Saturday 23rd October 2021

Green of Spring In Autumn. #SundayStills. #12. 35/2021.

Green of Spring In Autumn. #SundayStills. #12. 35/2021.

As I am loving to do, I played with the words for this week’s prompt for the Photo Challenge from Terri called #SundayStills. Her blog is here so come and check out the posts, particularly those that relate to the photos because you too might join in. It’s now my 12th week! Loving it.

Did anyone say “green?”

Green, dear colour I love, is a mix of BLUE and YELLOW and makes such a range of greeeeeens that I can barely show you them all.

I do know how much I love being in areas where there is a lot of GREEN.

I know too, that I have a selection of GREENS in my paints, crayons and pencils.

So, how to creatively approach “spring green” was to look at the greenery around my local neighbourhood in Autumn.

Enjoy the scenery. It’s good for us.


So much growth by the lake seen on my walk


Local Shopping Centre: a wall of greenery.


Vine taking hold on a tree by the river.


Norfolk pine in a yard bordering the lake.


Spiky succulent type plants that abound around here.


A sneak peek over a fence to capture a hibiscus


On my Walk In Wyong last week, I saw Autumn changing the Spring/Summer Green Leaves.


Lots of green..of different colours and types….


Through the green, a duck family rests by the river.

But what I haven’t captured is that Spring Green IS a colour from the many lists of paint colours and shades. It’s more of a colour like this:

S P R I N G       G R E E N   or maybe this……..spring green or…maybe it is in the eye of the beholder and the paint mixer.

How about you?

Do you find green a soothing colour?




  1. lol Denyse it won’t be tooooo long before we have the pleasure of Spring Green will it :).

    As your photos show we are lucky here in Australia to have green in many shades all year round – but it is a special time of the year when the deciduous tree burst into leaf and we can see Spring Green in all its glory.

    I’ve combined a #sundaystills post with a couple of others today because they all featured’Green’
    Take care

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Cathy, green in nature is sooo soothing and peaceful in its many forms. I just love taking photos when I can.

      There is a street in Wyong where I go each Sunday for a coffee and I have seen the deciduous trees which line it go through their changes for 5 years now. I never tire of it!


  2. A very creative post for the theme this week Denyse, I love all your green photos, I find it a soothing colour but not one I wear very often! We have many shades of green here in Aus and I love them all.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      I hadn’t thought about wearing green. I have a couple of pairs of jade green pants which I used to team up with the blues I love so well.

      Yes, nature does green best, Debbie and right now you have so much around. I guess, once the waters subside everywhere around the coast…we are OK..there will be SO much growth because it can still get warm at this time of year.


  3. I thought of my favorite Aussie and NZ friends who might have issue with “spring” green, LOL! But you have a huge array of wonderful greens. I think greens can be found almost any season, at least those in nature! Always happy to have you along each week! Have a great week!

    • Thanks for the thoughts about us down under, Terri! I had forgotten the colour chart and spring colour is a delightful mix of yellow and blue that is more light green.

      Wishing you well on the move.

      The ‘Cat’ Sunday Stills will stretch my imagination but I can do it…no cats in our family for a very long time. But you know me…I will think of something!


  4. You must live up North? Stunning scenery and hibiscus flowers. The Hibiscus is one of my favourite trees. I wish I lived where there was 24 hour warmth and lots of tropical flowers and plants.

    • We live about 2 hours north of Sydney so it’s still on the coast. My parents grew amazing hibiscus and their house was almost on the water near Manly NSW. Where we are now, it’s good growing for hibiscus and frangipani. We live in a rental so I take shots when I am out and about.

      Time for you to move Jody..and that family with you. My mum disliked the cold intensely and it was made worse by her chronic health issues.

      Hope you find some warmth…by the way, none here either, very wet and cool!


  5. Such beautiful pics.

  6. Your green photos are beautiful Denyse. I’ve been struggling a bit with the prompts for #SundayStills but will check out next week’s prompt.

    • Thanks Jennifer. I admit, I take a while to think on how I will respond and next week’s is a change while Terri is moving to her new house. I have well and truly NOT followed the prompt for this one.


  7. Such luscious green, Denyse. We are having snow today and you are still enjoying the warm greens. So you might detect a bit of green jealousy here in Prescott, AZ. 🙂

    • Oh dear.

      So Marsha, I promise not to tell you about clear blue skies and Autumnal temperatures …sorry! Actually a week ago we were in the midst of a deluge all along Australia’s east coast. We stayed safe and dry. Many did not.

      Today, however, being curious and liking to capture nature I am going back to areas locally which were inundated and seeing how things are going..

      Sooooon, I hope, for you to experience better and warmer days!