing up on the restrictions – I certainly am!

    • Thanks Leanne.

      I too love my new(er) haircut. My old hairdresser did a great job but when she left to have her baby I needed to find a new one.

      I sussed out the place I go to now and they suggested I get my hair cut by Bec. Bec listened well and I now get a perfectly done hair cut. She takes 45 minutes and I care for it pretty easily. I now have appointments booked for the rest of the year every 4 weeks.

      I found over the years buying better pencils saved me frustration. However, these are an added luxury. If you wanted to get some artist quality ones, Prismacolours are lovely and go on easily. My hand (fingers on left) gets sore from arthritis if I go too hard so I need to be careful.

      Love the coffee back in a cafe! Hope you are getting out a little more too.

      Take care,

  11. These pics really made me smile – love your new “do” and your beautiful, big smile! I too enjoyed my first sit down coffee recently, it was so lovely to sit down and savour it and best of all drink from a cup! Wishing you lots of joy in June!

    • I am so glad you too got to have coffee out and sit down at a table to do so.

      Thanks for the compliments. Very kind.

      Doing my best to see and be the joy in June…

      Thanks Sam,

      Take care,


  12. I love looking through these photos – those lake landscapes are stunning! And I hope you have many, many hours of enjoyment with those new coloured pencils!

    • Thanks Bella, I am glad you enjoyed my photos.

      I will continue to enjoy my colouring more with awesome new pencils. I do have to stop every so often as these old fingers get sore.

      Hope you are going well.

      Take care,


  13. It’s so good to see things through your eyes Denyse! I love that first photo of you! You are looking good and your smile is infectious.

    I hope you’re managing OK and it’s good to see you venturing out a little, although it still seems weird to me! How are you feeling when you’re out and about?

    See you next week with part 2 of our life as grandmothers posts. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Debbie. I keep telling my husband he is making me smile like that….then if I want to take his photo he won’t be in it. Men!!

      It gets easier and easier to go out now and even today I experienced someone right at my shoulder when we were lined up for self-serve at Coles. She also did not take a hint…and when I looked at the floor there was only one marker anyway. I sense a lot of the organisation may be slipping in some places which is why I take care to wash my hands as soon as I am home and to use hand sanitiser in the car.

      I admit the best part now is sitting for a cup of coffee. But, I feel a bit guilty if I linger too long as there are still restrictions.

      Yep, got my photos ready for next week’s post. Just gotta add words! See you then.

      Take care,


  14. Love your sky and water pictures, Denyse. And, of course, your new ‘do! I have to admit to being just a touch jealous. The salons here are not open and haven’t been since the beginning of March. We begin reopening next Friday, but for the hair salons, it will be quite a while. Thank you for hosting!

    • Thanks Laurie for your kind words.

      The hairdresser, allowed to be open with only 2 stylists and 2 clients at a time is the go for now but this week beauticians and nail salons also opened. They still have to comply with social distancing, extra hygiene and a limited number on the premises.

      I guess the reason for each of our Australian states going forward..not all the same though, is the low numbers, relatively of COVID19 cases being diagnosed. We have, cross fingers, flattened the curve. How it will pan out over winter will be interesting.

      Let’s all keep as well and safe as we can.

      Take care,


  15. Those new (and expensive) pencils look like a lovely treat. Plenty to love here!

    • They are indeed. It is so expensive buying imported goods here in Australia but I also enjoy the quality so ‘pay the price’.

      Hope your week goes well.

      Thanks Jo, take care,


  16. I loved your snapshots and your beautiful smile. So many things to be happy about. I also use ‘cheap readers’. The specialist called them ‘generic glasses’ which I quite liked and he said they were good enough for me.

    • Thanks so much Veronica.

      Yes, the ‘cheap’ glasses…found everywhere now I know what my size is so to speak.

      I was very glad to have my smile return like this in August 2018 and take every chance to show it off!

      Take care,


  17. Denyse – I really, really like your new haircut – its very flattering on you! Also love all your nature pics. How lovely to live so near to all that! Have a wonderful week! xo

    • Thanks Min. I do too. I am pleased to have found someone locally who gets my hair so well. She and I now have a permanent 4 weekly booking.

      Getting outside helps me get my perspective back.

      Take care,