Friday 21st January 2022

Hello Again. 1/51 #LifeThisWeek. 2/2019.

Hello Again. 1/51 #LifeThisWeek. 2/2019.

Welcome to the New on the blog.

Thanks for coming on board, reading and commenting along with sharing your posts.


Some Bloggy Housekeeping. 

Every Monday (and there are 51 of them in 2019) it’s #LifeThisWeek with optional prompts for bloggers. Some people pick and choose, some do no prompts and others may add a post from ages ago or a new one. All I ask is:

  • just one post each blogger
  • you take a bit of time to comment on others’ blog posts when you can, because you make new connections
  • to comment on my post of the day because I love replying!

I always visit your blog and comment. I usually wait till the end of the link up – Wednesday 5 p.m. where I am – N.S.W. But the link up opens at 5.00 a.m. Mondays.

I have made one change to the line-up of optional prompts which is explained further on.

Happy New Year. Is It For You?

I know that we get quite a bit excited/apprehensive/bored (choose your own word) at the end of one calendar year and the start of another. I felt like this a little about the fact that I am still getting over cancer and that I will be seventy this year and that we  do not yet have a house to call our own

Then I decided to S T O P and appreciate what I have now.

So, for the seven days of January my instagram photo will be based on the word:


The next 7 days will be about:


After that it will be about:


Are you seeing a pattern emerging? Here is a little know (to me) fact: the exact same number of the letters of the English alphabet = half of the weeks of the calendar year. 26!

Trying Some New Ideas in 2019.

I will outline more next week about my ‘word of the year’ and ‘my intention’ for 2019, but for now I wanted to share this:

  • I have joined a private facebook group about using Tarot and Oracle Cards in our daily lives – it is part of a paid course for the first 3 weeks of 2019.
  • I do not really understand much about this but am a willing learner without being totally this stage.
  • I did an on-line free course (at own pace) with the same person, Susannah Conway who leads the above Daily Guidance) and found it more helpful than I imagined. It turned out that whilst I am new to this but others I know make this an annual commitment
  • I am enjoying taking time to explore, play with and arrange my sets of crystals. I like them from a sensory and beauty perspective and know there are other people who know much more but for me, this is enough
  • I have tried some easy journalling and colouring in other people’s publications not my own and have found it to be meditative and fun.

Practices I Need To Remember.

It is easy in the run of the mill week (yes, even retirees have them) to forget what both refreshes my soul and body. So, to this end, I am going to commit as best I can to this:

  • at least one beach walk a week
  • continuing to enjoy the plants in my pots and care for them, recently due to the weather, I have become the proud owner of 4 pots of varied succulents
  • making and colouring my mandalas. I have been missing doing these and my mind and body tell me, so I need to start up again. I will. I do love it.
  • out every day for at least a coffee. It does not always have to be a treat accompanying it but the ‘hit of caffeine’ once a day is beneficial for my mood and pain
  • dressing with purpose every single day NO matter WHAT and having that photo taken. It is about accountability too. I have put on some weight and remain OK with that but I want to be at ease with my size as it is now.

Looking Forward To This Year.

In keeping with some changes on the optional prompts, because I have  come up with over 1o0 prompts I think I am making one more to add to the repeating  regular ones.

Each 5th Week: Share Your Snaps continues

Each 9th Week: Taking Stock continues

Each 7th Week: a New Optional Prompt: Self-Care. Share Your Story.

Let’s get on with it! Here’s the post #1 for #lifethisweek in 2019. Only 50 to go!!


Happy Monday all,


You can link up something old or new, just come on in. * Please add just ONE post each week! * Feel free to go with the prompt for the week to add your ‘take’ on the prompt. Or not. * Please do stay to comment on my post as I always reply and it’s a bloggy thing to do! * Check out what others are up to by leaving a comment because we all love our comments, right! * Add a link back to this blog in your post somewhere. I don’t have a ‘button’ so a link in text is fine! *Posts deemed by me, the owner of the blog and the link-up, to be unsuitable for my audience will be deleted without notice. * THANK you for linking up today!

Joining Alicia here for Open Slather and Kell here for Mummy Mondays.

Next Week’s Optional Prompt: 2/51.  Word/Intention/Nothing for 2019. 14/1/19.





  1. Ok….here we go then! Happy New bloggy year, Denyse!

  2. Happy New Cheer! I loved 2018 so am not making any resolutions or choosing a word and instead am hoping for more of the same! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your mandalas, I’ve really missed them! Looking forward to linking up more this year, thanks for hosting!

    • Happy new year to you too. I have some guiding words to help me because I found last year it was a great reminder of my ‘ability’ to do the hard things.

      I will be back to mandalas for sure. I have now concluded making the bookmarks for the Big Hug Box. I lost count – somewhere between 350-400 I reckon.

      It does not mean I will stop making some bookmarks of course for friends but it was time to let this go.

      Denyse x

  3. Happy New Year, Densye and it sounds like you are really ready to take on 2019! I love the idea of the self-care prompt because to me that is so important. You are really catering for everyone with photography, taking stock and self-care. I have two words this year although I suppose on reflection on of them could be called an intention. Anyway, I’m excited to read about your experiences this year and perhaps one of my words would suit your endeavours. I’ve posted it today so would be keen to hear your thoughts. Here’s to another great year of blogging and friendship. Take care and thanks for hosting us each Monday. xx

    • Thanks Sue, for your good wishes.

