Wednesday 26th January 2022

I Have Never. 41/51 #LifeThisWeek. 82/2020.

I Have Never. 41/51 #LifeThisWeek. 82/2020.

How to respond to this? I am doing it under  headings…. let’s see how this works.

I Have Never:


  • in a physical fight.
  • a particularly brave person.
  • into a nightclub.
  • on a bar/pub hop.
  • into getting into drinking…ever.



  • any offal. at all. intentionally or unintentionally.
  • dishes from other countries of origin – not an adventurous eater. Fried rice and pizza is my limit. Not together.
  • spiced anything. Chilli…noooo
  • a full menu from a restaurant: entree, mains, dessert for a very, very long time. In fact I wonder how I ever did!
  • something that might be ‘dodgy’ for example, use by date is passed.



  • much that is brave or adventurous in some people’s eyes at all.
  • any type of sewing other than a button onto a shirt or maybe a small hem adjustment. By hand. Never a machine.
  • any true labour in the sense of manual labour. Some gardening maybe and some house cleaning. That’s it.
  • anything to deliberately harm anyone
  • much at all to dissuade anyone from being who they are. I really think that is true. I hope so anyway.



  • someone who is a liar and then remain friends with them.
  • gold in ‘them thar hills’.
  • peace that is ever-lasting.
  • the above is impossible because we constantly change and grow.
  • bitching about anyone and anything is actually healthy.



  • a sunset at the beach in Australia.
  • a blue fairy wren in the bush.
  • any iguana/dragon/large bearded lizard in real life I hope I never do.
  • someone after they  have died.
  • Some states of Australia: Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania & Northern Territory.



  • a true broken heart.
  • the desire to have an affair.
  • all my hair cut off.
  • radiotherapy and chemotherapy and hope to keep it that way.
  • the chance to travel to the UK thanks to no dollars and no planes anyway these days!

Interesting to me is the fact that I am, from this small sampling, a conservative and definitely not adventurous person ….ah well. To each her/his own.

I did have a think and I have to add examples of doing/being where some others may find they have not. I am fine with public speaking, and leading a school, along with travelling solo by driving to events away from home.

What have you never?


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  1. What an interesting blog post! Things you’ve never done …I have never robbed a bank. Lately I have seen so many films on this subject that I have begun to wonder if I should too!!! Sometimes cancer gives my thoughts a wildness I might never have had! 😀

    • Thanks so much Jody. There are times I wonder ‘why’ for my optional prompts ….then I go for them. I like that having cancer has made you a bit more wild. I like that as a thought. But, please, no bank robbing.


  2. You sort of have had all your hair cut off as you have short hair…so a hair cut is still having all your hair cut off, even if it’s only a little bit off each hair. As for the brave/courageous, I think you have been, given what you’ve been thru.

    • Ah, yes Lydia, I see why you would say that about my hair. But for me, what I see others go through who have to lose their hair. It is very confronting.

      I am just glad I did not have to (and hope never to!) have that as a side effect of cancer treatments.

      Thanks for your kind words.


  3. Denyse, I think you’ve been brave going through HNC treatment and surgeries.I’ve never been to Australia and hope to visit when it’s safe to travel again.

    • Thanks Natalie. That is an exciting thought, to travel again and to Australia! You certainly have your share of on-line friends here.

      Your kind words are appreciated about my HNC journey.


  4. Hi Denyse, You are brave in your own way – going through your surgeries and speaking out to educate people is incredibly brave. I’ve never been into extreme sports like bungy jumping or skydiving, but I have traveled a lot and love exotic and spicy food. My courage comes from having to do things or go through things, not from choice. I think people can be a bit reckless at times which I wouldn’t call brave. I wouldn’t deliberately put myself in harms way because life is too short. Thank you for the thought provoking post, regards Christina

    • Thanks so much Christina.

      Yes, I see some of the life challenges you have met and there are quite a few.

      Leaving what you know to live and work in a different place is a brave move.

      Your message of support is always appreciated.


