Tuesday 26th October 2021

I Dislike Sydney’s Changes. 2018.15.

I Dislike Sydney’s Changes. 2018.15.

There I have said it.

I have been back to Sydney, crossing our wonderful Harbour Bridge many more times than I might have guessed when I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2017. I have also been out to the west of Sydney to the Oral Health Services at Westmead and certainly noticed how much more building work is proceeding. The traffic. Grrr. I know, Sydney is an awesome capital city. I love(d) her too.

I was fortunate to live in Sydney – Balgowlah Heights near Manly- from 1959 to 1970 then I went to the country to teach, get married and have one child. From 1978 until 2015 we lived in north-western Sydney. So, yes I think I might have an opinion!

Last week we drove to Sydney to stay the night before my surgery last Wednesday so that there would be a stress-free start to my Day Surgery and that was a top decision. It worked. However, I decided to use my ‘free time’ on Tuesday afternoon to have my little excursion around my old home town I guess. I am sharing photos and the letter I wrote to the Sydney Morning Herald. It did not get published but then again news of a certain Deputy PM and the stock market tumble were why.

My letter:

We left Sydney for The Central Coast the same week “powers that be” determined ripping up George St, adding more gateway links, extending Motorways… etc, etc, etc.
Yesterday before my 3rd surgery at a new needed & valued hospital called Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, I took a bus trip (opal card still worked!) & was astounded at the city’s disruption, noise from buildings & the fact that it’s a much slower development than ever.
When I lived in Sydney’s outer areas I enjoyed coming into the city. Not anymore!
The one thing that has not changed is the harbour & that I could ride a ferry to Zoo & return to re-connect my soul to Sydney there was my highlight.
Thank you kind bus drivers & ferry masters & attendants who helped this Senior find her way round again.

Snapshots of Sydney by me after my first real visit back in over 3 years.

However, I cannot say it was all disappointing because some things NEVER change (thank goodness!) and here they are:

Looking UP. Of course, and capturing Sydney’s varying architecture and Sydney Tower

Seagulls at Circular Quay and This Water….has not changed appearance since I first saw them in 1955.


It was great to see so many people enjoying the magical spot. A cruise ship was in too. I remember farewelling a friend off to England in 1965 from The Terminal.


Now Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and I have always enjoyed the various installations there. I loved the fact that the Aboriginal Flag was flying.


And this was the icing on the cake. As always. Sydney Harbour on a Ferry. Using my opal card I did a round trip to the Zoo. Ah!

So, there it is. My recent visit to Sydney.

I wonder what you think of the changes if you are a Sydney-sider.

If you are not, have you been to Sydney?

I think of this place more as my hometown now ….the northern beaches too…rather than the place of my birth, Wollongong.

What’s your hometown?


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  1. I totally understand! I’m not loving the disruption either Denyse. Painfully slow to get anywhere. (Bit like Canberra right to be honest.) I look forward to seeing the result though!

    • I always went into Sydney by car. I had a great place to park, then I could walk to where I wanted to go. So, they’ve changed it. A LOT. And I had a little whinge. But I also loved so much that was still wonderful and that was on the Harbour! Denyse x

  2. I think it will be great once it’s all finished- until then- urrrgh!

    • So I am guessing. However, even the bus drivers and taxi driver told me how frustrating it was. Of course there has to be progress, but this seems S L O W. Loved the harbour and MCA so it’s nice to know what is still lovely!! Denyse x

  3. I’m not loving the disruption either but now that there’s bits completed, I have some idea of how it’s going to look and I think it’s going to be awesome. For me, the Sydney classics like the harbour, the skyline, the parks, the ferries cancel out the annoying building work. I find it more bothersome in the suburbs where there seems to be a high rise being built on every corner – I feel like my cosy, quiet surburb is turning into a metropolis!

    • The completed areas on George St looked good at Christmas from what I saw. One of my ‘tourist on my old town’ dilemmas that afternoon was how to navigate myself to Dymocks on George St. But my skills honed in those main streets of Sydney from 15 onwards helped me and I got there by alighting from the bus at King St, walking up to Pitt St mall, into the Strand Arcade and turned left to Dymocks. But my fave place did not disappoint. Sydney Harbour! Denyse x

  4. The works in the city definitely are going mega slow! I feel sorry for the shop keepers that are struggling in the areas where the work is being done as I and a lot of other people try to avoid those areas of the city!


    • So so true. Each time I go to Dad’s a Dee Why there are more cranes on the horizon and even with the addition of the B-Lane and busses, it is still a crawl along Pittwater Rd to anywhere. Denyse x

  5. I do agree that the work for the Light Rail is taking way too long, but I think once it’s finished it’s going to be really good for the city. Right now the only way to get around from block to block is to either walk or go down to a station on the city circle which is just unpleasant. The light rail will be brilliant for visitors to the city as it will be straight forward and not confusing like trying to catch a train or bus. One of the best things about NYC was the subway system and how easy it was to navigate and get places, even for people from other countries, so the new light rail will be brilliant for tourists. I’m a big fan of the light rail that already exists, it’s just so painful while the construction happens (for instance, it took me almost an hour to drive across the city the other week at 6pm in the evening, it was super frustrating!). It’s still the best city in the world!

    • I understand it probably will be a good thing but gosh I felt sorry for people who did not know the streets like I do. I went in via Parramatta Road on a bus and got off at King St and did the rest of my tour on foot as I like to do that and down to the Quay. However, by the time my 3 hours were up I was done – and just finished having a quick look at MCA and then had to work out how to get back. I chose to hail a cab. $34 dollars later I was back at Missenden Road. It was worth it but she took me ways I would not have considered, up to Cleveland St and then across to Missenden Road. A good afternoon though and I so enjoyed being on the water with my camera and iphone. I will be back for sure.

  6. I love Sydney but only visit once a year so I cant say I know about the changes. It’s very different to melbourne so it makes for a refreshing change.

    • It is different but give Melbourne credit! I went there 3 times in 2011 & 2012 for blogging conferences and I found it a joy to be able to get around on foot because it is so well-laid out! Denyse x

  7. I haven’t been to Sydney in a few years but it does sound like a lot of construction is under way. I hope it’s worth the disruption.

    • Those who live here now think so. Maybe I am just getting old but I am of the opinion if it ain’t broke don’t fix it..LOL. Denyse x

  8. It sounds like it’s a real hassle getting around at the moment, but hopefully the changes will be worth it. You just can’t beat a ferry ride on the harbour, can you?!