Saturday 22nd January 2022

How Am I Grateful? 2/2020.

How Am I Grateful? 2/2020.

It’s an interesting question!

One I find hard to answer in summary except that I will do what I can here now!

In the first blog post of 2020 I wrote this:

It was a long read…which I did intersperse with photos to illustrate my message – teacher-me!

However, I know that for some gratitude seems ‘oh so on trend’ and what might be next.

Well, I am going to say whilst I do not mind being up with the trends, gratitude has been around for far longer than I have…and any other influencer..(joke).

And gratitude, just like any mindful practice does need to be practised and noticed and felt. Every Day.


But what about this? 

As I write this post, it’s Saturday 4 January 2020 when it seems more than I can imagine of Australia is burning. Fires are consuming towns, rainforests, fields, mountains, grassy slopes and all in its path. That path has included a number of people (some not yet accounted for), hundreds of dwellings, millions of animals and more. It is 43 degrees outside here and around 3 streets away the power is out. So far our house is not affected and the air-con is running.

I do not find this a comfortable place to be in my mind and in my body. I made this meme ages ago to remind me that this is what I have to do. If I cannot, then I am fighting an unwinnable fight.

How on earth do I ‘sit with this?’

  • I noticed that my mind was starting to go down the path of ‘what ifs’ and ‘o. m. g.’ and my body started to tighten.
  • I felt teary and a little out of control of my emotions.
  • I knew that I could cry, tell my husband, seek answers to the unanswerable….but what then?

So, I took notice of my mind and body’s signals and did a few things I know that can help.

  • I am better when I am just painting some lines or strokes…on a page…it seems that in itself for me that is calming
  • I did just that on a large page
  • I came here, to share some of my words. The blog is good for that!
  • I told myself that it is OK to feel scared as these times are frightening
  • However, I also told myself that the evidence is here that I am safe, well and cool.

Strategies which work(ed). For me.

I have just told my husband – the one who would have had to help me through in the past – and of course he is pleased I can see life and its challenges better these days. I am grateful that he was patient enough in the past years to help me see/feel/be grateful even when I had no real idea.

Now, I feel better physically.

I will do some more art.

In fact, I used some of that energy I needed to dissipate and cooked some meals for me, my husband and dad.

And I will realised that I can send out loving kindness messages to people who really are doing it tough today, no matter where they are.

I am grateful that I know this practice and it works for me too.

For you! And you too….sending loving kindness.

I now know, it is not about ‘the actual words’ but the intent. The sharing of our messages of well-being, hope and love for each other.

The human connections.

What are you grateful for today…and every day?


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  1. It’s tough to deal with what’s happening at the moment, isn’t it? And it seems almost trite to be continuing with life and grateful for things and worried about trivialities when so many in this country are facing enormous losses. #MLSTL

    • With you having been away it would seem even more incredible to see first hand how it’s been. I literally have only seen a blue sky perhaps twice in the past 6 weeks or more. So hard, even though it is not impacting us directly, when you know how much Australia is ‘burning’ and being in strife. Taking myself off social media for a while helped my health.

      It’s become something we are getting used to and I don’t like that either.

      Read some good news today though about the weather and changes coming and it seems we are in for wet and mild. I think I will take that!

      Welcome home.

      Denyse x

  2. Hi Denyse – the bushfires have been horrific and overwhelming – so much loss. After the big fires we had near here a few years ago, I’m grateful that we don’t have any near us atm. I’m grateful that I’m surrounded by a blogging community that cares for those who are suffering, and that we do what we can to contribute to helping those who are impacted. It’s a scary world we live in, but we don’t have to give into the fear – choosing gratitude is a great start.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM

    • Thank you for your wise and kind words Leanne.

      Yes, it is hard to watch others in strife but when we cannot do anything to help them we need to be mindful of ourselves and those close to us.

      I am glad you are safe…but it was and always will be now a scary time whilst this country remains so dry.

      Great to see your link up returning in 2020 too.

      Denyse x

  3. Thanks for sharing the everyday, practical actions you have taken to help deal with the world around you that is so out of control right now. Thoughts and prayers for everyone affected. #MLSTL

    • Thank you Candi for your kind words.