      I have had so many ideas and words and in fact, as long as they remind me from time to time of what I may be ‘forgetting’ when my mind goes down a bit of a slippery slope then I will be happy.

      I will explain more next week and of course, I shall look forward to reading what you have to say!

      Happy New Year.

      Denyse x

  4. Happy New Year, Denyse! Thanks for sharing your new ideas and hosting each Monday.

    • Thank you Natalie and I hope the first days of 2019 are treating you well.

      I look forward to reading your post to catch up.

      Denyse x

  5. I love your ABC approach up there! We are doing similar things with our alphabet. Aren’t we clever! Thanks for the linky Denyse. Looking forward to your Instagram and hearing more next week. xo

    • I so have to ‘think’ of something to keep me on track. Last year I attempted 3 types of photos every day and by somewhere half or more along the year, I tired of it. So, I shall have this as a one post a day devoted to the A, B, C and so on and if something else comes along that I also want to share, then I will add that.

      Self-care has been added to my prompts as I too need to practise it and I do believe it’s something that we all let go when we get caught up in so much as the year goes on.

      Thanks for your on-going and loving support.

      Denyse x

  6. Happy new year! It’s so important to have practices that nourish your body and soul. A weekly walk along the beach sounds lovely!

    • Thank you so much Bella, I will be doing my best to keep to the plan!

      It won’t always happen of course but I have the intention already.

      Denyse x

  7. Ready to go! I enjoyed reading your post Denyse and hearing what you have planned for 2019, especially tour ABC challenge. It’s great to be back with you for #lifethisweek and I’ve shared my wrap-up post for 2018 this week.

    • Thank you Debbie, yes it feels like it’s right to get going again. I liked the little break but I also welcomed the return to a routine.

      I too will be interested to see how my Instagram challenge to myself goes. I know I got quite sick of my three posts a day last year and as this challenge could potentially go for half the year then that might be a good time to review.

      I look forward to reading your post.

      Denyse x

  8. It’s lovely to see you being so intentional this year Denyse – I think it’s the next step in your recovery. You’re beginning to look forward and to enjoy the future (rather than having to stay so focused on your recovery and all that went with it). I hope your year ahead is a wonderful one. I’m not a fan of Tarot or stuff like that, but to each their own, and if it works for you then good luck with that too xx

    • Thanks Leanne, I added the word intention as a reminder of how I wish to proceed. Sometime we backtrack to the old ways. I have to say, I had been more intentional than I give myself credit for.

      I am playing with the ideas of tarot etc but I am not ‘getting right into it” as I wanted to open my creative self to more and this can be one stimulus to do so. I am looking at the fun elements here!

      Denyse x

  9. Hello again and happy new year! Great idea to add a self care prompt. Now I just need to accept that self-care doesn’t mean eating cake and being indulgent… Oops.

    • Yes, I struggle with that too.

      Maybe it’s a bit of cake and a bit of a walk that will work.

      Thanks Ness for your greeting and Happy New Year to you as well.

      Denyse x

  10. Hello my friend! I’m so excited to be linking here for the first time, and hopefully my neglected blog will get some attention from me! And to make some new blogging friends at the same time!

    Michelle x

    • So glad you have joined us. There may be some familiar names and there may be some new one to you just as you will be to them.

      I hope there is the time for you to get to some to say g’day. It is never expected for you to comment on every one. That is my job!!

      You must be busy with all that is happening in the family so I will catch up on your news over on your blog.

      Welcome Michelle!

      Denyse x

  11. I am fascinated about the tarot in everyday life, Denyse!

    SSG xxx

    • I am taking baby steps but the course is interesting and it is not ‘fortune telling’ nor is it based on anything like ‘good and evil’.

      But, I am very much in learner mode and with a very practical head on my shoulders, I want to be open enough to connect myself to more creativity this way too.

      Denyse x

  12. Happy 2019 Denyse! I love the intentions around ABCs for the year…can’t wait to see more of it. You’ll have to let me know how you go with the tarot stuff – must confess I’m a sceptic but have done it for fun when it’s offered for free! 😛

    Let’s try and catch up for a coffee next month maybe!

    • Happy New Year to you too.

      I am using the A,B,C etc for my instagram inspiration and I guess to allow my creative mind to expand. I like challenges like this.

      I have a word and a kind of intention too which I will write about in more detail next week.

      I am unsure about the tarot but will continue to explore! I will let you know.

      Yes, I reckon February would be good for a coffee too.

      Denyse x

  13. I love your approach to life and blogging Denyse! I find it very refreshing and inspiring. Your genuine honesty along with your enthusiasm to connect us all through story telling shines through. Thank you. Like Sammie, I’m looking forward to linking more this year and connecting. Although it’s not off to a great start. My Mum’s been ill so my focus has been elsewhere this week. Looking for a little down time this arvo so I’ll pop around around and do some blog hopping/reading of your links. Happy New Year to you Denyse. Xx

    • Happy New Year to you too. You are most welcome whenever you can drop in. I am so sorry about your Mum. Sigh. Care-taking is the lot for many of us I know. I have just been writing a very long story for next week – probably post it on Wednesday and it’s about the struggles I have had with finding a word of the year…really not that but sharing what has been happening.

      Thanks for popping in. You are one very caring and sharing blogger and friend.

      Denyse x