Sunday 26th September 2021

Grey Images Today. #SundayStills. 60/2021.

Grey Images Today. #SundayStills. 60/2021.

Terri here has now  moved into her new abode and her friend from Always Write  was caring for Sunday Stills while she did so. I will share this post soon too.

Honestly when I saw “gray” or as we spell it, “grey” on the colour challenge list my heart sank a wee bit. I considered that to be dull, boring and …blah…but then I went to my photos and found images I am proud to share.

Without further ado, here is my version, from Australia, of GREY: a colour challenge.

This new school’s appearance has many tones of grey. This is now 2 years old and where our daughter teaches and her daughter learns.


The War Memorial at Wyong, N.S.W. which is made of  the grey slate and stone.


The grey floor and pillars in an almost deserted shopping mall during the more restricted times of Covid 19 in 2020.


With this fading sun behind them, the grey of these clouds is magnificent! Taken outside our house.


I often look to see the tiny flowers and plants in nature and these weeds (am pretty sure they are) are growing up amongst the grey rocks on the shore of the beach/lake area.


The iron arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are always grey (and re- painted frequently) but the grey weather emphasised this too. Taken on a grey day from Sydney’s Opera House.


One then 5 year old grandson, in grey shorts, checking out the grey stone fountain on our lovely day out in Sydney before he started school.


And here he is again, aged 4 with Miss 2, his sister, in his Batman grey outfit. Having the best time in what was the spare block next to our house.


Miss 2 enjoying the wonderful Brown Bear Brown Bear read  to her by her grey-haired Papa. 


Bye bye Christmas at Grandma’s and Papa’s ever again…2014 after we sold the house. Lovely Miss 5 and Miss 2 on the grey-stencilled driveway.

This was taken around 18 years or more ago. Family: my Dad, my brother, my niece and nephew, we are all in grey..the suits we had to wear to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Expensive (I was a substitute on the day as my S.I.L. couldn’t make it) but oh so worth it.


Proving yet again how I actually can find images and meet these challenges.

Love this Sunday Stills. Good for my brain!

Thanks Terri.


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  1. A fun array of Grey’s, Denyse. I actually prefer your spelling of the word myself. Grey suits for climbing the bridge? Sounds fascinating! Glad you didn’t bore yourself with grey, LOL! I’ll also respond here, too, that I need a wifi connection to send you the WOC info. I’ll be in wifi tomorrow (Monday) and can send then.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Terri. Yes, grey suits for wearing for bridge climb so motorists less likely to be distracted as they drive over. All about safety and we were also tethered via a belt to the rails as we walked up (and down) …breathtaking views and so worth the trouble it was. MInd you I wasn’t paying and it costs $$$. No worries about Women of Courage…just when you can.


  2. I enjoyed your photos Denyse. Great choices. Gray is definitely an interesting color or lack of color isn’t it.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you so much Kirstin. Initially I thought ‘boring’ and then I went searching my images. Grey is not always boring.


  3. What a fun set of pictures, Denyse. I especially love your sunset picture and deep grey clouds. I like Miss 2 with her grandpa. I’m always fond of Grandpa pictures because I had such a loving relationship with my Grandpa. I just read your response to Terri, you tethered yourself to the bridge it walk it? Wow, that must have been a little scary. We walked the Hoover Day bridge when our Australian blogging friends came here. No tether needed. I have to admit that I was a little nervous and probably wouldn’t have gone if Carol hadn’t insisted. Thanks for finding all your “grey”t pictures for this post. 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Marsha, great to see you here.

      Yes, the tethering was around our waists and the ‘suits’ we wore over our clothes covered us from neck to ankle. They were comfy. Anything you needed such as glasses you had to have chained around your neck. The precautions were so NO items from the climbers dropped down onto the road that is one of the busiest in Sydney.

      The colour grey was about camouflage. Not being able to take a camera with us was another thing (this was before camera phones) but there were official photos taken which you could buy afterwards…of course we did.

      I liked the challenge of doing this climb as I have never been fit but was determined not to miss the experience. My neice was/is afraid of heights but with all of us, in a single line, each could offer support. And, I was always glad of a stop to look OUT to the views rather than down as there are a lot of steps!

      Glad you got to do that walk with your friend.

      Grey hair…no longer something I hide either. But my husband has had his for a LONGER time than I have.

      Let you into a secret..shhh! You are next week’s Woman of Courage.