  5. Hi Denyse I love your approach to this prompt and enjoyed reading about what you have never done. If I were to write a list I think many of your nevers would also appear on it. I have to say I was stumped by this prompt for a while. It made me think and that’s good

    • Good to know Jennifer.

      I never did get the drinking alcohol thing. My parents used to have an evening drink before dinner. I just wasn’t interested. I have had some wine and spirits drinks in my youth. I admit that a shandy was a way I celebrated the end of the school year and term with my then staff!

      I am glad this prompt made you think…sometimes shaking things up is good.


  6. This was a great prompt Denyse and enjoyed learning more about you through your answers. You have done a lot of things and been through a great more than most in your lifetime.

    You also inspired me to write a whole new post over breakfast and I’m now I’m running late for my first appointment of the day! Thanks again for having me over and inspiring me to think outside the box 🙂

    • Oops to you being late to an appointment thanks to writing a new post! Hope all was OK.

      I sometimes wonder where I get these ideas from for optional prompts but I am delighted when I read my creative ideas get other bloggers writing!!

      Thanks Deb for your kind words.


  7. What a great prompt – and reading through the categories I was tempted to actually go on theme this week. As an aside, I reckon you have been brave…just saying. Oh, and I’ve tried offal and yeah nah to that.

    • Ah Jo, nearly got you in! There are some interesting ones coming up…’inside’ and ‘outside’ I still have to apply some brain power to those.

      My parents (kids of the depression years) liked lambs fry and kidneys. Mum had to take the kidneys out of any steak and kidney pie for moi. As for lambs fry, I just ate the bacon.


  8. I loved reading your never blog!
    I have never held a gun.
    I have never smoked.
    I have never been to Italy.

    • Thanks so much for popping in to comment on this post, Dorothy.

      I have used a rifle…yes, in the bush hunting rabbits and I have no idea if any were hit.

      I once or twice tried smoking and had no idea of what I was doing for which I am very grateful.

      And no travels except to US for me.

      Hope your Melbourne stay is OK. Thinking of you.


  9. Hi Denyse, my husband describes me as “risk adverse” so I totally identified with a lot of your “nevers” and I’m also a non-drinker so that box got ticked too. There’s lots of things I’ve never done, and I think I’m a better, healthier, more stable person because of that – so far I have no regrets. BTW sunsets over the ocean are something we West Aussies take for granted – and why we don’t need daylight savings – the light lasts a lot longer in the evenings because the mountains and hills don’t block the last of the sunlight xx

    • We are very conservative eldest kids Leanne. It is our job to not only be safe but to ensure everyone else is. It is in our make up.

      I had not thought about the sunsets where you are. Yes. of course, that makes sense for no daylight saving.

      Here’s to “no regrets”.


  10. I’ve got to call you out on ‘I have never been a particularly brave person’. Your courage series shows there are so many different versions of courage and bravery, and you are 100% a brave person.
    And YES 100% to the no liars as friends thing. Buh-bye, liars and gaslighters.
    Thanks for hosting the linky x

    • Love your words. Thanks so much Em. I will take that on board.

      Yes I understand your revulsion about liars.

      Great to see you linking up, and your blog is now on my list of links. Sorry it wasn’t there before!


      PS Hope back to school went well.

  11. I’m not a very adventurous person either though I have been trying to push myself outside my comfort zone a bit these past few years and say yes to more experiences.

    • Hi Joanne, I know that I am very similar but here’s the thing about getting older for me…I am prepared to give more things a go!

      Who knew?

      Take care,


  12. I loved reading all your “never have I Evers!!” I think it gives more of an insight into who you are rather then writing about all the stuff you have done… does that make sense!?? Anyway never have I ever jumped out of a plane or Bungy jumped… too scared of heights!!

    • Yes Kerrie, you are right. I sure can see that!

      What a lovely lot of getting away you and the family have had recently.

      Making memories for sure.

      I am not bad on heights. My husband does not like them at all. I have climbed the Harbour Bridge via bridge climb and whilst I did look out and up more than down, as long as I was holding the rail, I could look down.