Saturday 22nd January 2022

Grateful For This. 38/51. #LifeThisWeek is 4 years old! 76/2020.

Grateful For This. 38/51. #LifeThisWeek is 4 years old! 76/2020.

  • I am forever grateful to be a blogger.
  • I am always grateful to have bloggers link up here.
  • I am feeling the gratitude that through this computer of mine we can connect!
  • So, today: celebrating 4 years of this link up, I offer you my gratitude. In abundance for coming here, reading, commenting, linking up and sharing!


If I could reach out to you all, here’s what you might have to celebrate the blog’s 4 years of link ups on Mondays. Big on cake and biscuit cooking at my place.

Where did it all start?

Back in August-September 2016. Gosh, I hadn’t even known I had cancer back then. Lovely Kirsty from here, decided to close her Monday link up called “I Must Confess” and I approached with an idea for Mondays and she was delighted to support and promote….we ARE good mates!! Thanks Kirsty.

This post tells some of the story too.

Here is the first blog post about it. With the first set of optional prompts.

M E M O R Y    L A N E :  September each  year.

2016: see above


LTW is ONE. #LifeThisWeek. 35/52. 2017.105.


Have You Ever? 38/52. #LifeThisWeek is 2! 2018.93.


What Is Love? 37/51 #LifeThisWeek. 95/2019.

About the Optional Prompts.

I admit they can be easy to decide and then, I can find some weeks harder than others. I do use a calendar for some, for example recent post on Sydney 2000 based on the Sydney Olympics Anniversary. Some are personal because I have some views I want to share but they can apply generally, for example “birth order”. Then in 2018 I made a plan to help sort out the year by adding:

Each 5th week: Share Your Snaps (photo-based post)

Each 7th week: Self-Care Stories

Each 9th week: Taking Stock

This meant for me I “only” needed to come up with prompts in between those intervals.

The reality of the blogging calendar is there are 51 weeks of prompts, and often the last one or two is free choice.

Why Optional Prompts?

Sometime we can sit at the computer and draw a blank but we still want to write! I know this helps me to have a prompt but to ensure no-one felt if they had not blogged based on the prompt they could not link up, I call them optional prompt.


What a year 2020 has been. Nothing like any of us expected when we made our first of the year posts and mine was this!

Word of Year: Gratitude. 1/51 #LifeThisWeek 1/2020.

I admit when I set out to make a daily gratitude post on Instagram, I thought it would be easy. I knew I could find, feel and notice gratitude all around me. I was ready! Bring it on. Then…the year changed as we know, for all of us. My go-to daily activities were curtailed via the big C (not cancer, the other one) and I also had some surgical procedures. I really HAVE had to seach for gratitude far more deeply and note it even on the worst days for me. I continue to do the daily gratitude on Instagram (see the right hand side of the blog) until 31.12.2020.


I have no particular hopes nor dreams for 2021, given how 2020 has played out, but I do know one thing: Hamilton, the Musical, has been on repeat for me.

This sums it up…the title anyway, for 2021 and Life This Week!

Thank you for linking up today and commenting too. I will read your post later this week, as always!



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  1. Denyse,
    Thank you for all that you do to keep us connected as bloggers!

    SSG xxx

  2. Happy birthday! And thank you for hosting. I like the optional prompts because it makes me write about things I wouldn’t (or don’t want to) and that makes you become more creative, I think, as it pushes you into areas or play around with an idea. I love your weekly post. Good luck with the procedures and take care!!

    • Thank you for the good wishes, Lydia.

      I too like the optional prompt challenges and sometimes they are a kick-start to writing I agree.

      It would seem I am actually on the countdown to finishing up treatments for wound care early-is October. Gosh it’s been a thing alright!!


  3. Denyse, Congrats on the 4 years of Life This Week! Thank you for hosting and building our blogging community. Your baked goods look yummy.

    • Thanks so much Natalie for your kind words.

      I do wish I could share the baked goods! My doctors and their staff are often the recipients as well as family…and of course some never leave the house! They’re for us.


  4. I didn’t realise LTW had been going for 7 years Denyse. That’s a mighty effort. I’m sure I’d struggle to think of so many prompts. I do love having a prompt to make me think.

    • Ah, no not that long Jennifer.

      This is the 4th Birthday of the link up.

      Thank you for the kind words.

      It is good for my brain to come up with the optional prompts. I try not to repeat though!


