Friday 28th January 2022

I Am Back! 2017.89.

I Am Back! 2017.89.

Ok, I am home from hospital and that is good news!
My very brief post today is to let my lovely blogging friends know that #LifeThisWeek Linky will re-commence next:

Monday 24 July.

I intend to publish the future prompts on Thursday when I link up a post for Leanne’s Loving’ Life here.

I also hope to use some time tomorrow to prepare a photo-centred post for Kylie Purtell’s linky here called I Blog On Tuesdays.

In this pic I am 10 days post-op, outside, dressed in going-home clothes  and mobile for the first time. Pretty cool, even if not a pretty face!!

See you all again soon!


Linking up with Alicia here just to say hi to a lovely blogging friend who was so worried about me on my day of surgery. I love you!




  1. That first time when you wear real clothes and go outside is such a milestone! So great to see you back up and blogging so soon. You’re recovering like a boss!

    • Thank you Sammie! I am indeed but also knowing my body and mind and allowing time for both ‘busyness’ and ‘rest’. B and I are getting the feeding of D thing going much better than it was on Saturday!! Denyse xx

  2. So great to see you doing so well Denyse! And how wonderful to be back in your own place. Take care! xxx

    • Thanks Deb, I do feel like I have ‘me’ back and if that’s what it took, so be it. I am being sensible because my body lets me know. The fortunate thing about the outcome of this surgery is that I have no pain in my mouth and a wee bit of stretching pain in right leg where they harvested what they needed. The community nurse did the first re-dressing since I left hospital and what appeared to have been the start of an infection when one drain was has disappeared. Yay. Missing eating real food but using my creative ideas to eat well and as instructed. B and I are going much better know on ‘what will D eat now’ than on my first night home! All good. xx You girls gave me such joy yesterday!

  3. What would I do without you?
    Good to see you back but don’t forget to rest.

    • I am both touched and humbled by your words Trish. I was telling B that you were the very first blogger who helped me when I had no idea and it will never be forgotten. I also explained to him what cancer has done to change your life too. Trouper!! Love, D xx

  4. Oh wow, that is such good news… hello, Denyse! I was wondering how you were going. So glad you’re back home. Take care and rest up. x

    • Thank you Linda! is the best! My daughter did updates in FB until I had enough sense back in me to write. Mostly what i did in hospital was take pics of my view on IG then link them to FB & Twitter. Check out my Tuesday (today) post about that! Denyse x

  5. A very pretty face of someone who’s doing a remarkable job of healing and getting back home to her own bed.

  6. I thank you Ma’am! I’m having a letdown of sorts today (started last night) which i am sure relates to just how BIG it’s been since diagnosis & surgery. Today I am going to go slower (almost no other pace physically) but I mean in my inner expectations. We are off to show the GP how things went& get a medication review for my BP. It was lowish-perfect in hospital so I dont want to take a tablet to reduce it. (as i was on for decades!)
    I will remember that this “hare” personality has to hand over the reins to a previously unknown “tortoise” personality

  7. I am so happy you are doing so well, you amazing human you! When I saw the title of this post the first thing I said to myself was “Well, there was no keeping you down!”.

  8. So glad to have you back!