Wednesday 19th January 2022

Found: At The Lake! #SundayStills Colour Challenge: Burlywood. 99/2021.

Found: At The Lake! #SundayStills Colour Challenge: Burlywood. 99/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for August 2021 and beyond when Natalie from here hosts for 3 weeks.

I will share this post soon as ‘my’ Sunday becomes Monday here. Terri & Natalie are in the northern hemisphere. I do enjoy sharing and am happy to wait till Monday. This is her prompt: “Colour Challenge: Burlywood”

Come and read to see what I did for this post!


This colour is not a favourite, I admit straight up. It formed part of my school uniforms back in the 1950s and 1960s so “beige, brown, light brown” are not colours I wear nor enjoy seeing much (unless the brown is CHOCOLATE) so I did have to look closely for examples of this colour I had never heard of before. Maybe it’s not known by this name here in Australia? Anyway, I did not have to go far it seems. Just to visit the Lake.

On My Walk.

We live about 15 minutes drive from water like this: part of Tuggerah Lakes, a huge saltwater lake system. This beach is called Canton Beach and whilst there is a lot of water, much of it is shallow. Popular with families in the summer time.

For me, a chance to photograph the scenes and those who enjoy its environment.

This is What I Found:

in my eyes, to be Burlywood, on the shore and surrounds.

The sandstone

The weeds harvested from the lake ‘browning’ in the sunshine

The sand

Even the clear water where sand is seen.






So I think I responded to the colour challenge: Burlywood.

Do I like it any better? Not really but in nature I see it has a place.




  1. Brown isn’t my favourite either. Ditto unless it’s chocolate! lol

    But yes, you captured it’s place in nature beautifully. For some reason I seem to be a bit colour blind with brown clothes. I often mistake it for deep aubergine purples. Then I realised I’m wearing brown. Oops!

    • Oh Ness, you gave me a “Sunday arvo Lockdown” giggle!! Thank you kindly. I admit I am like that with navy and black…and need to check what I am wearing ‘in a good light!”.

      Take care & yes to the darker and creamier versions of CHOCOLATE brown.


  2. You caught the drab but beautiful burlywood brown perfectly, Denyse! I’d never heard of the color either, but I keep the color challenges unique! And I’m with you on dark brown being a better favorite (read chocolate, color of my dogs, etc).

    • Ah so it was truly a challenge for us all, this one. Love that clever take Terri!

      Thank you…and yes to chocolate brown in all things we love…your dogs too.


  3. Hi Denyse, you did well with burly. I admit it’s not one of my favorite colors either, but as I worked through some of my photos, some gorgeous burlywood immerged for me just as it did for you. I still don’t quite have the hang of linking correctly to your posts, but it’s a date-dyslexia thing, I think. 🙂 So here is my link for share your snaps.

    • Oh Marsha, I smiled when I read your comment and loved that you made a post too.

      I am sorry about the link thing being a challenge for you.

      It’s open Mondays from 5.00 am. Australian Eastern Time, so to do a conversion when you know YOUR time, is. to find that from the many places that can tell you on-line & then you take your link (the one you left here in the post) and add it to the series of others already there as the link is open as I write this.

      Share Your Snaps is my 5 weekly optional prompt for Life This Week.

      Remember the word ‘optional”… it’s about shopping. BUT everyone links wiht a post of their own, on or off prompt. Hope that helps.

      Many good wishes


  4. Quite textured photos you have there. Interesting on a few levels (as in directing the eye onto different things – I don’t think I’m making sense today but I know what I mean)

    • I am pleased my images had your eye looking at and for different things Lydia! Yes, it all makes sense!

      Off for my allowed beach walk now…


  5. Interesting captures Denyse and yes you’ve caught the burleywood brown very well! It’s always interesting to learn new things isn’t it? I like the distinction between brown and chocolate, one is much better than the other 🙂
    Well done!

    • Thanks so much Deb. I look forward to commenting on yours later too.

      Wish me to the beach (in our LGA but more than 5 km!) for a much missed walk. I hope to do this lawfully. The laws are so UNclear really.

      Brown vs Chocolate…ah only one can be the winner!