Friday 28th January 2022

Good. 12/51.#LifeThisWeek. 36/2021.

Good. 12/51.#LifeThisWeek. 36/2021.

A GOOD shot of the STORM at the beach where I went to feel GOOD after a few days of illness.


What comes to mind for you?

It’s a subjective word for me. I have used it that way many a time myself as a teacher, a mother, and a grandmother:

  •  “be a good boy and stand over there while we get the car”…..
  • “come on, who’s being good today? I will be finding people for a special reward”
  • “if everyone is good by the time we get to lunch today, there will be a special time in the afternoon for free play”

You get the picture?

But just in case.

Here’s another form, that was often used on me. I was the “GOOD” girl, in the family. Meaning what? Apparently my father tells me because I slept better than my younger brother.

Then as life went on, as a girl, into teen and becoming a woman, I was told to be good, behave, and given my “eldest child” nature, of course I did.


But is that what good is?

Sometimes it can be far more general, and less likely for me to get heated about the oft used term…to me, to flatter….“you are such a good girl”.

In my head NO I AM not…and anyway, that’s a story for my memoir….oh right, yes, so it seems I have already started. A long time ago.

Back in early 2017 I took the words of this woman, Maya Angelou and found the courage to start my memoir, Telling My Story.

I’m convinced of this: Good done anywhere is good done everywhere. For a change, start by speaking to people rather than walking by them like they’re stones that don’t matter. As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to do some good. Maya Angelou.


Quotes on GOOD.

Good as a description.

I have always considered it pretty bland. Somewhere between excellent and not.

I admit, I would not have liked it as a comment teachers wrote on reports on their students back in the day…because “what does good mean?”


Somewhere in the middle.

Is my inner cynic showing?

Do you know how many movies there are with the word “good” in them? I do not have a total because I got bored but for example:

A Few Good Men

And then there are songs:

Good Golly Miss Molly

And TV series:

The Good Place

And shops:

The Good Guys

Is there anything else I might add?

No. Thank you.

That’s GOOD then because I have finished.

Good to go?


Press Publish.

Thanks, Denyse, it’s been good working with you.


Who thinks up these optional prompts?

Ooops. Sorry, it’s Denyse.

Good Night.

Good Day.

Good Bye!

P.S. Was there any good from this post for you? Anything at all?

Maybe this: My GOOD mantra:

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  1. I love your cynical take on the word “good”. Here in the Netherlands, on many report cards in elementary school, so before we did actual grades, I was said to be “good enough”. The Dutch feels better than the English translation, but I can see the mediocrity in it now.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Astrid, in that context as in the one I outlined in my experience, it’s like saying “ok, done, move on”. Such a small word yet could have many meanings depending on speaker, listener, writer and context!


  2. I chuckle reading your post, Denyse. I haven’t thought of “good” as mediocre. Thank you for hosting. Have a great week ahead! #lifethisweek

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh I am glad you had a giggle Natalie, because it was almost tongue-in-cheek but not quite.

      In my long experience in schools “good” was in the middle…very good, excellent, outstanding were further along the so-called marking/assessment scales!


  3. Fun post with a little bit of depth Denyse. Thanks for giving us something to think about today……It’s a strange word to describe isn’t it – i started in my post and got hopelessly lost
    I cringe and get very annoyed when I hear people saying ‘good girls don’t……’ because very often they do!
    Take care

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh Cathy, I think I began my post about the same time the protest of #women4justice was happening in Canberra and elsewhere so my thoughts centred on the ‘good girl’ we are told to be, and it continues into old age…..well, you know what I mean.

      Thanks for understanding where I was coming from.


  4. Oooh, a negative on good. Interesting. I like it…..I’m trying to think of a quote to leave you with but I’m still on my first coffee and my brain has yet to kick in….Have a good week 😉

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Hope your coffee has helped Lydia. What a few days we have had. Not GOOD at all, right.

