Thursday 2nd December 2021

Goodbye 2018. 1/2019.

Goodbye 2018. 1/2019.

It’s goodbye, so long, farewell to 2018.

Already it’s 2019 and I am not feeling any different. But wait, what’s that? You are going to be 70 this year?! OH.

But, hey, so what? Many people would envy that, so moving right along!

This is a post I am writing to get me back to the blog in the week before I kick off my #LifeThisWeek series and link-up each Monday. Reminder:

1/51. Hello Again. 7/1/19

2/51. “Word/Intention/Nothing” 2019. 14/1/19

3/51. Best Gift Ever. 21/1/19

4/51. What Is Hope? 28/1/19.

5/51. Share Your Snaps #1. 4/2/19.

6/51. Your Worst Purchase. 11/2/19.

7/51. Self-Care. Share Your Story.#1. 18/2/19.

8/51. Your Favourite Decade. 25/2/19.

9/51. Taking Stock.#1. 4/3/19.

I am sharing the photos I took in the last few weeks as I prepared for the end-of-year posts and beginning of next year. I like to walk on the beach for keeping my mindfulness practice up and the wonder of being by the sea.


I also like to visit the bridge near Mackenzie Reserve at Budgewoi to do some reflecting. It has been out of action while they s l o w l y repaired this beloved footbridge and attached new sleepers to the bridge itself.

I love time to reflect, to appreciate, to practise gratitude and also to get out into the wider world. It does me good.


Let’s move on, with life as it is and with what’s to come, and welcome in 2019.



My best wishes to you all in 2019.


Leanne at Deep Fried Fruit is leading the Link-Up start to 2019 here on Thursday 3 January 2019.



  1. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019! Hope it’s full of fabulous!

  2. Happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year, Denyse! I agree that the end of the year is a nice time to reflect and think back with gratitude. I had an entire day and a bit to do that and I’m so glad I could. I hope 2019 is wonderful for you and I wish you good health and joy. I foresee a few more coffee catch-ups 🙂

    • Thank you so much for visiting today to read and comment. It’s been great connecting with you here and in real life as they say!

      Wishing you a great NEW year and I so hope the new role goes well for you.

      Coffee is definitely on. We will just need to decide where!!

      Denyse x

  4. All the best to you in whatever this year has to offer too Denyse… “see” you on Monday!

    • Thank you Jo and the very same to you. I am looking forward to Monday’s link up ..still have to write my post though.

      Keep those beach pics happening in 2019.

      Denyse x

  5. Happy 2019! That looks like a beautiful place to walk and reflect. =)

    • Thanks Jen Rose and the very same to you. I am going that way today but I suspect it will be too hot to even get out of the car. I am a bit over the heat and humidity!!

      Denyse x

  6. Happy and healthy new year to you Denyse, how full your cup has become in the past 12 months. Thank you too for your support.

    • Thanks so much Jan. Yes, it’s been big and busy this ‘getting well’ thing. I am hoping for a slightly less frenetic pace this year but “never say never”.

      Best wishes to you and Rowan and I hope the house begins to be the home you have both worked hard for and can relax into!

      Denyse x

  7. Happy Twenty Nineteen and your Seventieth Year, Denyse!

    Looking forward to sharing the year with you, its ups and downs and inbetweens through Life This Week.

    Be well

    SSG xxx

    • Oh my, how that looks in words!

      Thank you dear SSG. I decided embracing the idea was better than denial, right?

      I am looking forward to LifeThisWeek connections again even though it was nice to have a short break.

      Thanks for your wellness wishes!

      Denyse x

  8. Have a great year, I am sure you will make the most of it!

  9. I’ve mostly skipped the end of year/beginning of year stuff and stayed away from it. But I also somehow managed to blog, unplanned, about both. Go figure…

    • It is a sign of your confused mind because a holiday did not turn out to be one so you have every right to do whatever….

      I sure hope 2019 is an improvement on 2018. Let’s not even go there with 2017.

      Denyse x

  10. Happy New year!! I hope the new year is good to you and your family!

  11. Love your sand words Denyse! All the best to you for 2019 and I look forward to joining you again for #lifethisweek

  12. Love your sand art Denyse. Have you done a sand mandala yet? There’s often a lot of lovely sand art on the beach at Byron. Gorgeous stuff. xo

    • Thank you Leanne. If only I could do the beach mandalas as some people do. I have done some by hand but not big ones. I too enjoy seeing them.

      Denyse x