Wednesday 26th January 2022

Half Way. 2020. Year of Gratitude. 53.1/2020.

Half Way. 2020. Year of Gratitude. 53.1/2020.

Who knew how 2020 was going to be?

No-one I am guessing!!

However as someone who chose “Gratitude” as her word of the year, it is timely for a review.

In January, for the first post of the link up in 2020, I wrote this.

Over the past few years my husband’s words to me often included “what have you been grateful for today?” or “what went well for you today?”. Yes, I could answer him mostly in a positive way but until I had a shift in the form of my own revelations I guess I was paying lip service to gratitude. From time to time, I would think about what I was grateful for and write things down then I would leave it.

I need to add these words that are for me, similar to gratitude and will see me using them:


blessed (yes, not a joke)




I have tied in my second instagram account to this blog, where it posts on the Facebook page for Denyse Whelan Blogs, here, each day of the year to date….using gratitude as my underlying theme. However, over time, I noted some newer ways in which I could be grateful:



sensing joy

and so on.

Why the review?

I was starting to feel jaded.

I guess the year itself, COVID as the particularly unwelcome visitor after the summer from hell, then flooding, did not help.

I have also needed to have some physical health matters investigated and that takes a toll. I know I do make the effort to see the good in every day, and to remember what is most important: my life, my partner in life, my family, friends and being safe and well….

Then I thought “is this true?” that I am finding it harder to be grateful?

Sometimes my mind will tell me lies!

Scrolling through this 3.36 minutes of all of the photos from the first 6 months tells me that I could search and find gratitude.

This was added to my YouTube channel via the One Second A Day App I use to collate and share my daily instagram photos.

I will, as they say, continue, my daily gratitude practice!

What are YOU grateful for today?





  1. I must say you have used your word very well considering the year we’ve had so far Denyse! I like the ‘other’ words you’ve included as they too sum up gratitude. I am extremely grateful for good friends, like you, who take the time to contact me to see hoe I’m going. It’s so appreciated at times like these! Great little video 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Yay for on-line friends …I value our friendship too. In fact, I am, as they say “grateful”. That app, is for me, a great way to record my month then my year.


  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself Denyse when it comes to feeling jaded. Ongoing health investigations can tap into old emotional wounds we’ve thought of as healing over – and it can be quite unsettling to learn how quickly they can open back up. Feeling jaded doesn’t cancel out your efforts and rewards of practising gratefulness. It just means that feeling needs to be seen and acknowledged and taken along for the ride with all the other feel good emotions. They all need to be recognised for what they are and they all need to be heard. Once heard you get to decide how loud each one will be and for how long. Maybe you’ve just been in the listening phase of this emotion. 😉

    Much love, Sandra.

    • Ah, thanks Sandra, the old inner critic can be tough hey!

      I am still ‘feeling’ things about the days and weeks ahead, and think too, that my cancer surgery 3rd anniversary seems to help heighten the emotions.

      You are a very wise and caring friend.

      Thank you again for being here!


  3. It’s been a very hard year and it’s hard to stay positive and grateful when everyone around you is feeling the strain. Hopefully the next six months will bring some reprieve. Take care

    • Thanks so much. I agree it’s been a tough year and as I write more pain for Victorians with lockdowns. Trying to remain calm and finding gratitude can be a struggle at times but worth it.

      Thanks Christina.


  4. I honestly think it’s an effort to try and be grateful and yet, I have found even in the shittiest of times, there are small things – like my cat cuddles, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, being close to the water, fresh air, the love of friends. I think it’s great to persist and this is coming from someone who as you know, was also cynical about the entire thing until a few years ago. Hope the rest of the year is good for you Denyse!

    • Yes, it is. I thought I had it nailed…till I didn’t. Ha. But then again some deeper thinking and consideration led me to the conclusion that there ‘is’ gratitude to be noted and noticed every day.

      We just need to put down the loads we can be carrying in tough times…and look outside us and around us.

      Glad we have stuck with this Sanch! Or should I say, grateful??