Saturday 22nd January 2022

Hobbies. #LifeThisWeek 22/52. 2017.74.

Hobbies. #LifeThisWeek 22/52. 2017.74.

I wasn’t a kid who had hobbies. I didn’t collect things. I didn’t stick things in albums.

I just liked to READ. Sometimes my  mother would think I read too much and say “Denyse, you can’t borrow any books from the library in term time”. Mum was so not a reader. But I don’t think she ever carried out the threat.

I liked to go to the beach – Manly or North Steyne when I was a teen. But was that a hobby or was I just there to meet up with the girls and the BOYS….mmmm (shhh don’t tell Mum!). This is my shadow just after sunrise on Manly Beach around 50 years later!! Once I was an adult, had kids and was teaching (and often doing admin or study) I really did not have much time for hobbies but for a while, when it was trendy, I did scrapbooking (see the albums that are in the linen press) and the woollen embroidery that made pictures. What were they called? Anyway. That’s it. Oh, one hobby I just remembered. When we knew Sydney was going to host the 2000 Olympics I became a BADGE collector and obsessed by it. I remember taking a morning off school (I was principal!) to line up at K-Mart in Blacktown for a particular set of badges. What did I do with them? I wore ones I was prepared to part with or swap to the Olympics and then after the Olympics my husband made two frames for me to mount the badges. Now they are part of a school’s memorabilia about the Sydney Olympics.

Now I am all grown up AND retired my hobbies would be the photography and art of some kind. I am very visual and with kinaesthetic being my second preferred learning style, as in last week’s post here, then that makes sense.

So do you have a hobby or more than one?

A blogger has called my kind of blog a ‘hobby blog’ but I prefer to say it’s just my blog.

I love making connections here and thank those who join in on Mondays especially for #LifeThisWeek.

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  1. Manly Beach is one of my favourite current places to visit to destress and have a walk.


    • Next time you are walking at Manly, think of me being there too! Until Dad became less steady on his feet, it was his favourite place to walk as well.

  2. My blog is my hobby (for tax reasons too ;). I get a great deal of pleasure from it and years ago I decided I didn’t want to write about the things I needed to inorder to fit in with the money making blogs (I also tend not to get much out of reading them either), so I decided I was ok sacrificing the cash to do what I wanted…

    • Freedom from obligation and taxes. I get that. I did have the education blog as part of my business as a consultant in education and that was OK. But when I stopped all of my education side of things I ditched the 2 blogs: readysetschool and readysetteach and went to this one.

  3. My blog is my hobby. But according to my post about hobbies, I am starting to think my life is one big hobby. The more I look at the definition the more I believe I’m a walking hobby … xoxo

    • Isn’t it funny how things seem? I would have thought part of your blog would relate to your business of writing though…anyway, if you are happy with the blogging and life as your be it. Love it!

  4. One of our school holiday favourites Denise when I was growing up was Mum taking us on the bus to Circular Quay and then the ferry to Manly for a swim and fish and chips. My hobby was ballet, tap, jazz ballet and I became a teacher until I moved to Queensland. I loved everything about dancing and it was a great way to be healthy and form friendships. I’m not sure I have a hobby now but I do love your photography and artwork. I hope you are feeling okay. Sending my love and have a great week

    • Oh what a lovely memory about Manly. When we lived in Wollongong we did a day trip like that and I guess none of us ever imagined in a few years we would be living close by. I can ‘see’ the dancer in you! It’s good to know you continue to keep fit..and your blog and encouragement of others to do some kind of fitness is a hobby I think. Thank you for your kind words.

  5. You badge collecting and how your husband then made a special display unit for them made me smile today, Denyse!

    SSG xxx

    • I am glad that it did! In fact when our daughter was up to see us on the weekend she assured me that she has all the Olympic memorabilia in her current school library where she is teacher/librarian.

  6. Yep. Big time reader here as well. Ever since childhood. That, and listening to music…yet I never learned to play an instrument…sigh…

    Good old K Mart at Blacktown. Was there the other day. I like to keep it classy. And Mick also has a bit of 2000 Olympics memorabilia.

    • I’ll bet Kmart hasn’t moved either. I forgot music in my hobbies but I too am a listener and not a player. My hub is though.

