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Grateful For These Women. #IWD2019. 25/2019.

Grateful For These Women. #IWD2019. 25/2019.

It happened last Friday: 8 March 2019.

International Women’s Day.

I have always known about green and purple being the colours for women but not exactly why: this might help you:

Internationally, purple is a colour for symbolizing women. Historically, the combination of purplegreen and white to symbolize women’s equality originated from the Women’s Social and Political Union in the U.K. in 1908. Purple signifies justice and dignity. Green symbolizes hope.
Grateful for these Women:
My tribute via Instagram and Facebook, now here is for the women who have helped shape me to be the woman I am today. I also include those who love and support me, particularly since my head and neck cancer. So, from those who went before me, and those who have been born – to me and then to my children, I salute you all. The women I am so grateful to have in my life. And as I said too, those who are not here and there are many more, are remembered with love in my heart.

Top: Mum, Her Sister My Aunty Poppy, Their Mum, My Nanny. Mid: Me with youngest GD on her BIRTHday, My daughter with her eldest & second eldest and her youngest. Bottom: Me held by paternal Gran, on left is her Mum (Nana) and my Mum on right. Three daughters of our son! With my daughter.

When is International Women’s Day?
International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated around the world on the 8th of March.

What is International Women’s Day?
International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when all women are recognised for their achievements. International Women’s Day was first born out of labour movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe.

Since those early days, International Women’s Day has grown in prominence and reach, touching women in every corner of the world. The growing international women’s movement has helped make International Women’s Day a central point for action, to build support for women’s rights and their full participation in the economy, politics, community and in everyday life.

History of International Women’s Day
In 1910, Clara Zetkin, the leader of the Women’s Office for the Social Democratic Party in Germany tabled the idea of an International Women’s Day at the second International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen. The proposal received unanimous support from over one hundred women representing 17 countries.

The very first International Women’s Day was held the following year on March 19th. Meetings and protests were held across Europe, with the largest street demonstration attracting 30,000 women. In 1913, IWD was moved to March 8th and has been held on this day ever since.

International Women’s Day in Australia

Australia’s first International Women’s Day was held in 1928 in Sydney. Organised by the Militant Women’s
Movement, women called for equal pay for equal work, an 8 hour working day for shop girls and paid leave. The next
year the event spread to Brisbane. In 1931, annual marches were launched in both Sydney and Melbourne and both marches continue to be held today.

Since these early days, International Women’s Day has continued to grow. It is a day to celebrate women’s achievements and both highlight and work to address barriers that continue to perpetuate gender inequality.

International Women’s Day today

International Women’s Day has become a time to reflect on progress, to call for change and to celebrate the courage and determination of the women who changed history, and those who will advance gender equality into the future. International Women’s Day is an occasion to review how far women have come in their struggle for equality, peace and development. It is also an opportunity to unite, network and mobilise for meaningful change.

About International Women’s Day

Those who cared for me (and still do!) when I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer in May 2017.

Top: Cate who has been at every surgery and is the one I see regularly on my check-ups Then: Justine who is a specialist H&N cancer nurse who helped me before the July surgery and in my recovery time at home. Then: Stef who was the oral surgeon with did my gum biopsy & was the person who sensitively told me on Wed 17 May ’17, “squamous cell cancer is in the gums”. Last: never least: Ofelia who has been by my side whether I am laughing or crying at my prosthodontist appointments.

My life, since head and neck cancer, has been enhanced by my social life. Even when it looked like it might be a bit hard, I managed to get out as much as possible – and still do, so I can meet up with people I know via blogging and on-line.

I am grateful always for connections…and made a collage of these and some more friends I have met with.

My tribute to the women on International Women’s Day 2019, #IWD2019.

What did you do on International Women’s Day?

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  1. Thanks for this informative post on IWD Denyse. I always like reading about the women in our lives and how they have impacted. Your tributes are heartfelt and sincere and I love your outlook! I enjoyed a lunch earlier in the week hosted by the local council then on Friday I had a lovely day in the big smoke of Wagga, just wandering on my own after having an eye test and collecting me new red reading glasses. It was a nice day out with no real agenda – just for a change 🙂

    • Thanks Debbie, it helped me get better informed too by doing some research into IWD.

      The big smoke of Wagga was where we would sometimes visit when we lived at Merriwagga. I also did a couple of Res Schools doing my Bachelors and then Masters of Ed while teaching. AND my one and only graduation I attended was at CSU Wagga.

