Tuesday 26th October 2021

I Am Grateful Series. 41-60. 62/2019.

I Am Grateful Series. 41-60. 62/2019.

I am grateful every day.

Since learning more about myself, from before, during and after my cancer diagnosis, I know that I am better emotionally when I express gratitude.

  • I do this in a number of ways.
  • I will silently think of 5 or 10 things (using my fingers!) that I have been grateful for that day before I go to sleep.
  • I always express my gratitude to the person who has served me and made me my coffee. There are very few exceptions to this and watching someone’s face light up means the gratitude bounces back I guess.
  • On some days when life just feels ‘blah’ I have learned just to find something (0ne thing!) to be grateful for can make the mood shift.

A few years back I wrote a post about gratitude and how I was keeping a journal then. I am re-posting here what was, and still is, an excellent source about the value of:


The social benefits are especially significant here because, after all, gratitude is a social emotion. I see it as a relationship-strengthening emotion because it requires us to see how we’ve been supported and affirmed by other people.

Indeed, this cuts to very heart of my definition of gratitude, which has two components. First, it’s an affirmation of goodness. We affirm that there are good thing in the world, gifts and benefits we’ve received. This doesn’t mean that life is perfect; it doesn’t ignore complaints, burdens, and hassles. But when we look at life as a whole, gratitude encourages us to identify some amount of goodness in our life.

The second part of gratitude is figuring out where that goodness comes from. We recognize the sources of this goodness as being outside of ourselves. It didn’t stem from anything we necessarily did ourselves in which we might take pride. We can appreciate positive traits in ourselves, but I think true gratitude involves a humble dependence on others: We acknowledge that other people—or even higher powers, if you’re of a spiritual mindset—gave us many gifts, big and small, to help us achieve the goodness in our lives.

from here.

I have been going out each day since late October 2017, dressing with purpose and having a coffee. In my small journal I might do some art or I might write to get my thoughts out.

Recently, I gave myself the challenge (I like a challenge!) of coming up with 20 things I was grateful for over 5 days, making a total of 100.

Over the  past weeks, I’ve been sharing  these groups of 20. This is my third set of 5 groups.

I Am Grateful: 41-60.

41. Understanding myself better

42. Acceptance of differences between me and others

43. A spirit of generosity

44. My conversational approach with people

45. My S M I L E…it’s back!

46. My greater knowledge of nutrition to help me eat better

47. My ability to weigh up situations independently

48. My RED car: always

49. Weather and climate here where we live

50. My B E D

51.  A range of social media followers

52. Pillows. So many. So needed.

53. Noticing nature

54. Details: I see the details everywhere

55. Patterns: I also see them everywhere

56. My moral code

57. Honesty: appreciating others’ honesty too

58. Telling My Story: on the blog: over time

59. That is IS a story worth telling.

60. My memory: already listed this: so will now wonder about memory and say “memories”

I am grateful of course to you, my readers and fellow bloggers and to Min whose link up is called Zen Tips Tuesday and is found here.

Thank you!




  1. I love your gratitude practices Denyse, and your 41-60 things you’re grateful for! I can relate to many/most of them actually! Interestingly, it’s a post on gratitude that I wrote in 2014 that I’ve linked up today too. As you’re aware, practicing gratitude can make an enormous different to your life, your mood, your day, your moment. Thank you again for your support and for linking up to #ZTT xo

    • Thanks Min. I used my ‘gratitude’ strategy only this morning instead of getting pulled down with the negative, I switched to ‘what am I grateful for’ and it sure worked.

      There are two more in this series, taking me to 100 and then I will take a break from Tuesday blogging. I know it’s been a great idea to establish this as a linky and its purpose is great too.

      Thank you for sharing it with me and I have been grateful to be part of it too.

      Denyse x