  7. I don’t really like the distinctions between hobby blog and other blogs, it feeds into that BS mindset that only the full time, 6 figure (blah blah I hate that stuff) are the “successful” bloggers. Success has many looks. Hobby can be a success.

    • I agree which is why I just say mine IS a blog. There certainly are people who make the distinction and I see why but for me ‘it is what it is’. A place to write and share and connect. And yes,a hobby certainly can be a success!

  8. I was a huge reader as a kid too, but in adulthood have tried pretty much anything artistic or creative. Photography has been a long-term love – and I also scrapbooked for years. These days, I’d say that my blog is my hobby – my writing is definitely not!

    • We’ve followed a similar path hobby-wise. I must say the most back-breaking things we packed were the scrapbook albums and the photo albums. I did give quite a few away – to those I made them about but still have quite a few here.

  9. What would i do without my hobbies?! They give me an outlet to unleash my creativity, and I have my blog to share it with the world too. It would be lovely to have more time to dedicate to them, that day will come 🙂

    • It’s good that you can fit them in now too – even if they are in small doses. I can recall busy days when if I could just take a small window of time to paint or create, then I could get back to everything else.

  10. I’ve always wanted to get more into Scrapbooking (I’ve only had limited experience with it but found it such fun!).

    • I got quite carried away. It can be very expensive. I did a course one time about layout and more but found it too prescriptive so I liked doing it my way. I enjoy making the stories and fitting it around the subject. Mostly it was for the grandkids but I did pages on each of us and our kids. My parents enjoyed the ones I did celebrating their various zero birthdays and anniversaries and they became keepsakes.

  11. I consider the blog a kind of hobby but one I work at quite diligently, so maybe it’s a “jobby” instead of a hobby, haha.

    As a kid, I collected a variety of things; sugar packets, number plates, enamel badges, stamps . . . I still have the badges but everything else is a memory.

    • I like your newly minted word…LOL. What a collector you were. I wish in some ways I had kept more of my Beatles Memorabilia as I saw them live in 1964.

  12. Hi Denyse – you get a mention in my blog post today. Your wisdom opened my eyes to the change I seem to be going through. Let me know what you think 🙂 As far as hobbies go, reading, jigsaws, pinterest, and of course blogging are all favourites atm. I never got into scrapbooking or quilting or any other creative type hobby – just not really my thing I’m afraid (I’m not very arty)

    • Oh thank you….I will pop over and read..of course!! I always do anyway. Thanks so much for sharing ‘your hobby’ story too. Denyse x

  13. inthegoodbooksblog ( Michelle) says:

    As a child, my hobbies included collecting anything from swap cards to stickers to stamps.
    Now, my blog is my hobby, and lots of reading too!

    • I should have collected more…especially since I saw the Beatles in 1964!! Blogging as a hobby is a common theme in this post!

  14. I remember Olly, Millie & Syd. Also I love reading. I used to collect stamps. Nostalgic…thank you. xoxo

    • I had the toys and everything…and I think most of my memorabilia is in the school library with my teacher-librarian daughter now. More generations to learn about that special time in Australia’s history. Thanks Maria!

  15. I’m sorry for being terrible and not commenting on everyone’s posts sooner! I was in LA then after a seven hour drive home I wasn’t really up for much reading. But I’m fresh faced now and ready to read!

    Like you, reading was my hobby when I was a kid. I’d go through books like water, and a lot of them were written by American authors. I’m only just now understanding a lot of stuff from those books, from living in the US.

    I remember Millie and the crew from the Olympics! I also remember writing into the paper after an editorial saying that the mascots were lame. The only time I bothered writing in to the Daily Telegraph…

    I love that photography is your hobby Denyse, because your pictures always make my day!

    • Oh thank you Kat! I have always enjoyed taking pics but it’s become even more fun living up here with many great views to capture. Never feel obliged to comment on everyone’s post! I do as I am the host but like I do in other link-ups, I go here and there. You did have a mammoth drive! I saw those pics you posted. Sounds like it was a great weekend. Interesting how your memories of the US-based books are now becoming clearer. Everyone was a critic about the Olympics weren’t they ..until they were on and then we were so very proud to be: Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi.

  16. I was always reading as a child, too! Mom thought I was going to be socially stunted because I read so much! Now days, I love photography and gardening. I think that’s my way of creating beautiful things.

  17. I don’t really have time for a hobby but I would love to have more time to read. Thanks for liking up to #MummyMondays