Friday 22nd October 2021

How I Am Organised For #OOTD. 2018.10.

How I Am Organised For #OOTD. 2018.10.

#OOTD stands for Outfit of the Day.

A few months ago I did something quite out of the ordinary for me.

I joined in the social media sharing of #OOTD.

Via Instagram (@denysewhelan) . I have a private account as I was hacked in 2017 so please request to follow me. I follow back!

Via Twitter (@denysewhelan1) and of course on Facebook, personal page and often on the Blog Page (Denyse Whelan Blogs)

I wrote a little about my Daring To Do This Daily here and Jan Wild had me guest post here too. If you are interested in knowing more of the WHY I am doing this #OOTD then reading those will catch you up.

What I do.

Each day I consider what I may be doing that day and plan my outfit accordingly. I am no longer working nor needing to attend any professional meetings or teach so my wardrobe ranges from beach casual to smart casual.

After breakfast and a slow read of the newspaper it is usually around 10 a.m. (the retired life and recovering from cancer surgeries affords me these luxuries) and I get dressed. It depends on the day and the weather what I will wear and where I am off to. I have made myself leave the house each day at least for a coffee. This has made a big difference to my emotional health and independence and has been hand-in- hand with the #OOTD.

Then what happens?

Once I have my outfit selected and I am dressed I choose accessories which I believe go well with the outfit, I apply some tinted sunscreen and some lip gloss to my bottom lip as my mouth is still very shrunken due to cancer surgery. I do my hair, put on my multi-focals and…..

Ask my IG photographer where he wants to take the pics today.

It is most often outside and using the square option on my iphone. If it is inside it is only because outside conditions are not great. I used to have my husband take a range of shots but since 1 January I am only posting one image each day and it is good if he can get me ‘all in’ and then I can edit.

Editing? What do I mean?

The editing is so my image fits within an app I used to then apply a border and the number of the day’s outfit: e.g. 26/365 and date. I do this so I can remember which #OOTD I wore and when. Memory is not as good as it was.

You Say You Are Organised. How?

I admit I now have more clothes to choose from and wear than I have for quite a few years. If you read this post you will see why. I found that having the photos made into mini collages for each week helps me track what I have worn when:

My Wardrobe Helps Too.

Accessories Can Be Hard To Find So….

We are renting this house so I am using drawers and containers within my bedside table for my accessories. It is working well. I probably would like them on display one day but for now this is good and it is next to the mirrored wardrobe where I can check how things look with each outfit.

Here are a  few outfits from recent weeks.

There you have it. How I do #OOTD.

I will be adding this post to  Styling You’s Facebook Group #EveryDayStyle and to Carly Findlay’s Facebook Group called #ShopYourWardrobe.

On Friday 9 February I linked up here with Kimba Likes.

Do you post an outfit of the day?
Tell me more.


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  1. I love your use of cutlery trays and fishing tackle boxes to store your accessories!

    And of course I love following your OOTD on IG!


  2. Wow that is amazing Denyse. My brain would explode with all that thinking. I wake, I look in cupboard, I wear. LOL I am a pretty simple person really.

    • Ah Natalie, you see my brain needs to do this! I am a very organised and busy person in the workplace and now I am not working, I recognised this need is important to me. I love using my brain for things other than over-thinking and worrying! Denyse x

  3. I love your outfit photos each day Denyse. I don’t have much that fits just at the moment, so I tend to wear the same or similar each day.

    • Thank you so much Nicole.
      I “had” to get a lot of new clothes (and they are always from the sale rack) as I had lost so much weight. That was/is a totally foreign concept for me and with my eating limited right now I have mostly maintained the weight that sees me fit these clothes.
      However, I know I will need to add in some more activity once the third surgery is done and it is cooler because I would like to be able to continue to wear my new clothes.
      Denyse x

  4. This is amazing Denyse! I love that you are keeping a record of the year!!

    • Thanks very much Pip. Since I had major cancer surgery in my mouth I have taken more photos of my face just to get an idea of progress. Once I had to buy some clothes that actually fitted me then I thought I would be “brave” and do Outfit of the Day. It has been such a good way to motivate myself to get up, get dressed and have an outing somewhere each day.
      Denyse x

  5. I love the thoughtfulness behind your #OOTD Denyse. I am not always that organised but I find my week is much easier when I use Nikki’s outfit planner x

    • Thank you Jan. It is part of my inner needs being met to do this. I have needed more structure and self-organisation so it is very helpful for me to come up with ideas and put them into action. Teacher-me loves this! Denyse x

  6. victoria eremita says:

    This is great Denyse! I do something similar, but I use an app on my phone for it–took a while to take pics of all my clothing but now I’m reaping the rewards with planning and not rewearing the same thing a million times. And it is fun to plan what I will wear! I love your outfit boards. I hope I am still wearing awesome outfits like you when I’m retired!!

    • Thank you Victoria you are very kind. It is fun doing the planning isn’t it? I think that is half the fun. I am enjoying seeing the pics all set out on the little boards and I will put them in my art/writing journal as a way of documenting my recovery from cancer surgeries.

      My husband asked me today when I would be stopping doing this…and I said I have no intention of doing so as it is helping my self-confidence each day.

      Denyse x

  7. I would but I pretty much wear the same 4 ish outfits so that just gets boring for people!

  8. I love your collages of your outfits. Such a great tool and keepsake all in one. And I think it is fabulous that this is a daily activity that includes everything from planning to picking a place to go and your husband being photographer etc.