      Thanks for your insight. A negative about good. I was writing this around the time women were marching for justice and so many times “good girl” is used to describe us females. Husband is now aware of my dislike of it so of course, uses it more. Sigh.


  5. Loved your approach to “good Denyse. I was looking forward to ready ng your pist. I must admit that “good” has me stumped. Mainly because the word brought back many memories of grade 6. Our teacher wouldn’t let us use the word because she would say over and over there’s always a better word. I probably could have written about those motors. If I’d thought of them earlier!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      See what happens when our minds take us back…you are told in Year 6 about the use of ‘good’ and I think we all did that to our students as we implored them to reach into the richness of English. We also mentioned not using “and” as well!!!

      I also did consider how much I disliked being written off as a ‘good girl” …it’s the combo I think!

      At least my commenters are checking out my post so that is GOOD, Jennifer.


  6. Yes! I totally see “good” as being “mediocre”. Like “near enough is good enough”. But I think that some people use “good” to mean “you’re doing what I want you to do, so you’re good”. I’m not explaining myself very well. When I was a journalist, people would tell me I was a “good” journalist if I was writing about certain subjects in the way that they agreed with. But that isn’t actually the mark of a “good” journalist, in my opinion.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Ah ha, memories awoken in you too, Katherine.

      Good means exactly what?

      It is, as I mentioned to another commenter, quite a way down the list of qualifiers in writing an assessment or report.

      Love that you remembered to link up…GOOD on you!!


  7. Hi Denyse, during the week I was in a meeting of ‘trainers’ and it was mentioned that to compete in this Virtual world of fitness our good is now only average, our best maybe good and to actually be successful our best has to be better than best – super best! #nopressure LOL:) thanks for your take on ‘good’ for this week’s #lifethisweek

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh no pressure indeed….Sue, there is GOOD (getting to the standard expected) but when, in people’s quest for over the top progress and more, more more…then the use of words just becomes a stressor to people who might be “doing all they can” at their age and stage but to push more would be not a “good” option for their health.

      Such a conversation this post has raised. A GOOD one to continue to examine our thinking and attitudes.


  8. You made me think Denyse with your take on ‘good’, and I’m glad I wrote my post before reading your words :). I went with a positive take and enjoyed sharing some ‘good’ things. Thanks again.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh Deb, I look forward to reading yours. You know I was in this mood writing it because of what I was seeing on line and in Canberra and other cities about #women4justice and it made me think of “good” being ascribed as a behaviour to women and girls.

      Yes of course, there is so much GOOD in the world and around us but this post got a lot of us thinking a bit too.


  9. This post really got me thinking. Maybe it’s because I’m an eternal optimist but I think good is much more than mediocre! Good one, Denyse! (Ha, see what I did there?!)

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Then that is GOOD for you Sammie, as I am the opposite of you…and do try my best to lift my pessimistic self off the ground most days.

      Yes of course, there is so much good happening around us and to us but the notion of ‘being good’ and all that when I was watching the #March4Justice made me think of how much I disliked being told I was a “good girl”.

      Hope you and Teddy have been able to get outside for a walk today.


  10. This is a ‘good’ post Denyse! 😀

    An interesting read.
    ‘Good boy’ and ‘good girl’ to me, are two very different things. I think of ‘good girl’ as quite sexist. It is often applied to women and to me it’s a demeaning term.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Jody. I hear you on the good girl one as I feel the same. Not sure about the difference to the good boy.

      Anyway what a chance to have a good discussion this post has been!


  11. Lots of good in this post, Denyse! I love that mantra. I need to remind myself sometimes that I can do hard things. And the MLK quote. That is inspiring.

    I think the term “good girl” can be used condescendingly. I never looked at it as a compliment, you are right.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Laurie.

      You may have my mantra. I use(d) it a lot from early 2017 onwards and it makes me stop and re-group when I think “I can’t”…..

      We women are over the “good girl” thing arent we?

      Yes, to MLK and his wise wise words.