      Very fond memories. I am also one who highly prizes days out with no agenda!

      Denyse x

  2. What a great bunch of women you’ve highlighted here Denyse! It’s lovely to see the old photos of your Mum, Aunt and Grandmother and of course your daughter and grandchildren as well as those women who have helped care for you during your cancer treatment. I also enjoyed reading the meaning behind the colours of purple & green for International Women’s Day. I didn’t know but do now – so thank you! Thanks also for linking up for #ZTT ! xo

    • Thank you Min. I liked being able to celebrate those women in my life. There are more of course in terms of my career in education and some in blogging too but there were not always photos of them.

      I am pleased I could help you too with the meaning of ‘womens colours’. There was an academic & author from Qld, name escapes me, who only wore women’s colours!

      Denyse x

  3. A beautiful tribute to the wonderful women in your life, Denyse. I never knew my grandparents as they died before I was born but the two most influential women in my life have been my Mum who I lost far too early at aged 63 and my cousin/godmother who is like a big sister to me. Both beautiful, strong, caring women who I admire and aim to emulate. Have a great day, Denyse. xx #ZTT

    • Thanks Sue. I really did not realise just how much those who came before me in my family have played a part in my life. It has taken till my almost 70s to get a great appreciation of their sacrifices made for better lives for their families, and in turn me.

      I am sorry you did not meet your grandparents but it is not stopping you being the best Grandmother to your two grandsons. It is instinctive I think.

      Denyse x

      • Oh thank you Denyse, and probably because I didn’t have grandparents and my own children had lost all their grandparents by the time my daughter (the eldest) was 4 years old, I make sure I am an important part in my grandsons’ lives. Thank you for sharing your special women with us at #MLSTL and I’m sure they would be very proud of you. Have shared on Social Media. x

        • I am glad you are making the BEST memories for your grandchildren whilst having fun yourself. I know how grateful I am to have had one awesome grandfather and I am pretty sure I modelled my grand parenting on his.

          Thanks again Sue for #MLSTL

          Denyse x

  4. It was nice to learn a little bit more about international women’s day. It has become more prominent here in the US in the past few years. I think social media has helped to spread it, there were a lot of posts about it. I also noticed several local celebrations this year. it is a nice thing to celebrate women!

    • It sure is a great idea to celebrate women. I am not into too much of the ‘women’ vs ‘men’ thing that some get up to but I agree it is lovely to have kind and caring messages via Social Media about #IWD.

      Thanks Michele!

      Denyse x

  5. Great post and it’s a good reminder that the IWD is for all the women in our lives. Those who front up and give us support to be stronger ourselves. #MLSTL

    • Yes indeed. As I am in my 7th decade…you know what I mean, I am finally starting to appreciate and understand just how much effort my grandmothers, great grandmothers and mother and aunt had in living their lives. Two lost spouses at early ages, one lost her life thanks to a stroke in her early 60s, Mum died at 82 which was an awesome innings but her sister died of cancer in her 60s.

      So many questions I want to ask them now about their lives! I know I was very inward looking as a young Mum and my mum never understood me being a teacher so it was hard work in that relationship. Sigh.

      Denyse x

  6. What a wonderful tribute and acknowledgement of the women in your life – past, present and future who’ve helped to shape who you are right now. You’ve been through quite a lot over the last year or two especially and it’s lovely to see you giving back and being part of that legacy to others x
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    • Thanks so much Leanne.

      Interesting to note most people I know who have been through cancer seem to want to give back. Whether it is via education or other roles or fundraising, it seems that we all want to show our gratitude and appreciation that way.

      It was not until I began sharing the women I credit with helping me in my life that I realised there were so many. I am chuffed that I could showcase them.

      Denyse x

  7. So nice to look back at the women in our lives that have helped us become who we are. I come from a long line of strong women who helped me grow into a strong woman.

    • Thank you Victoria. I think sometimes strength in us or others is not always observed directly but can become known indirectly. I have changed my opinions on some of the females in my life knowing what they went through.

      Denyse x

  8. A wonderful post to celebrate the women in your life. I learnt a lot about IWD that I had no idea about! Like the colours purple and green, my favourite colours!

  9. Awww! Thanks for including me in this amazing list of fab women in your life Denyse.
    Great tribute and so much gratitude.
    Right back at ya!!