      It’s a world that needs some help alright. Fires and more. Still, I am very grateful we have had tiny periods of rain.

      Denyse. x

  4. I’m a bit like you Denyse, writing on my blog helps me work things out in my mind. Your words are honest and appreciated, I am grateful not to have been home during this awful time, and I will not feel guilty for being away. I am grateful for my little granddaughters Emilia and Dottie and my whole family. Lovely post and all the best for 2020 xx #mlstl

    • No guilt! Now there is an intention we could all follow.

      Yes, I think you are right, being where you are is the best way to be both helpful and connected. The difference you are making in your little family’s world is obvious and loving. Way to go.

      I do send you my love and thoughts for your travel home and arrival. It will be hard but you will also have some more cuddles too.

      Blogging is made the getting out our thoughts in hard times I agree.

      Denyse x

  5. Hi Denyse no matter how difficult life gets we can always find some small piece of gratitude to hold onto. The bushfires have affected all Australians in some way. I can sense that many are very sensitive to the subject of feeling grateful or looking at the positive side of life. If we can’t do that then there is no hope. I’m very grateful not to have experienced the bushfires and loss and yes, like Deb I’m so grateful for my family and being able to spend time with them which brings me constant joy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us at #MLSTL and sending love to you. xx

    • Absolutely Sue. We need to look for the gratitude and hope and continue offering help and anything else that can make others’ lives comfortable,

      I look at it this way, this country and the many communities has been through natural and national disasters before. We need to band together and not get into ‘shouting matches’ with the politicians. I admit, I was for a while!! It did not help me at all.

      So, let’s see if this current rain pattern which seems to be edging it way into NSW in many places brings relief too.

      There are good stories and very good people out there and to notice them and tell them is something we can be make sure we do. That kindness goes a long way.

      Thanks for your kind wishes and hosting the link up with Leanne again in 2020.

      Denyse x

  6. Its such a hard time all round our country. Friends have had to leave their homes, so many of our animals have passed. Its just so terrible. They are saying it could get worse. I hope not. Im going to spend the day writing on my blog and watching nonsense on TV….#MLSTL

    • Good on you Bree.

      I had to leave social media over the weekend as it was so relentless…and the heat outside was as well.

      My art and my blog were my ‘saviours’. It’s good to know how to retreat.

      I am so sorry for those friends who are affected and of course, the massive toll on all the animals is horrendous.

      Thanks for visiting today!

      Denyse x

  7. Thank you for sharing your calming process, Denyse. It is much needed in these challenging times. I often use a similar meditation to send my good intent and well-wishes to others and myself. I also find that talking or writing can help. I’m no good at creating visual art, but enjoying beauty or listening to music helps me. If I am worrying about what might happen, I ask myself, “Where are you right now?” I notice the sounds, sights, smells, and sensations of this moment. My heart goes out to all who have lost so much. Of course, when one area is so devastated, as Australia is right now, all of the earth’s inhabitants are affected. Love to all! #MLSTL

    • Oh Christie, thank YOU so much for replying and I send you my love after the news I saw that your mother had passed away.

      Yes, I am a much better (and kinder) person to me these days with many of those tools on board.

      Getting out of my head and into my surrounds is my go-to as well.

      This fire situation is appalling. Three months now and counting. It is sending a message to the world that our leaders in Australia need to do something properly about climate change…and that is the end of my politics in this. Sigh.

      Denyse x

  8. Denyse, what a wonderful reality on practicing gratitude… when faced with something very scary! I appreciate your honesty about how you deal with the anxiety this is generating. May you be safe. May you be calm. May you be content. May you be well.

    • Ah Patricia your words are a balm across the oceans.

      Thank you kindly my friend.

      I did think earlier this year.. “and I picked gratitude this the heck am I grateful?”

      Then I realised THIS is why I need to be grateful. Search for the gratitude and it’s there.

      Denyse x

  9. My heart goes out to you and I’m keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Sending lovingkindness to you and the planet. All positive thoughts have good karma. Visditng you at #MLSTL.