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February Is. #LifeThisWeek 8/52. 2018.17.

February Is. #LifeThisWeek 8/52. 2018.17.

You might wonder why I chose this optional prompt.

I have a like/hate relationship with February every.single.year. so I thought a blog post might be a way to write about it and see who might have some agreement. But first three ways in which I enjoyed February this year:

February is:

  • going back to routines like school, university and work of many kinds. Sometimes that is a good thing but often times it become a time for longing for those quieter and easy days of January.

February is:

  • the bringer of the ranges of weather in Australia which can be flood (we were flooded IN in 1976 in outback NSW) fires (awful, tragic times in this wide brown land of ours) and humidity. In fact, it was 100% humid in Sydney last Wednesday. What the?

February is:

  • a short month but every 4th year a day is added. Sure there might be 28 days for 3 years and 29 once every four but why oh why does the month of February go so slowly?

February is:

  • the love-fest (not my definition) called Valentine’s Day where we secretly might hope to be remembered by a loved one or try to forget it has even happened because there is no likelihood of being remembered!

February is:

  • when the shops remind us, almost far too early, that the next ‘season’ after Christmas is Easter and boy it IS time to buy those hot cross buns and Easter Eggs.

February is:

  • a really tough 4 weeks in which we try to convince our bodies that we can sleep even though the humidity is crazy and the heat has hung around the house for far too long…and so, despite air-con and cooling fans, we wake (if we have slept!) cranky and tired.

February is:

  • a birth month for some people I know and love and for that I am grateful. It is my husband’s birthday almost at the end and that is one very good reason to love February.

February is:

  • the supposedly last month of Summer but we here in Australia know the seasons can trick us and go right on into Match. Mind you, the tree up the road here is already getting some yellow leaves but that could be related to the long dry season this summer.

How is February treating you?

Do you enjoy February?


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  1. We have opposite seasons, Denyse, so it’s usually cold in February where I live. We have a Family Day holiday on the 3rd Monday of February which gives a long weekend to working people and an extra day for families to relax. All in all, I don’t mind February. Thanks for hosting the link up.

  2. I love Feb (I actually love every month, I think, when I’m in it). Interesting to point out the fires and floods. You’re spot on, it just wouldn’t have occurred to me.

    • I guess I have had the experiences of them either directly and indirectly and I am a ‘great rememberer’ of some events. Sigh. Not always a good thing! Denyse x

  3. Totally over the humidity and summer! It’s almost like you’re wishing your life away which isn’t good, so I need to find the positives as well. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I associate February with Valentine’s Day, so it’s quite a lovely and enjoyable month, appreciating my hubby and our relationship 🙂

  5. Easter is everywhere at the moment. Seems a bit crazy to me, as heat and chocolate aren’t a great mix. I have however bought choc chip hot cross buns already!
    I did consider mentioning Easter, and the start of school/work in my “creative” poem, but they missed out.

    • Yes! As soon as the Valentine’s Day chocolates came down they were making even more space for the Easter Eggs. And it is ‘earlier’ this year. 5 weeks from now till the week leading up to Good Friday. In NSW public schools they will only take the 4 days off and then break up closer to the end of April. Denyse x

  6. I love February. I wish it wasn’t so short.

  7. I hope March stays nice and hot! I love summer.

  8. I’ve always thought that Feb is a short month that goes quickly. I guess for teachers, getting back into the routine of controlling 30 kids is a nightmare.

    • It is a full-on month not so much because of the kids per se but all that comes with the new class/year. Setting up, attending a million meetings, doing Meet the Teacher nights, planning and programming..oh yes and teaching of course too. Denyse x

  9. You’ve defined February in Australia perfectly, Denyse! I was all over the place with my post…

    Looking forward to next week’s Taking Stock post. I like the structure and how it encourages me to be more concise when I write.

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks so much SSG. I know what you mean about ‘structure’ which is why I wrote “February Is…and then responded. I can’t believe it is almost Taking Stock time. Sigh. Denyse x

  10. February is…the month I met my husband and the month I married him! I’m writing about it next week so can’t link it up for today’s prompt unfortunately! Looking forward to your taking stock post next week Denyse – mine will be too late for that one as well!

    • That sounds lovely Leanne, congratulations. If you want to come back and link up an older and already published post that is fine as the prompts are only optional.

      Denyse x

  11. February is almost my birthday (and these days, counting down to a kid birthday, too.)

    February is the month that I question why I ever moved to Queensland

    February is one month closer to Christmas

    • I hear you on February and weather having seen so many friends in Qld “discuss” the weather over all other topics!

      Birthdays are fun events to look forward too! Yay.

      Denyse x

  12. At the moment Feb is pretty much blink and miss it. Not sure if there’s much more to it than that for me 🙂

    • I would like that right now, please. I am so over my trips to Sydney (I am in a whingeing mood today)relating to cancer. Got one this Friday to Westmead. And then at least 2 more within the next 5 weeks. I guess it will be worth the wait…as they say. Denyse x

  13. February is the month I first came to Australia 13 years ago – 12th of Feb to be precise. It’s also my sister’s birthday. I don’t mind Feb but I do lament the end of summer. Not the humidity though! I am looking forward to autumn as I love the colours and the weather. Trying to make the most of the rest of the warm weather by hitting the beach as much as I can. Schools being back in full swing is not something I enjoy though as work gets busier for us! Hope you have a wonderful week Denyse!

    • Happy Anniversary to you and Happy Birthday to you sister. You won’t be liking today’s weather very much but we welcomed the rain through the night. Yes, school going back does bring more work to you…and I understand that. February is HUGE working in a school too. Take care, Denyse x

  14. Oh man, February really kicked my backside this year. I’ve had SO much work on and it’s impossible in this heat and humidity and ick. That said, every year I convince myself that air conditioning isn’t necessary in my studio office, but come February I’m cursing myself. This year may have finally broken me. Hope you’re well, lady.

    • Well, who lives in Qld and DOESN’T have air-con in their office…..won’t be you any more will it? Seriously love, it would be a work-related expense and imagine how much more productive you would be. But you already know that, right?

      Thank you Melissa, going well. Denyse x