Thursday 2nd December 2021

Feed The Birds. #SundayStills. #8. 23/2021.

Feed The Birds. #SundayStills. #8. 23/2021.

Each week I am writing and posting here for inclusion in the #SundayStills from this blogger and kind person, Terri from here.

And also this is part of my blog’s category for sharing photographs.

I have now combined the two and made a shared purpose photo for this photographic challenge.

Late in 2020 I noticed a flash of movement outside our house.

We have a glass splashback over the stove (never install one, people, we are renting so no choice!) and I saw something flitting in and out of the agapanthus we have growing there for most of summer.

I did not do anything after that other than find my iphone and get some images.

I later found out this was a kind of honey-eater bird and have never seen one since but on this day, the agapanthus WAS feeding this bird!

Have you seen any like this before?

We live in a coastal region of New South Wales Australia in a temperate climate.







I sure would love to say I have seen the bird return, but no, we just have regular nuisance birds who mess up our back patio!



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  1. Hi Denyse, great to see you have joined #SundayStills as well. I love agapanthas, they remind me of my Mum for some reason and the little bird is so cute. What a shame your visitor hasn’t returned. Perhaps it will.

    • Thanks so much Sue. We are renting this house and fortunately we also enjoy the blooms on the agapanthus. Sadly with a lot of rain, the blooms had to be cut back. How lovely you have that memory of your Mum.

      That’s a lovely sentiment about the bird.

      Sunday Stills is a good way to keep my brain creative so yes, here for the long haul too.


  2. Hi Denyse, happy Sunday! Great shots of the bird feeding on the agapanthus (a gorgeous plant!). He does have a long hooked bill like a hummingbird, so it seems he can draw the nectar out. Lisa at bird weekly (link on my blog) would know! I’m so glad you are sticking around with Sunday Stills. I’ve enjoyed so many new bloggers in the last two months, engaging with and meeting them and reading their stories! Keep up the good work, my friend!

    • Thanks so much Terri. It was the surprise of seeing this bird that drew me in firstly and the fact it stayed with such energy attacking the flowers was so good. Thank goodness for iphones and the ways in which I could do this.

      I look forward, of course, to continuing Sunday stills and thanks once more. I look forward to the new set of prompts because that is a fun time in itself deciding how to approach them

      Hope building progress continues..oh so slow at times but will, as they say, be worth it!!


  3. Great to see you sharing your photos for #SundayStills Denyse! What a lovely set of photos and he is certainly enjoying the feed from the agapanthus flowers. I love their showy purple flowers and they brighten up a garden! Hopefully your visitor will return soon 🙂

    • Thanks so much Debbie. I am guessing there will be no return…as thanks to the rain we had a while back, all the flower heads were crushed and ruined. Better to have had the rain though.

      Hope your trip goes well. Grandchildren and your family …nothing better as reason for travel.

      We are getting together this weekend (B is 72) at our son’s for the first time for us all …since my 70th in late 2019.


  4. What a pretty bird. He has a long beak kind of like our hummingbirds, but they are very small and don’t sit still when they eat. We once had a pretty yellow finch flying around…I’d hoped to see it more, but didn’t. I love colorful birds. But not so much our annoying scrub and stellar jays. The stellar jays are loud and obnoxious and kind of mean to other birds.

    • Thank you, it sure was a pretty exciting morning to see the energy expended by that one bird!

      I know little of the names of birds, but we have a whole lot of nuisance birds which just leave a mess behind.

      In Australia though, magpies are very territorial and where we now live there is a resident Daddy magpie who watches over the nests as Spring comes and I will not walk on the footpath when I see it as it attacks people because it sees us a threat.

      I hope you get you see your pretty bird again too Kirstin.


  5. Hi Denyse, I concur with Terri that this bird tried to draw the nectar with its long bill. It’s much bigger than a hummingbird though and it’s not flapping its wing to stay afloat like hummingbirds do. There are apps or if you look up a local bird guidebook, you may be able to find its name. Let us know if/ when you know. #sundaystills

    • Thanks Natalie, I think from my Australian friends who responded when I first shared on-line, it’s a honey billed something…and that did fit the description.

      Your advice is helpful, thank you.


  6. Denyse, I have to say the the beauty of the flower outstrips the bird. What gorgeous pictures. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Marsha! They are beautiful, these agapanthus and they thrive in warm conditions. Unfortunately heavy rain saw them decimated. However, they will be back!!