      Oh yes, the good girl has been used as a compliment to me many a time and now my husband knows it annoys me, it won’t stop him…you get that, right?

      Hope you are getting some better weather and spring is showing off to you.

  12. Hi Denyse, it’s interesting because the phrases we used in the past are no longer PC! But our parents commonly told us to be good, and we did the same with our own children. I always felt I had to come up to an unrealistic expectation from my father because good in his eyes was nearly unachievable. Thought provoking post, thank you. Christina

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Christina, those words may no longer be PC but they are still being used by many.

      I know I have and did and if I was back in a classroom now I wouldn’t be saying those words. I also know that we had to stop lining kids up according to sex because of how “kids behave”. It was true. “girls’ lines were almost always more orderly and they got to go first”….

      Never being good enough is what I too have perceived but in the past few years as he has aged and we have discussions, Dad actually tells me more about how proud he is of me and that my achievements, particularly in dealing with cancer, blow him away.

      I am glad you found the post thought provoking.


  13. Hi Denyse – I think it’s always good to look for the good – in ourselves, in others, in the world around us, and in life in general. When we focus on the good, life seems to feel better and we get a sense of how blessed we are with all that we have in our lives. Others may put a negative spin on “good” but for me it’s always something to appreciate and look for. I may not always be “good” but I’ve learned that’s okay too x

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Couldn’t agree more about that use of the word good. I know some of my favourite teachers/psychologists use it. Dr Rick Hanson talks of looking for the good and trying to lock it into our brains because the “negative/bad” will lay down their foundations with greater success.

      Thanks for your considered and helpful response too Leanne. Very much appreciated the discussion this post has engendered.


  14. Interesting thought!

  15. I like this “Good done anywhere is good done everywhere” – it acknowledges a ripple effect.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      I had not heard that one before but I see the good in the ripple effect for sure.

      Thank you for sharing, Vanessa.


  16. I’m very late posting today and so therefore very late linking up. I’ll read and comment on posts tomorrow as I have to do dinner now. I think you did a GOOD job of demonstrating all the various ways the word ‘good’ is used. I first thought of it used this way: when someone asks “how are you” we say “good thanks” automatically and often it’s not quite the truth. Overall though, I think it’s a GOOD word and can be a very deep and meaningful word … for example … she’s a ‘good person’, has a ‘good soul’ or is a ‘good egg’. I think you are very clever how you come up with these prompts Denyse! Have a great week. xo

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      I reckon I have made us all think a bit more on the use of “good” in our lives.

      I appreciate you linking up as you can Min. There is no need to comment on more than mine and a couple of other posts that you find of interest.

      Glad you are here and today, for the nerd I am, is Prompt #232….which is “good” right? I like the mental challenge of thinking up the optional prompts and haven’t repeated one yet (that I am aware). This year I went with one word and in alphabetical order.


  17. That’s interesting. I wouldn’t think good is mediocre.

    Curated By Jennifer

    • Thanks for you comment and contribution Jennifer as it shows how we can all view the word (and world) with differing lenses!


  18. I too think of good as just being more like “meh”/ in the middle/ not bad… so I try to use more expressive language than good.

    • It is about extending the power of description for me too Joanne. “Easy” to say “good” but perhaps better to find another word with a better way to view something/someone etc.


  19. ‘You’re one of the good guys’ is a expression I use for people who I think are doing and being the right thing. Someone with character. But when someone would say you are a good girl it could mean compliant behavior where it is subjective to the person saying it.

    • That is a great way to make the distinctions. Like it!

      Thank you Deborah for visiting and to comment for the first time.


  20. Hi Denyse, I probably over-use the word GOOD when I speak. I know for sure that I’m going to think twice before I use it again! So glad that I’m in time for your linkup. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Cheryl, I reckon when you need to connect and you may not have the skills of the language where you are living, “good” is a great way to seek understanding and confidence in your conversations.

      Glad you came by again too. GOOD to see you!! Good ONYA Aussie humour..right?