  5. Congratulations Denyse on 7 years of #lifethisweek. A great way to connect with others and I’m grateful for the opportunity to link up. Have a great week.

  6. Has it been 4 years of this link-up already? Wow! Time flies! Good on you for starting and continuing this. Also, great going on the gratitude front. I know how hard it can be some days to find things to be grateful for. I hope you have a lovely week ahead!

    • It so does, doesn’t it? 2016. Feels like forever ago with all that’s happened to me! You too, I imagine.

      I remember the day I talked to B about my idea to take on a link up and then chatting with Kirsty.

      This year has made us really consider gratitude on a deeper level for sure.

      Love your support always, Sanch.


  7. Happy Linky Birthday! Having hosted my own link up party I know how much work is involved so thank you for all that you do both in hosting the “party” and creating such a lovely sense of community! Let’s party on! Hope you have a great week x

    • Thanks so much Sam. I am truly glad to have kept this link up going as it is a challenge for me (in a good way) and I love challenges.

      It also provides me with a regular routine. In retirement that is actually more important too as I could just hang out with no direction.

      Planner me, likes organisation and direction.

      Your support from day one has been appreciated.


  8. Wow 4 years of linkups is a real feat Denyse. I’m so glad I found you a few years ago and enjoy the writing of posts to the prompts or sharing an older post, whatever suits me at the time. It’s a lovely blogging community you’ve brought together and I’m grateful for that! I’m going to go back and read the older posts to see what I’ve missed over the years! Thanks again for all you do!

    • Thanks so much Deb. I cannot remember how and when we ‘met’ but it’s been great getting to know you and your blog.

      I do love your on-going 100% support and it’s something that keeps me going.

      My blog and a routine have helped me through some not great times and for that I am always grateful .

  9. Hi Denyse, I’m so glad you invited me to your Linkup. I look forward to it every week. I’m grateful for you for that. I’m really grateful for my husband this year. He looked after me so well this year with all my surgeries, in between doing pretty much every chore in our house. He’s a really hard worker, does long hours in his job and often travels for work. Then he comes home and does a couple of hours in the yard. He laid 100sqm of turf here on the weekend by himself. He’s such an amazing guy and I’m incredibly lucky to have him in my life. Regards, Christina

    • It’s lovely to have you join us here too Christina.

      Your year sure has not been how you predicated either but you are seeing and feeling gratitude from what you have written. It is lovely that you are so well cared for too.

      Great to know you are enjoying this link up too.


  10. Congrats on 4 years of doing these link ups Denyse – after 2.5 years of #MLSTL Sue and I had run dry so I definitely admire your stamina! Gratitude is a wonderful theme and I think it really helps us stay positive and focused during these difficult times – thanks for being one of my blogging buddies and for all the warmth you bring to the Midlife blogosphere. x

    • Thanks so much Leanne.

      My week needs some routine and the blog gives me that in many ways. It’s been a great space for me to share and feel cared for so I love the community feel.

      Getting back the care of others buoys me to continue and intellectually it is good for me too.

      Love a challenge and thinking up the prompts is fun, as is commenting on yours and others’ blogs.

      Your kind words, and support are always appreciated.


  11. Happy linky birthday. Thanks for keeping us connected every Monday.

  12. Congratulations on 4 years of “Life This Week”! You have developed such a welcoming community of writers here. It’s a joy to read everyone’s thoughts each week. Love the photo of you and your hubby on the “What Is Love?” post.

    By the way, Jonathan Groff, who plays King George in Hamilton grew up in my hometown! He’s a local boy.

    • Oh that is so lovely to read your kind words, Laurie.

      I hope things are going ok for you and the family too.

      I adore Hamilton..late adopter …and Jonathan is soooo good. How good to know he is a local lad!!


  13. Happy 4 year anniversary of the link up! That’s impressive.

    • Thanks so much Joanne, I love it and the way in which bloggers come here to connect.

      Four years has seen a lot happen in my life and that of others but the consistent thing is we share our stories here.


  14. Thanks for hosting. I love that idea of a daily gratitude Instagram post. As someone who has compiled a number of gratitude lists, I also know that practicing gratitude creatively is never as easy as I think it will be.

    Wishing you an fantastic Tuesday!

    • Thank you so much Jed. I am glad to have you join in for this link up.

      Gratitude is something I thought would be ‘easy’ but on difficult days it can be hard..even more reason for find it! And I am.