Tuesday 24th May 2022



  1. Hi Denyse. I have just found your blog and read parts 1, 2 & 3. I love reading about your journey to recovery . Your surgery is a lot worse than mine. So far I have had the Biopsy which found I had SCC tongue cancer. Then surgery to remove the cancer lesion on my tongue. Results indicated it was deeper than they thought – 6mm so I now have to have surgery to remove one or more lymph nodes. I would love to keep in touch.

    • Thanks Gayle. I think it is awesome when fellow head and neck cancer patients find each other! I am a rare one….according to my Professor at a recent appointment. Still, it happened and I have to be oh so grateful that when it did I was sent to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and to one of the surgeons trained by the late head and neck surgeon Chris O’Brien. My surgeries have been tough…and even tougher to recover from along with 37 trips to the prosthodontist for my ‘new teeth’ up top. I am at the 2 year mark, and required no further radio or chemo and a scan of neck, head and chest last week came back all clear. Do follow the blog! If you have liked the facebook page for it, you should get an update when I post something new. It is less now about Head and Neck cancer as I am doing a series about Women of Courage each Wednesday. Best wishes and I am so glad I connected with you today. Thinking of you as you face your next challenge. Denyse

Denyse values & reads every comment written, thank you. There is always a reply.