Tuesday 24th May 2022

I Am Grateful Today. Cancer Surgery #1.Part 3. 2017.98.

I Am Grateful Today. Cancer Surgery #1. Part 3. 2017.98.

For those of you who have been following my story of having cancer, the surgery for cancer and the recovery, this post is bringing you up to date with my first month at home.

Going home! Are there any better words when you have been in hospital? I do not think so! I spent the whole of the journey back home being very grateful for my discharge from Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and being entrusted into my loving husband’s care. I think I talked all the way home as it had been some time (ok, 10 days!) since I had been outside the walls of the hospital.

The following photos will tell part of my story of gratitude.

However, throughout all of this ‘cancer journey’ the one person I am most grateful to is my husband:

the yin to my yang, the calm to my panic, the voice of reason to the voice of worry, the patient man for the patient who is often less than patient….I dedicate this post to him.

And even though he dislikes the attention, I have told him often enough that without his care, love, compassion, practical skills and commonsense my time becoming accustomed to have cancer and facing the serious surgery would have been much, much harder.

I am very grateful to B:


Here I am …within one month even I can see the differences and I know I feel different inside and much more ‘like me’ so I am incredibly grateful for healing time, a good body, great medical and surgical support and my outlook!

Taken on 12 August 2017, 4 weeks after my arrival home from hospital.

I am most grateful for YOUR support and care via your comments, your Facebook updates and those on Instagram. Thank you all!


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The gratitude post in photos!



  1. I loved that latest photo of you smiling as I know you were worried about being able to… and flashing one’s teeth is highly overrated. 🙂 (Esp mine given the amount of diet coke I drink!)

    I second your appreciation of B and I’m sure he would willingly do anything for you. My mum was my dad’s carer for many years and she never hesitated and would never change a thing. When he would say something I’d remind him that he would do the exact same thing for her if their positions were reversed.

    • Thank you Deb. Yes I can see now that as my mouth can make the most of a smile as it can, that it does make me feel more like me. I am a little concerned about my appearance in terms of little kids (grandkids) but it seems they take that kind of thing in their stride.
      I can understand your mum’s position too.
      I was B’s carer for some pretty rugged years for him health-wise in our early 30s and along with working full-time and having 2 kids it was hard. Yet, of course, that is what you do.
      He has been sooooo patient with me as I am quite an impulsive person re what I might eat etc..and as that has been incredibly challenging he has well and truly done all he could to ensure my taste sensations were both ‘swallowable’ and ‘tasty’. I have moved on from that first weeks at home now and am pretty independent but they were hard days as I continued to come to terms with the various restrictions on me.

  2. What a great way to track your progress through photos.

    • It was my husband who started it when I was in ICU and couldnt even contemplate taking a selfie in those first days. However, as time went on it has been good to make visual records. In particular it has been helpful for my professionals in Sydney as we were able to show them how my wounds are healing on the leg.

  3. What a lovely post Denyse, your hubby sounds wonderful. I am grateful for my Hubby too, he does so much to support our family, and never complains. I am glad to see you smiling again, and that you are home recovering with your beloved B. x

    • Thank you so much Julie! Yes I am certain I am not alone in the caring husbands’ group! Thank you for your kind wishes. Denyse x

  4. I love that you’re tracking it via photos – must feel like a sense of progress 🙂

    • Thanks Vanessa! I have found it helpful for sure to be checking how things are by looking back too. But I admit I find it very hard to look at my leg wound (the bottom one) .. just glad to know it’s doing will “in my mouth” and healing over where they took the flesh.. sorry! Bit detailed there!

  5. Oh Denyse, you really do look so happy! It’s amazing what rest can do to help us heal, in both mind & body. So glad your road to recovery is getting shorter xx

    • Thanks Kylie! Yesterday I felt such a great relief in many ways and I guess having carried around the worry of the cancer since May 17 and then facing up to surgery and recovery it was so good to feel a lightness of being! Getting some independence back is another measure I like too! Denyse x

  6. Amazing Denyse! I have felt your hope and positivity through every post you have written and I think that goes a long way towards your recovery as well. Thinking of you and so glad that all is going well x #teamIBOT

    • Oh thank YOU Erika! It is lovely to know that is what you can sense via my words. Of course there are times when it is not so fun but I notice that as time passes I am re-gaining much of my ‘old self’ and that IS great too! Denyse x

  7. What a wonderful husband you have Denyse … taking such good care of you! I love the last photograph of you smiling. You’re doing so well. Hope you’re feeling much better and continue to improve and feel stronger each day. 🙂 xo #TeamLovinLife

    • That he is and still does…take good care of me. I admit I am not always going as independently as I would like and he is always here to help in any way he can. He is a great listener! Thank you, Min.

  8. Denyse you are such a ray of sunshine and I think that has contributed to your recovery as much as your husband has. What would we do without the supportive men in our lives? My husband is my rock and I can see that yours is too. So glad you are coming along in leaps and bounds xx

    • Thanks Leanne, yes things are going well and I am grateful for this wonderful husband of mine and his 24/7 loving care. We found ourselves good ones!! Denyse x

  9. I’m so glad you are recovering Denyse! Your outlook is amazing even though it can’t be easy. Much love to you xx

  10. It’s wonderful to have such a loving husband to support and take care of you throughout your operation and recovery Denyse. I’m really pleased to hear you’re recovering so well. As the others have said, your positive attitude has been a big help too. Take care 🙂 x #TeamLovinLife

    • Thank you Lyndall I acknowledge that I have been very fortunate in so many aspects of this diagnosis and surgery. My husband is at the top of the list for those who care for me! Denyse x

  11. Denyse, you are doing amazingly well after such an ordeal. It’s great to read that you are feeling more like you and getting back your independence. Your lovely face is smiling again and beaming with brightness. Jenni xxx

  12. Oh what a wonderful way to capture your recovery in photos! I’m glad you are healing well, getting back your independence and have so much support around you. It’s great your husband is helping so much.

    • Thank you so much Mica, yes it is wonderful making the progress and actually seeing it in pictures as it is an easy way for me to feel like I am getting ahead! Denyse x