    • Yes it is working out well. I do not get dressed until after my leisurely breakfast and read of the papers so it is a good way to start the rest of the morning. Thanks Deb! Denyse x

  9. This is great idea Denyse, especially for keeping track of the different outfits you have been wearing, and accessories that go with each outfit. I am in desperate need of updating my wardrobe, I bought a few Bonds t-shirts over the Christmas period, so those with my shorts seems to be my uniform for most days. I would like to get myself back into skirts & dresses, which seem so much cooler for the hot weather we’ve been having. xx

    • It is cooler in a dress and as someone who only wore one again for the first time in around 15 years it came as a surprise. I have always been practical – shorts and jeans – but adding a dress meant I actually felt more feminine! It was something my husband liked and I wore a dress when I saw my 94 year old Dad in Sydney in January and he told me a few times I looked lovely.

      I hope you do get a bit of wardrobe re-vamp happening. There are so many sales every day these days!

      Denyse x

  10. Love your OOTD posts. I have grown out (widthways) of most of my clothes so my selection these days is really rather limited! I love how you’ve used the trays and tackle box to store your accessories – that’s just genius!

    • Oh thank you Sammie. You always look pretty awesome to me!
      I really enjoy a challenge and problem solving the storage creatively was fun too.

      Denyse x

  11. I love this post Denyse ,and I love reading about how #OOTD has helped to grow your confidence! I think you always look stylish, and I’m always happy to see your posts pop up in the Shop Your Wardrobe Facebook group xx

    • Thank you very much. It has been a good thing for me and even today after recovering from yesterday’s surgery I still posted! Denyse x

  12. This is wonderful, you’re so organised! Love your thought process for organising outfits and accessories.

    • Thank you. I like being organised in most things and this was a great attraction to sort out. I love it too as I am a fan of colours and patterns so it’s good putting things together. Denyse x

  13. I’ve been following your OOTD journey on insta & loving it. Great storage solutions too. #TeamLovinLife

  14. Wow you’re super organised Denyse and looking fab too! I have never participated in OOTD. I think because I am just too self-critical. I would end up spending hours and hours fussing over each photo … so I opt not to do it. I also don’t have a vast selection of clothing. My wardrobe is pretty limited. Maybe one day. Who knows! #TeamLovinLife

    • Thank you so much Min. It has been very good for my brain to become this organised as I need to do things like this and problem solve. I never would have entered OOTD without some inspiration. Others doing it helped. I understand your reasons for not doing it but in some ways, to challenge yourself to ‘put you in the picture’ might surprise you with the inner satisfaction. Denyse x

  15. This is wonderful! I’m glad you’re enjoying playing in your wardrobe and sharing the results so much. It’s wonderful to see.

    • Thank you! I have had fun doing this. I have, however, decided to do my own version of Feb Fast…for clothes shopping for the next 4 weeks. I can do it I think!! Denyse x

  16. You’re very organised Denyse! Perhaps your next reinvention will be as a fashion blogger!

    I don’t have many clothes so wear the same 2-3 pair of black pants (and one pair of floral pants) each week with the same half a dozen shirts.

    I’d actually buy a little tripod or something I think if I was going to take it more seriously as I don’t have anyone else there to take the pics I get tired of having to arrange myself in front of my mirror to take a pic!

    • Ha! Unlikely as I am not au fait with labels/trends …my go-to shops are those with the sales and it’s the canny shopper in me who can sniff these out. I admit I have spent quite a bit more than I guess as B recently told me the total …so I am putting myself on FebFast for clothes shopping.

      I admit having B to take the pics makes it easy. I cannot for the life of me do a selfie full-length. Yours do look fine but I hear you on ‘getting arranged for it’

      Denyse x

  17. You’re incredible Denyse. I’m flat out finding anything in my wardrobe as it is too cluttered. I also lack a daily photographer so wouldn’t be able to do the photos myself. But I am very interested in fashion and I do like to look nice when I go out. #TeamLovinLife

    • Thank you Kathy. I have to say I am fortunate in this house we are renting to have a full wardrobe in my room that is just for me. My hub sleeps in another room so has his clothes there. So far he is still willing to take the photos. I am no good with selfies other than face ones! I have surprised myself over time just how much I am enjoying this ‘getting dressed for purpose; each day.

      Denyse x

  18. I think it’s fabulous the OOTD has helped you build your confidence. My outfit of every day consists of almost the same thing as I’m not much for dressing up and accessorising and I’m ok with that. And nobody wants to see me wearing the same black jeans and singlet every day (side note: they are not actually the very same, I just own everything in multiples of the same thing, lol!).

    • Thank you for your kind words. This OOTD & needing to buy clothes has been enormously “distracting” from my health issues and other matters which could bog me down. So, the fun & the variety is part of why I do it! I also so understand the need for an “everyday” group of clothes because time is of the essence in the mornings! Denyse x

  19. Your clothes and accessories are so organised! Jealous!

    • Thanks Emma! I have the time to do this so I guess it’s why. However, I must admit things are a little different to this now and I need to re-organise! Cheers, Denyse x

  20. Look at all your OOTD print outs!! You go girl. You’re actually a fashion blogger! Love it.

    • Ha to Fashion Blogger but I sure am very happy with how it is helping me boost my self-confidence while going through this cancer recovery thing. It gives me more purpose in every day. Denyse xx